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Tour of Towns
The Outlands map has 3 main cities, 4 supporting towns and 1 starting town.  

All players begin their adventure on Shelter Island. Shelter Island is a haven for new players, and is the access point for the New Player Dungeon.  To leave Shelter Island, you can adventure through a passageway or use the moongate.  Once you leave the protection of Shelter Island, your new player status is revoked, and your adventure begins!  Shelter Island provides all of the NPC amenities you need to begin your character. 

[Image: bzCbb0z.jpg]

The map has three major metropolitan sister cities which divide the map:  Prevalia, the capital, Andaria and Cambria

Prevalia is the largest city on the map, and is situated centrally.  It is divided into an Upper and Lower town, each of which has it's own bank.  Upper Prevalia sits atop a stone island and is heavily fortified, while Lower Prevalia sits at the mouth of the bay and is accessible by canals and by foot. 

The main town square is a center of commerce, including interactive bulletin boards, a public moongate for access to events, a forge for repairing your armor and a kiosk for reward vendors. 
[Image: 1tZqcyx.jpg]

[Image: wHBCSgP.jpg]

[Image: 4SjATyu.jpg]
Lower Prevalia

[Image: tZ6Vf1M.jpg]

[Image: 6YAns2s.jpg]

Cambria sits to the south and acts as the center of commerce in the desert, and is reminiscent of Trinsic: 

[Image: 5r8JAXr.jpg]

[Image: blrpnl6.jpg]

[Image: lT14H61.jpg]

[Image: EvEQQQa.jpg]

Andaria sits to the north and is reminiscent of Britain: 

[Image: YfvkU8Q.jpg]

[Image: SR9zVpR.jpg]

[Image: pKADhmE.jpg]

[Image: 5FkbsW9.jpg]

[Image: OZNC5tN.jpg]

[Image: Y52ikuy.jpg]

The map features 3 supporting towns - Horseshoe Bay, Terran and Outpost

Horseshoe Bay is situated between Prevalia and Cambria, and is a cliff-side port town: 

[Image: uveF2TP.jpg]

[Image: 1HFPa9e.jpg]

[Image: 9zjMqkb.jpg]

Terran (working title) is situated due West of Prevalia, and is the most rustic of the towns, with a lumber theme:

[Image: LZs909r.jpg]

[Image: ICQiDF0.jpg]

[Image: N10TPje.jpg]

Outpost is accessible by underground passage from the Northeast: 

[Image: keHeOAy.jpg]

[Image: iO2L39i.jpg]

Corpse Creek is the designated town for murderers, and is located in the Northeast.  The town is small, comprised of a red banker, red healer, outdoor smithy, tavern, inn and provisioner: 

[Image: e4UKCe3.jpg]

I'll be sharing images of Dungeons and some specific Points of Interest in coming posts.
Awesome. Thank you for the update. Looks like a lot of hard work went into creating this new map. I like the subtle additions like the slightly opaque water so you can see the sea floor.
[Image: folik3.jpg]
1. Prevalia
2. Outpost
3. Cambria
4. Andaria
5. Corpse Creek
6. Terran
7. Horseshoe Bay
this looks dope!!!
Great Work!
You are welcome.
I've played a bunch of RP servers, where 90% of their input and design is map decorating, and they don't have the character of these towns. I'm really impressed.

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