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Player Editor Tool - For Testing
Player Editor

[Image: eI9sqla.png]

Players can double-click the green Player Editor statue to edit their skills, stats, and create magical items used for testing.

[Image: VzvgnM6.png]

Clicking the numbers next to a skill will change it's text field to a cursor, and the player can type in the new desired value for the skill.

[Image: o1bWOwz.png]

Clicking the Set Values button will refresh the page and lock in all the values you've typed.

Any skill with a value above 0 will display in bright green.

[Image: 72BmKaN.png]

Additionally, you can click the left or arrow buttons to navigate and see more skills available. Changing the skills page will also lock in your skills the same as pressing the Set Values button.

[Image: Nd2jbxR.png]

Clicking the numbers next to the Str / Dex / Int listings will change the text to a cursor, and you may type a new value for each.

[Image: v5nXhpA.png]

When you are content with all the changes you've made to Skills and Stats for your character, press the Apply Stats and Skill Values button which will set your player's actual Stats and Skills to match those values.

Other Features

Pressing the Reset Stats and Skills button will reset all the Stats and Skills in the window back to their lowest possible values.

Pressing the Repair All Items button will repair all items the player has in their backpack and currently equipped, including setting all Arcane Charges to maximum.

Players can create magical items by changing the item property arrows, and then pressing the Create Item for Weapons, Armor, Shields, and Spellbooks. (Note: Magical Spellbooks currently have no benefit in PvP). 

Pressing the Create Mount will create the currently selected mount for the player

Pressing the Full Spellbook button will either create a new full spellbook for the player in their pack, or completely fill any current ones they have
Good function, but allow me to save templates. Also instead of grabbing one armor piece at a time, let me just grab a full set of armor.

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