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Things I've noticed (ongoing)
Feel free to ignore anything you've already noticed or have on your radar. I know I'm messing with things that you weren't really ready to test. 

While crafting traps, if you do not have the required parts (hinges or springs), you get a message stating you don't have enough "metal" to make the trap. 

"Easel" is spelled as "easle" on the Carpentry gump.

Trapped containers give no prompt for murder counts when someone dies to them. Could be related to being in the arena.

Missing hoops on required parts for keg crafting.

While mining, please require the pickax to be in hand. This is not only aesthetic but appropriate as miners should not be able to wield weapons or shields while mining.
Today i tried to use explo potion with a GM alchemy and i didn't noticed any changes respect of a non-GM, is that possible?
Are we able to log in or is this still in dev?
[Image: 61986.jpg]
Yeah i noticed that Alchemy is not changing the potion DMG.
You are welcome.
Renamed pets don't display their new names on their Animal Lore gump.
You cannot claim stabled pets with gold in your pack (none in the bank).
There's no Claim option on the stable master context menu.
Pets that die and are bonded, lose their custom names and revert to default.
Poisoned pets do not show poisoned health in their health bar (stays blue).

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