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New Weapons
I know, I know, the era purists will be shitting bricks. But how about adding in some of the new weapons that have been created over the years in order to fill some gaps. Some of the weapons are in-line for a medieval fantasy feel. Nothing crazy like an elven composite bow or leafblades. If anything the bows would be most welcoming as that weapon class is limited to only 3 weapons and it would be nice to have alternatives.

Lance[Image: Lance.png] 
Pikes[Image: Pike.png]
War Cleaver[Image: War_Cleaver.png]
Composite Bow [Image: Composite_Bow.png]
Repeating Crossbow[Image: Repeating_Crossbow.png]
Scepter [Image: Scepter.png]
Scythe[Image: Scythe.png]
Bladed Staff [Image: Bladed_Staff.png]
Iv always been a big fan of lances personally, Iv always thought they felt like fit in really well. The only thing id so no to is war cleavers personally, still feels too elven for me. Rest are dope tho, or at least better than hammer picks and war axes lmao
Weapons that can dismount would be great.
yeah, why not. i find it cool!
You are welcome.
Lances should only function on the move. If you're not running past/into your target, you get nothing.
Yes new weapons! plz give archery some love!!
Could easily just put the weapons in-game and mirror them to other weapon stats, either in the same skillset (lances = spears) or even other skillsets (lances = halberds).
Im all for diversity of weapon sprites, just balance them to be equal like Rel Por did. (Bardiche = Hally). It helps out the roleplayers too so that we can use some of the other weapons without feeling like we're doing no damage.
Yes please!

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