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Here is a preview of the housing available for Outlands.

There are currently 108 housing options to choose from.

At present, we don't plan on having custom housing.

Cost, number of secures and lockdown information to come in the near future.

(a handful of these designs were contributed by Rel Por.)

[Image: ZTERCJG.png]
Small Stone and Plaster House

[Image: lgHdtxg.jpg]
Field Stone House

[Image: 4lOBLBg.jpg]
Small Brick House

[Image: aG6ymXS.jpg]
Small Wooden House

[Image: 8sgb4H0.jpg]
Small Wood and Plaster House

[Image: gKvlUnm.jpg]
Small Thatched Roof Cootage

[Image: 1A9IYUE.jpg]
Brick House

[Image: 41Dx2Iz.jpg]
Three Room Rancher

[Image: WIAQddZ.jpg]
Marble Patio 

[Image: 3Zs4WWJ.jpg]
Medium Marble Shop

[Image: 6DvYpqO.jpg]
Small Marble Workshop

[Image: B1DYcgV.jpg]
Small Blue Marble Tower

[Image: nLlqKoO.jpg]
Small Stone Tower

[Image: pCfGCrE.jpg]
Small Tower Shop

[Image: x15PGdg.jpg]
Medium Tower

[Image: o9i86nF.jpg]
Medium Tower (East)

[Image: 2G3ZM8h.jpg]
Two Storey Citadel

[Image: s9oL8u3.jpg]
Three Storey Citadel

[Image: QiTVQvG.jpg]
Stone Tower

[Image: 7zoUdXM.jpg]

[Image: VoB2Qtk.jpg]
Compact Keep

[Image: pdDOywI.jpg]
Large Stone Guildhouse

[Image: nCMUrMf.jpg]
Classic Keep

[Image: 1TzF4CM.jpg]
Classic Castle

[Image: iHegSH5.jpg]
Two Storey Log Cabin

[Image: ZuOCa4Y.jpg]
Small Wooden Villa

[Image: uRNnrlz.jpg]
Log Cabin Patio

[Image: x2XRR90.jpg]
Avadon Villa 

[Image: gOQrgYI.jpg]
Hunter's Cabin

[Image: a393KgI.jpg]
Wood and Stone Thatch Roof

[Image: 6VCPmaJ.jpg]
Lookout Tower

[Image: FlkC2U0.jpg]
Hunter's Lodge

[Image: 4jnLUPJ.jpg]
Small Orc Wooden House

[Image: CiXEMOK.jpg]
Orc Wooden Lookout

[Image: gAMhkiH.jpg]
Orc Wooden Tower

[Image: bpDUAvD.jpg]
Orc Wooden Single Storey

[Image: 3b5A0m0.jpg]
Orc Wooden Fort

[Image: hLlColI.jpg]
Large Orc Wooden Fort

[Image: rMvl2Vc.jpg]
Stone and Plaster Reverse L-Shape

[Image: 1EEMY6K.jpg]
Farmlands Cellar

[Image: H3YjPWD.jpg]
Farmlands Single Room

[Image: KC7sJ1q.jpg]
Farmlands Tower

[Image: uvng6XO.jpg]
Farmlands L-Shape

[Image: zQfEuAa.jpg]
Large Stone and Plaster Vendor Shop

[Image: JHcQ6k0.jpg]
Small Stone and Plaster Vendor Shop 

[Image: 4w3HRQ4.jpg]
Fieldstone and Plaster Villa

[Image: 1LvVQ6h.jpg]
Stone and Plaster Boarding House

[Image: 8wQxfwM.jpg]
Small Fieldstone Villa

[Image: nkyJVZv.jpg]
Fieldstone and Wood Tower

[Image: NJP9X9L.jpg]
Two Storey Fieldstone Patio

[Image: LtHiUnt.jpg]
Medium Fieldstone and Slate

[Image: JyO7QMh.jpg]
Fieldstone Shop

[Image: yVac52v.jpg]
Medium Fieldstone Patio

[Image: ZtOi3Xi.jpg]
Medium L-Shaped Fieldstone

[Image: JRAemIM.jpg]
Andarian Stronghold

[Image: TyxpnPh.jpg]
Small Plaster Villa

[Image: yewaGHo.jpg]
F-Shaped Wood and Plaster

[Image: V15a39B.jpg]
Wood and Plaster Cabin

[Image: 21eQIOB.jpg]
Medium T-Shaped Wood and Plaster

[Image: RmvyLO0.jpg]
Roache Mansion

[Image: wU4tGYH.jpg]
Two Storey Wood and Plaster House

[Image: 0wEeDNj.jpg]
Two-Storey Villa

[Image: aXoBaS1.jpg]
Large House with Patio

[Image: kSu3Nka.jpg]
Medium T-Shaped Wood and Plaster

[Image: OBo4OjW.jpg]
Small Wood and Plaster Villa

[Image: eLOFhaU.jpg]
Medium Wood and Plaster Villa

[Image: 4uQuWwY.jpg]
Medium Wood and Plaster Porch

[Image: 9twy06W.jpg]
Farmstead Compound

[Image: dHAwK2q.jpg]
Avadon Lodge

[Image: MVZNnN5.jpg]
Wood and Brick Shop

[Image: ztqCu9f.jpg]
Wood and Brick Tower

[Image: 737QUH6.jpg]
Wood and Brick Flat

[Image: yW0a1MU.jpg]
Brick Porch

[Image: uGcgGHE.jpg]
Small Brick Villa

[Image: 6q0AWPb.jpg]
Medium Brick Porch

[Image: 7ZHw78p.jpg]
Two Storey T-Shape Brick

[Image: LbTGtyO.jpg]
Large Brick Villa

[Image: WU7o2Tz.jpg]
Two Storey Wooden Balcony

[Image: ZtlJ9oF.jpg]
Wood and Brick Mansion

[Image: 0Giz4vU.jpg]
Brick Square Steeple

[Image: mp6axCM.jpg]
Two Storey Square Brick 

[Image: 9JUqsmz.jpg]
Wood and Brick Compound

[Image: kaMCk0z.jpg]
Small Stone Workshop

[Image: XQVFhic.jpg]
Lightstone Small T-Shape Compound

[Image: 9syNeA3.jpg]
Light Stone Large Compound

[Image: uuLWSeW.jpg]
Light Stone Two Storey

[Image: zoZsAE6.jpg]
Light Stone L-Shape Patio

[Image: rze6coq.jpg]
Light Stone Medium Compound

[Image: rEzA2BL.jpg]
Light Stone Tower (East)

[Image: oSqfKxj.jpg]
Light Stone Three Storey Tower

[Image: EDyAJq6.jpg]
Light Stone Compound

[Image: 4kdbEpH.jpg]
Two Storey Sandstone Shop

[Image: vHOyp5t.jpg]
Medium Sandstone

[Image: fqxxc58.jpg]
Sandstone Thatch Patio

[Image: BbEJw1y.jpg]
Large Sandstone Tower

[Image: PiFOWCg.jpg]
Small Sandstone Tower

[Image: oEfN3fr.jpg]
Sandstone Patio Tower

[Image: 117KFQm.jpg]
Cambrian Dock House

[Image: y3R5T7J.jpg]
Cambrian Two Storey

[Image: fNYMZ1J.jpg]
Two-Storey Stone and Plaster House

[Image: hrrlgql.jpg]
Sandstone House with Patio

[Image: zreQQbW.jpg]
Sandstone Villa

[Image: Q5fK0lN.png]
Cambrian Villa

[Image: bCkjcM4.jpg]
Sandstone Temple

[Image: CfWh5Wo.jpg]
Sandstone Compound

[Image: TYMg69f.jpg]
Prevalian Large Tower

[Image: 5Fzt0vQ.jpg]
Prevalian Stone Villa

[Image: 7KZqg5J.jpg]
Prevalian Compound
These look amazing! Can't wait to start grinding for one of the orc compounds.
Not enough diversity in the housing, need 500 more choices.
(08-12-2017, 09:48 AM)Pole Wrote: Not enough diversity in the housing, need 500 more choices.


fuck. so many nice houses.
You are welcome.
too good
This is absolutely fantastic. So tired of Borg Cubes and garbo houses littering the countryside.
Just another comment, dont forget to add back in the lockdown expansion deeds and secure expansion deeds. I loved my old small house with the lockdowns like a castle. It really makes it so that people dont all just upgrade to a bigger house cause of boring space.
To be honest, even though there are a ton of appealing options for housing, custom housing is one of my favorite features of UO, and it'd be a shame not to have it in some form.. Although... I don't see any pirate treasure homes. 

I do also hate Borg cubes, and the atrocious designs some people make. So can see why you'd want to go in this direction. 
It'd be great to be able to design houses, have them voted on to get them approved, and then be able to buy a deed for that house, and anyone could buy it at that point..

Can't figure out how to insert a picture directly so:
Pirate Home!
I'm a huge fan of personalized home building, but there is a great selection here!  One of my past favorites was my pirate house (shanty town):

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Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
Thumbs Up 
Very nice. Keep up the good work!
[Image: lBlHFLQ.png]

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