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  1. Muzgash

    Bloodclan Orcs Recruiting Fort Fort Defense and Raids (New Players and Vets Welcome)

    Ug (Hello in Orcish) UO Outlands players, The Bloodclan Orcs are recruiting a few good orcs for their weekly fort defense events, raids, battles with rp guilds and pvm runs. If you love orcish military raid tactics, creative pvp and rp fun, you'll love playing an Orc! Important note, we view...
  2. Muzgash

    Orc Quest: Infiltrating Yew

    Sharing some of our latest adventures fighting against the filth known as Yew. Tricking pewbies ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hoowah! Blood fur de Bluudgud! See full story here.