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  1. P

    Entering rental removes young player status

    There was a patch note that this was fixed, but still removes young player status when entering room rented on Shelter Island.
  2. U

    [Healing] How dextery is working on this shard

    Hello, I have read the wiki of the healing of uo outlands, but it does not mention the formula they use to calculate the time of the healings based on the dextery, they only indicate (scaled based on Healer's Dex) https://uooutlands.com/wiki/Healing Bandaging self takes 10-15 seconds...
  3. Vem

    One Day Macer Guide

    In this guide I will teach you how to power game train a macer. The goal is to spend as little time getting the most out of a brand new character. This guide can be useful for new or veteran players. The only major expense with this guide will be bandages later on in the guide. However even...