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  1. R

    Unique Item(?) - an unnamed head

    During the fashion show some guards were killed. While on my asshole PK char at the Kings Faire, I saw someone carved the guard and, in character (being an ass), grabbed the head: Is this a unique item? It's "a head" not "the head of PLAYERNAME." I asked a couple of times on Discord and no...
  2. SirCraig

    WTS Cavernam Suit

    Selling Full Blessed Cavernam Suit. Ranger hood, Tunic with belt, Skirt with slit, Torch (event Rare) and Sandals. Please PM with serious offers. Thank you
  3. M

    WTS Unique house auction

    Do you hate your neighbors? Look no further i'm selling one of the most unique house location on Outlands Starting bid : 250k Buy out : 2.5 mil Auction ends : Sunday, February 24th at 4pm EST Post your bid here or pm me on discord [Majestic]Wazza#2863 I reserve the right not to sell...
  4. O

    WTB Buying many Rare Hue Cloth / Items!

    Hi Everyone! I am in the market to buy rare hue cloths. I am interested in most of the Powder hues, so please contact me! Here are some I am focusing on : Metallic Cerulean (Hue 1484) - Interested in Cloth / Dyes / Any Items with this hue! Powder Cyan (Hue 2877) - Interested in Cloth /...
  5. S

    WTS Metallic Cherry Hair Dye - SOLD

    WTS Metallic Cherry Hair Dye