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  1. blackdragon

    BlackDragons Advanced Tmapping Guide - Auto Tmap Helpers

    Hey everyone, this guide will go in depth on how I use 3 clients to do tmaps with the goal being maximum speed and efficiency that squeezes every GP of gold out of a tmap possible. This guide is not for people who do tmaps casually, this is for tmapping PROFESSIONALS or as I call them, map gods...
  2. W

    Witcher's (updated) Guide to Tmaps - How you can, and why you should, be running your own Tmaps

    Credit for banner: SumO First and foremost, I sell my rune tome system in it's entirety at rates that you're unlikely to beat elsewhere (50k per tome). The system is currently 14 tomes (5 old world, 5 new world, 2 expansion and 2 wildlands). The 2 expansion books are to deal with the 1400~...
  3. D

    WTB All the Treasure Maps (TMAPS)

    Let me know how many and how much! :) Can also contact me on Discord: @Druid523