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treasure maps

  1. R

    Have random things for sale. Please message me with offers

    All Items for sale are for BEST OFFER. No Reasonable offer will be declined. Random Spell Hue Deed Rare Cloth (1182) Wilderness Eldritch Core x1 Void Core x1 Eldritch Extract x1 Water Extract x1 Blood Extract x1 Discipline Extract x1 Air Extract Extract x1 Bllod Phylactory x1 Water Phylactory...
  2. blackdragon

    BlackDragons Advanced Tmapping Guide - Auto Tmap Helpers

    Hey everyone, this guide will go in depth on how I use 3 clients to do tmaps with the goal being maximum speed and efficiency that squeezes every GP of gold out of a tmap possible. This guide is not for people who do tmaps casually, this is for tmapping PROFESSIONALS or as I call them, map gods...
  3. W

    Witcher's Guide to Tmaps - How you can, and why you should, be running your own Tmaps

    Credit for banner: SumO So first of all, this isn't going to be a guide on how to speed run Tmaps. This guide will serve to show that the barrier to entry for MOST Tmapping isn't cost but simply lack of information about the system itself. By the end of this hopefully you'll feel more...
  4. T

    Treasure Map Level 3

    Not sure if this is worth anything but I just found one. We really need an auction house.
  5. B

    WTS One lvl 1 t-map and one lvl 2 t-map.

    Selling a level 1 treasure map and a level 2 treasure map, 15 k for both together. Thanks.
  6. D

    WTB All the Treasure Maps (TMAPS)

    Let me know how many and how much! :) Can also contact me on Discord: @Druid523
  7. I

    Spring Cleaning Garage Sale!!

    I have a whole list of items that I am looking to sell. Prices will be listed but negotiable. If it is listed, then I still have it. Message "Insano" on Discord if you would like to buy anything. Again, I am open to negotiating prices. Thanks...
  8. G

    WTB WTB T Maps

    Will pay: Plainly - 1500 Expertly - 2500 Adeptly - 4200 4-6 - negotiable. Discord Grenade/Rocky#2949