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3 suggestions for the future.

Amish Hammer

These are some ideas ive come up with on/off stream and they are decently fleshed out. I dont expect them to get added, but they are pretty cool ideas. They unfortunately would require a bit of coding/art to be made, but that is how most things go in this game, and I have confidence that the staff can pull it off if they want to add them. This is just to put the ideas out there and start a conversation on it, maybe get some feedback. Thanks for reading.

Stealable Artifacts
This idea is quite self-explanatory, but I can go into details and how it could work nicely on this server. Currently in the atlas, there is around 175 POI, 10(13) Dungeons, and 9 towns. This along is a testament to how well designed this server is, but this stealable feature would make each one more interesting. I got this while reading the Pipeline post about a year ago and ive been thinking about it ever since.
Each dungeon/poi/town could have one or multiple stealable artifacts. They could be area specific, like a dragon scale in nusero that you can steal. I didnt think of what each location could have, but the idea would be each dungeon has multiple that have different spawn rates just like the ones from DOOM in the original game. The spawners for them could be placed at random places in the dungeon based on the difficulty of the item/rarity of the item you are trying to steal.
Why add this? It gives people/hoarders more things to collect. You could add achievements for it, and for people that dont like being a thief, they can have something new to do. It could be added to the society system [ie. steal 10 lvl1 artifacts from cavernam]. The idea would basically be to copy the doom stealables feature, but improve it by a ton. Not just have it be one dungeon, but many locations that will randomly spawn and be on timers. The spots in towns/POI should spawn randomly over the world, maybe have 5 active at all times, just so they arent botted.

This one is for old school players and decorators. This idea will require quite a bit of art work, but its still a cool idea for collectors. The idea is to give EVERY type of mob a head that can be gotten by carving the corpse. You would have to have 120 forensic eval to even have a chance, but the chance should be extremely small, like a .01% chance when you skin something. I dont mean every mob has a unique coloring to match the exact model, I just mean like if you kill a molten demon or a crag demon, you would get a generic demon head that could be mounted with carpentry. Maybe it would have the name of the demon but it would still be a generic demon head.
This could also have achievements and societies added to make it more of a driving force for the collectors out there.

Humanoid Armor/Cloth Drops
This one is for the hardcore collectors. The idea behind this one is that most humanoid mobs have some cool armor/clothes on them, it should have a chance to drop. I am not saying that you should make it wearable since its not actually in the game as wearable/craftable items. I am just trying to give players a reason to hunt humanoids more often, since most from my experience have pretty disappointing drops. This is where the collector idea comes in. All items/armor that drop can not be worn, but if you added the mannequin deed, you can equip the clothes onto the mannequin and work on a collection. Depending on the rarity of how often the pieces drop, you could make achievements for finishing full sets of armor. Another idea that would be interesting with this feature would be that if you get a piece of clothes, regardless of what it is, you could cut it up and get ONE single piece of cloth in that color. So even if you got a cloak with the ethereal hue that the marksmen have in the shadowspire cathedral, you would only get 1 piece of that cloth. It would be extremely hard to collect the correct piece of clothes just to be able to put that cloth on some clothes since most mobs have many pieces of clothes/armor. If the drop chance was a 1/250 chance to get any piece of clothes, they would have to farm alot of those mobs just to collect that piece of cloth.

All of these suggestions could use some more input and suggestions on how to make them more streamline with the server without creating a dip in the market place. They all could be a decent gold sink and be good for the market if done properly. So any feedback/suggestions would be nice to read.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk
- Amish
I like these a lot. The stealable artifacts for sure. To add to that; I think some that are on a extremely long timer. Like for instance a minimum month before respawn and month window.

Great stuff Amish!