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well i'm not going anywhere, i just tried to change my e-mail cause i lost access to the other, and then couldn't access what i changed it to, so when i knew i would have to log the old one out i cleaned out the posts i could find since i wouldn't be able to access those from the same account anymore.
@Expo if you can or would please just delete this thread altogether, and any others i altered, and thank you if so.
@Elric i'm not sure who you are or why this matters so much to you, fact is you had no right nor reason to become involved in any of this at all, it is, was, and shall become, none of your business in any way at any time. my suggestion to you would be to mind your own and cram your nose else where, sorry that my choices seem to have burned your ass so badly, it was not my intent since before now I had no fucking clue who you were, but you need to get over yourself and move on little one. geez.


Must be the deep, deep passion for the game bringing out the high emotional feelings. That a mere computer game can drive people to reach levels of spite and anger is truly an accomplishment. So much for playing UO to relax and escape.

Thanks for playing though.
You are most welcome. Thanks for the kind words.
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