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Adding arms lore to my template

Well I found my answer but it brings up some more questions.

Currently I am going for
100 mace
100 tactics
100 anatomy
100 healing
100 parry
100 spell resist
50 magery

That leaves 50 points leftover. Do I add arms lore to 100 and drop something else? Do I take armslore to 50? It has been a long time since I played this era and there are a lot of things I don't remember plus some new stuff here.
Hey so first thing I would check out is the outlands discord as the community is very active no matter what channel , people will help you out if you have questions such as this ... Other thing is , templates that may have been meta for years to you lets say ; are gonna be different here in some ways ...
So like i was saying , that would be a fairly standard dex template osi wise but here your gonna wanna pick up say tracking .. As tracking no only gives you a big alarm of incoming reds/greys it also gives you a dmg & bard boost . And In order to make use of the hamstring and disarm abilities your going to need at least 80 arms lore and 80 tracking . Without writing basically a copy pasta of wiki skill descriptions ill at least throw another temp out as it may be more viable here . Either way ; your gonna wanna get into the discord server ; cause im my opinion i would say its mandatory on many levels ....

100 macing
100 tactics
100 tracking
80 anat
80 arms lore
80 perry
80 resists
80 healing

That or some form of that setup is gonna give you the best dexxer template ... You could also drop anat and get camping for more dmg/ the ability to ''camp recall''/ and that sweet pack weight boost
You could also drop anat and get camping for more dmg/ the ability to ''camp recall''/ and that sweet pack weight boost
How will that affect my healing? Since there are so many differences from prodo, I have no clue on this. What should I look at for stats? With no magery, I won't really need much intel will I?
You only need 80 anatomy to rez and 60 to cure. Healing if u dont plan on rezzing can stay at 80... otherwise 90 is fine

parry is fine at 80 if you need to drop stuff

80 vs 100 res isnt much different either

100 mace
100 tactics
80 anatomy
80 healing
80 parry
80 spell resist
50 magery
80 arms lore

Leaves you 50 for tracking pks and damage boost from tracking. Drop magery and pickup 100 tracking or camping

Get a runebook (bless with prev coin donation ) or keep in bank. Recall scrolls work at magery from runebook
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