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WTS Antilles Cambrian shop - Selling items and renting vendors @1000 gp

ANTILLES CAMBRIAN SHOP (restocked and photo updated @2021.02.26)
2021.02.25_vendor at this time.png

- 1. Renting vendors in predefined locations inside the shop for 1000 gp per week.
On UO Outlands anyone can hire and customize his own vendor at anytime, even if the owner of the house is offline, as long as the contract is set to be open to the public. Just go to the shop and double-click the rolled maps on the floor.

- 2. Selling on Cia (Antilles vendor):
Iron ingot commodity (x6) = 60k (Iron ingots = 12 per) (For more contact me on discord. Please do not contact me to ask me to lower the price.)
Dull copper ingot commodity = 35k (Dull Copper ingots = 14 per)
Copper ingot commodity = 50k (Copper ingots = 20 per)

Herding SS = 6k
Discordance = 8k
Poison aspect core = 6k
Fire aspect core = 12k
Blood aspect core = 12k
Eldritch aspect extract = 13k

Lesser paragon chests = 1k
Phylacteries (different types) = 400
Command phylactery = 800
Force magic spellbook = 700
Fungicide = 200 per (210 fungicide for 42k)
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