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Black Mass and the Forsaken Keep


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Most troubling times… most troubling times indeed!

Cailith, the governing Regent of Andaria, has received most unsettling news. Not only are the suspected forces of the Shadowlords increasing their search around the Forsaken Keep, but have been actively rallying allies to their vile cause, which could surely only be the ruin of the Kingdoms of Avadon!

The Vaengr of Vell, a dark and sinister cult, are planning a Black Mass at 8pm EST on Friday the 17th. It is not known what evil debauchery and unvirtuous sermons will be spread there, but it is certain that upon conclusion of the sermon, they intend to finish the search for whatever it is they are looking for at the Forsaken Keep. They shall not be alone, either.


These minions of the Shadowlord must be stopped! Whatever they are searching for among the ruins of that most unholy place must remain out of their hands!



What is this?

A sermon given by the Vaengr of Vell (a player guild), followed by an event at the Forsaken Keep.

When is it?

The sermon will be held at 8pm EST. The forces of the Shadowlords will move on the Forsaken Keep at about 8:30pm EST. This is on Friday the 17th.

Where is it?

The Black Mass will be held at the Cathedral of St. Francis POI. The battle will take place at the Forsaken Keep POI. See here for more details.

What can I expect at this event?

I will not spoil the sermon. The Forsaken Keep part of the event though will most likely be full of both PvP and PvM. The forces of evil do not consist of just monsters, for there is no greater evil than what lies wihin the heart of man…
If you are to take up arms in favor of the Shadowlords, you can expect to have to fight blue players and possibly take murder counts.

What is the objective?

If you are fighting in the name of the Virtues, then do everything that you can to stop the agents of the Shadowlord from finishing their search! Kill their enthralled diggers and the Shadowlords' guardians!

If you are looking to curry favor with the Shadowlords, then assist them with defending their search. Their enthralled diggers and Shadowlord guardians must remain alive for 1 hour!

How do you win?

For the those opposing the Shadowlords, kill all of the enthralled diggers and Shadowlord guardians within 1 hour (from 8:30pm EST to 9:30pm EST).

For those who aid the Shadowlords, make sure the enthralled diggers and Shadowlord guardians are still alive after 1 hour. Spill the blood of the enemies of the Shadowlords!

Are there rewards or special event items?

There are! Regular monsters will have a small chance at dropping something a bit special. The tougher Guardian creatures will have something interesting on them.

For those who choose to serve the Shadowlords, they will be rewarded as well…

Do NOT bring anything you are unwilling to lose!
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