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PATCH ClassicUO Client Patch ( Notes


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  • The nameplate options are now customizable
  • This allows players to customize the options to their liking, as well as add or remove options.
  • Each option can now be assigned an individual hotkey to toggle it, so you can switch between options without having to click the nameplate "manager" gump.
  • There are now two options to use the nameplates to indicate the current HP of a mob under "Experimental".


Target Tracking
  • Added "target tracker" gumps for last harmful/beneficial targets that keep their own copy of the hp bar
  • Added button to open target trackers to top bar gump (the horizontal one that you can toggle)
  • Added ClassicUO macros to target last harmful, beneficial or smart (based on the target type)
  • Last harmful target will now always be indicated on the nameplate and HP bar as a red border, last beneficial with a blue border and last target (indiscriminate) with a white border
  • Made last harmful/beneficial sync with Razor (bi-directional)
  • Added lastharmful, lastbeneficial and combatant aliases for Razor scripts

Corrupt Profile Handling
  • Profiles are now automatically backed up before they are updated.
  • Corrupt profiles will be automatically restored from a backup.
Player Flag
  • The client now understands which mobiles are other players and which are NPCs, even if those NPCs are humanoids.
  • ClassicUO's find nearest mobile will no longer find other players.
  • ClassicUO's find nearest hostile and mobile will now be able to find NPC humanoids
  • The drag select modified option "Monsters" now includes NPC humanoids
  • Added new drag select modifiers for "players" and "visible nameplates"
  • In Razor, the term "monster" now includes NPC humanoids
  • In Razor, "humanoids" has been changed to "players"
  • Razor's getlabel now works for NPC humanoids
  • Razor target closest is now enabled for monsters.
  • Razor's findlayer expression now works on NPC humanoids

  • When changing monitor set ups, gumps that would appear off screen are now automatically moved within the bounds of your new screen dimensions.
  • Fix for mouse hit detection on Windows 7 with some textures
  • There is now a toggle that controls whether text in game is clickable for targeting

  • Fixed razor bug with attack (serial) command which would cause it to stop working in certain edge cases when smart targeting was enabled
  • findlayer now supports additional layers: "shoulder", "bodytattoo", "underarms", "underlegs", "onehandedsecondary", "offhand", "undergarment", "quiver", "outerbody", "lightsource", "outerarms"
  • settimer is now able to copy one timer onto another via settimer timerA timerB


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It would be really really great if the nameplates are a bit higher above the players/mobiles and not "inside" their heads... just a few more pixels space between the head and the actual nameplate. https://prnt.sc/hYyeGPPB1Wzj
That's actually the nameplate of the horse, not the player character, which is why it appears so low. I actually raised the height of the nameplate on humanoids so it doesn't sit on their heads anymore


When changing monitor set ups, gumps that would appear off screen are now automatically moved within the bounds of your new screen dimensions.
Can we make this work for the counters boxes? Mines off screen because I moved to a smaller monitor and doesn’t pop back into view like all other gumps for some reason