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Desktop and game video recording and editing

With the introduction of the new ClassicUO client and it's Direct3D rendering engine, now Ultima Online looks better then ever with up to 250 fps. Here is a (hopefully) easy to understand tutorial of how to record your UO adventures using two free programs, then join, crop and edit the clips. This is a step forward from my old Record desktop guide where I talked about how to save screenshots.

Sooo, if you are interested in recording the windows desktop, your UO window, or a fullscreen 3D game and edit the clip a little bit, here is a PDF tutorial:


Here are some samples of how the end result can look like: https://tyrantilles.blogspot.com/2021/03/20210314ultima-online-outlands.html

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Recording can also be done w winkey + G (win10) and I believe razor is adding recording functionality too
Correct, but with windows recorder your recording time is limited, you don't have options to set codecs, you can't record only an area of the screen and there are lots of other limitations. I don't know about razor, but that's interesting.