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Development Pipeline (as of September 29, 2019)


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Howdy folks!

We wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what content is currently in the works for Outlands.

This list isn't conclusive: there are also a number of other systems that we are currently working on that aren't listed here, but we wanted this list to focus purely on the development items that we intend to implement in the very near future (in the course of several weeks to a few short months from now).

We do have several new "end-game" level player systems currently in development that will be appearing once we tackle these systems listed below, and will give details on them in the future. One of the benefits of having an extremely active community is that we are inundated with a mountain of ideas for new content and our roadmap for things to development is pretty much endless. :p

We also learned a lot from our first development pipeline thread and hope to avoid a number of issues that caused some items on that list to take much, much longer to implement than we initially anticipated (namely the Guild and PvP systems). All of the items listed below we are very confident we can build and deliver in the near future without too much difficulty and gridlock.

Development Status: 100
% Complete

The Antiquities system is a new high-end loot and collection system we are introducing. At its heart, Antiquities are exceptionally rare items that players can acquire as loot from a variety of different gameplay styles, and have an opportunity to Register these items in a Manifest to track their acquisition progress as well as view the global rarity of individual antiquities.

Antiquities are broken down into 7 unique categories, with each category having its own unique set of items.

For instance, players can only acquire Ocean Antiquities from doing MIBs, Fishing Nets, Fishing Spots, and Sinking Ships. There will even be a Crafting category that will allow players who craft items the chance (albeit intentionally very low) to earn Crafting Antiquities from their work.

Current Categories include:

Battle (Scheduled PvP Events)
Chest (Dungeon, Lore, and Treasure Chests)
Corruption (Shrine Corruption, Omni Bosses, and Stygian Rifts)
Crafting (Crafting Items)
Dungeon (Slaying Monsters in Dungeons)
Ocean (Ship Content)

Players can Register an Antiquity through an Antiquities Manifest, which logs that player as having acquired that item (multiple players can register a specific Antiquity type, however each individual item may only be registered by one player)

Server-wide announcements are made when players register items, similar to Achievements, and players who are the first person on the server to Register a specify item type will be mentioned in the Manifest entry for that item (similar to Achievement Server Firsts).

Additionally, we will be adding a number of Achievements for players who register multiple antiquities in the same category or simply register large total numbers of Antiquities

Ossuary 4 Expansion
Development Status: 100% Complete

Ossuary 4 is now currently in development, with our focus being the creation of an exceptionally hard dungeon area, one that requires multiple players to farm successfully
Additionally, the dungeon level will feature a number of new high-level tamables

Our current plan is to create a server-wide event spanning several days (and perhaps even a week or two) that, when resolved, will herald the opening Ossuary Level 4 to the public.

Mount Breeding
Development Status:
100% Complete

Much to Owyn's delight, Mount Breeding is finally coming to Outlands!

Wild-spawned Horses, Llamas, Desert Ostards, Forest Ostards, and Frenzied Ostards are now breedable and will now have a randomized Gender and Fertility value, viewable on the Animal Lore page for the creature. Players will be able to breed a Male and Female creature of the same species together to create an offspring with a randomized, and potentially rare hue based on the hue ranges of the parents involved.

Mount Breeding is conducted in houses through a Feeding Trough item (built with Carpentry) and can be enhanced with a number of support items such as Tacking Shelves, Stables Carts, Grooming Tools (also built with Carpentry) or Fertility Serums and Growth Tablets (purchasable with Prevalia Coin, similar to Plant Growth items)

Players must provide Food in the form of Fruits, Vegetables and Hay bought from Farmer NPCs as well as providing Water in order for successful mount breeding to occur.
Players can speed up the gestation process with support items such as Tacking Shelves and Growth Tablets
The Fertility value of the creatures used, as well as existance of support items (such as Fertility Serums) increase the chance for a the breeding to result in not just a new randomized hue, but a rare hue

New Player Houses
Development Status: 100% Complete

27 New Houses have been designed and will be implemented as soon as possible.

Ocean Bosses
Development Status: 100% Complete

We have created a new ocean-based Mini-Boss called "The Insatiable Maw" and an ocean-based Boss called "Oceans Fury". The current plan is to have each of these spawn at intervals similar to our current Mini-Boss and Bosses, however at a randomized ocean location each time, requiring ship crews to do some exploration to encounter them

Ship Construction and Salvage
Development Status: 100% Complete

In order to make the Ship system more accessible to players, but also simultaneously more interesting to ship-combat seeking veterans, we will be adjusting the construction costs of ships (reducing the Mastercrafting Diagram requirement amounts but moderately increasing board/ingot/cloth requirements) and introducing a new Salvage system

When a player's ship sinks, players will still receive 75% of the total Doubloon value of the ship placed into their bank box as before
Additionally, with the new system, the Ship Deed as well as deeds for each Upgrade installed on the ship and every NPC Crewmember onboard will be added to a list of "Salvageable" items

If a player's ship is sunk by an NPC ship, all Salvageable items will be available for the player to recover at a Salvage Foreman NPC in town within the next 14 days, by paying a gold cost for each individual item they wish to recover
However, if a players ship is sunk by an enemy player, each Salvageable item has a 10% chance to be salvaged instead by that enemy player captain

In the case of multiple ships (including an enemy player) contributing to sinking a player's ship, the 10% chance for each item will be adjusted based on that enemy player's ship's total damage dealt (i.e. an enemy player ship that only did 50% of the total damage to a player ship will only have a 5% chance to salvage each item)

Ship Crewmember Loyalty
Development Status: 100% Complete

We will be introducing a new Loyalty system for Ship Crewmembers that allow players to further upgrade their Crewmembers and potentially specialize them

Development Status: 100% Complete

Strangelands is a new, semi-instanced system that is scheduled to occur once a week, lasting for several hours (conceptually being "Strangelands Sunday" afternoons)
Once a Strangelands event starts, players can access the event by entering one of several gates that will appear in every town

The Strangelands event takes place in its own unique, custom map and when players enter the region, all of their currently equipped belongings and backpack items (as well as mounts) are stashed and stats and skills are temporarily removed until they exit the event and return to the main game world

As players enter the Strangelands world, they must select a Starting Template that determines their initial stats and skills for the event, as well as a selection of basic items they will start with. Players will be able to improve their stats and skills further during the event, but the starting template gives them a basic archetype to begin with

Additionally, all players who enter Strangelands will spawn in a random location in the game region, and will automatically adopt the name "A Stranger" for the duration of the event. Ideally, the mechanic will create an interesting dynamic where players are suspicious of other "strangers" and can never be sure exactly who each player they encounter is

The goal of Strangelands is to end the event with the highest overal score among players
Players earn points for each minute they manage to stay alive during the event
Players can also earn points from a variety of actions in game (such as exploring, looting reward items from animals/monsters/NPCs)
Players have a meter for Hunger and for Thirst during the event, which decreases as time elapses, and refills when the player consumes Food or Water acquired in the event
If a player's Hunger or Thirst meter hits zero during the event, their score will be reduced to 0, and they will be teleported back to standard game world

While there are no specific penalties for dying during the event, however death should be avoided at all costs by as it will likely result in the player losing any stored Food or Water they were carrying

Players will be able to increase stats and skills during gameplay by normal skill use (obviously at accelerated rates) as well as looting Skill Scrolls from exploration and killing animals/monsters/NPCs

Players and guilds will earn reward points and prestige in the standard game world based on their scores for the event and potentially can earn unique reward deco items as well

Guild Dungeon Summoning Overhaul
Development Status: 100
% Complete

The Guild Dungeon Summoning system will be overhauled somewhat to allow guilds to summon Mini-Bosses and potentially Ocean Mini-Bosses/Bosses as well.

Player Stats Profile Overhaul
Development Status: 100
% Complete

We finally will be overhauling our Player Stats Profile page for players, allowing players to view specific bonuses they have in place from mechanics such as Mastery Chains as well as temporary bonuses from things such as Arcane Runes or Barding Area Effects. Additionally, we'll create fully updated profiles for player pets/followers, so players can see all the active bonuses and effects they have in place as well

Omniboss System Overhaul
Development Status:
0% Complete

We have taken stock of the Omniboss system and all of it's moving parts, including lore tomes, mini boss tokens, rewards, etc and will be making modifications based on player feedback.

Regional Bounty Contracts
Development Status:
0% Complete

We are looking at creating a system to encourage farming at specific areas of the overworld, through the introduction of Regional Bounty Contracts
Similar to Society Jobs, these contracts will be much more specific and likely tied to a specific Point of Interest, such as "The Oasis". We have not yet decided, however, if the Contracts will be available to all players universally, or acquired via loot, similar to Resource Maps. But the intention would be to offer unique loot for completion of one not available elsewhere.

Classic Dungeons
Development Status:
10% Complete

We will be implementing limited edition Classic Dungeons (such as Deceit, Shame, etc) that will be accessible for limited times during the week, on a randomized rotation. Monster spawns will be as close to classic OSI style as possible, and we will consider potential loot modifications + bonuses for the region. These dungeons will be accessed via Portal on the existing map which will lead you to the entrance of the new dungeon, floating in the stars. The dungeons will allow mounts, recall, gate travel and also include traditional "Champ Spawns" on a regular basis.

New Player Experience and Tutorials
Development Status:
20% Complete

We will be introducing a new character creation template system and tutorial system designed to guide players who are completely new to Ultima Online towards an accelerated understanding of the game with a focus on "realistic" character development; i.e. how veteran players actually play the game

The first part of that is rooted in Starting Character Templates. Players who are completely new to Ultima Online typically fumble through character creation with little feedback on what choices they make mean, and not only that, they largely do not have an idea what direction to take their character after creation

To address this, upon entering the game world with a new character, players will be prompted to chose from one of several Character Templates that reflect actual real-world character templates that veteran players use, but explained for a new player. These templates will have a decent collection of starting stats and skills, and a few additional items given to the player based on the template type

Each template has an explanation of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the character, and features a Wiki Entry button that players can click to view and in-depth guide on how to use the character template from creation, to devleopment, to end-game farming and even PvP

The stats/skills/item section is broken up into two regions: Starting and Ideal

The Starting section shows all the Stats, Skills, and Items the player will immediately receive if they pick that starting template
The Ideal section shows the end-character ideal path for that character template, including what Stats/Skill amounts the player should aim for, as well as what equipment that character likely will want to use while farming with their fully-built character

A small orb button is next to all Stats, Skills, and Items and when clicked, will give the player a text description of how that Stat/Skill/Item is important to the character and what it is used for

The second part of this system is a new in-game Tutorial system. The goal will be to guide a new player completely new to UO from initial character creation via Arrows and Popup boxes explaining basic concepts on how to use items, purchase goods from NPCs, access the Bank, perform combat, as well what important NPCs the players will need to interact with to get a foothold in the game world

Additional pieces of the New Player System include Companion players, the Companion Lodge on Shelter Island (finished), a New Player Society quest system to aid new players in getting started, and potentially a New Player Dungeon boss.

Ocean Systems Overhauls and Rewards
Development Status:
25% Complete

A number of our Ocean systems, such as Fishing Maps, Fishing Nets, MIBs, and Fishing Spots will be receiving overhauls, both in terms of potential loot as well as mechanical updates to provide a more enjoyable experience for ocean-fairing players

We will also be adding a number of doubloon-purchasable high-end items for players to decorate their homes with including specialty Aquariums that players can customize with Aquarium items

Ship Upgrades
Development Status: 25
% Complete

We will be introducing a number of new Ship Upgrades, including new Ship Abilities sand Ship Themes, for players to acquire and specialize their ship with

Stygian Rifts
Development Status: 20
% Complete

Stygian Rifts are a new, instanced system where two small teams of players (2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 at random) face off against each other in a contest of PvM expertise and PvP acumen. Inspiration for the system comes from Albion Online's successful Hellgates system, however we will be implementing a number of features to ensure that it is a unique experience for players in its own right.

Two arenas have been built to accommodate the event.

+1 on all previous comments. I was wondering where all that new artwork was going! /wink.
Hahah Luthius, thanks for the embarrassing screenshot of my boss demise :p
Wildest dreams for ship content satisfied? [X] CHECK! omg love it.
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All updates look great! Really like the new player support. You all must understand the complication of explaining UO to people who have never invested in it. Keep up the good work!
I love all of it. But I hope they won’t leave the score board for struggles as is. They kinda removed the personal competitive aspect of it.
Great work, and though I am still trying to get to grips with all the current features I look forward to the additions. One question, a few months back I asked if you could implement 8x8 S and E facing palisade houses to make orc towns more cohesive (there are bigger palisade houses but orcs are by nature poor and 50k is already a fortune). At the time I was told this would be implemented during the next house expansion. Are these houses among the 27 houses to be implemented in the new content? Thanks for everything, you have made a great game.