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Development Pipeline (October 9, 2020)


I get the need to overhaul. Im just asking with increased risk throw us a bone.

A healthy compromise would be a small drop chance for :
A. bosses: a low chance (1-3%? ) for bronze reforge tool (bronze only)

B. Omni (all levels) ... 10% chance per tier , tiers under 25% health then chance increases to 20%... bronze reforge tool only

c. Tmaps8 :3-5% chance

This would solve our issues with bad bronze chains , offer a helpful reward for small guilds to help players fighting over a very few amount of “good chains”, much less silver/gold... but also give flexibility for any potential society point nerfs mentioned in pipeline.

This way at least one chain has a higher chance of being useful per omni.

These drop rates would not increase with omni difficulty.

The second concern (higher difficulty omnis only) maybe remove scrolls/crap items from omni corpse to make room for better chance of valuable items in the loot pool.

This helps get at least “1 solid good bronze chain per omni” that rewards the guild for their efforts, and helps us looking for entry level chains
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A. We need another lawless region or two overland to find more omni runes, there wont be enough to go around

B. Possibly add lawless mini expansion zones to levels 1-3 in each dungeon where rift guardians spawn. Or even make it a level 2 pk entrance packed full of (risky shortcut) of the rune mobs.

c. Consider the summoning guild (would be lovely for alliance ) not need a omni rune if >25% health on omni .
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In regards to the taming overhaul:

1) The two proposals seem to be at odds with each other. Firstly you are trying to make the weaker pets viable, in which if you succeed there should be no unpopular pets left over to be included in the tamer society
2) Does it make sense to implement a new society exclusively for tamers? I don't mind additional content/rewards systems but why would this not extend to summoners using unpopular summons or spells, dexers using unpopular weapons or armour or even aspects, for example.


Maybe a professions society

a. Archer kill x monsters (maybe dnd have a favored enemy)

b. Dexxers do xyz

c. X amount of crossheals at bosses or even pvp events

d. Summons/pets/golemens/necromancer undead some sort of training/leveling experience of creatures reward for different regions

e. Regional societies

idk im fine with pipeline :)


If i come up with more ideas i will just tag the post and not flood this awesome update pipeline!



Sup guys!
I believe I heard somewhere that you have a parallel wep app resource under development as well haven't you? Recover accounts, map user emails to accounts, and stuff. Does that information proceeds? What are you building it with what technologies, node.js? Do you have any other ideas for a web resource?
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