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Expansion - Redline System

Thinking about it more and the sheer amount of gold farming required as proposed puts the whole system as unattainable for even the most hardcore players. Only 25 players have farmed in total the amount required for T16 aspect unlock for a single dungeon. Even if the plan is to drastically increase the amount of gold dropped in dungeons, the numbers required for redline points need to be adjusted.

For example, the gold farmed required to unlock your 30th link is 7.5 million. Why not make the requirements for each dungeon points unlocked scale similarly to the 250k progression that mastery links already have? Keep the redline points required as is, so it's 5 points to unlock a link for a dungeon, and the first 5 points in a dungeon take 1.5 million each. Then the next 5 require another 50k per point and keep that going. It keeps the progression in line with current systems but gives some flexibility on where you allocate points. The gold sink redline certification at 1 million per might be steep, but would keep inflation in check. It's optional too, so it's not like players need to unlock immediately, and it's not like they aren't going to get valuable drops along the way.

The system does sound great, it just needs to be possible. It's not an insignificant of gold farmed either to progress each in dungeon individually anyway with what I'm suggesting (would still be 40 million in a single dungeon to unlock 5 more links in that dungeon).
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Can anyone help me - if you are a harvester ONLY on an account, and want to go to Tier16, but have no combat/pve experience on any characters on the account, you're basically screwed. You'd need to start farming massive amounts of gold with your harvester to earn redline points to one day be able to upgrade them to T16. Which makes the point of having a harvester character pointless if you're farming gold on him....surely the harvesters should be able to carry on earning experience to get to T16 by just harvesting? That would make sense right? - Cerryl
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Love it, you devs are incredible. If I win that $1b lottery, I'll be donating like $500k to you or something....

Here's my biggest concern: The end-gamers are driving up core prices due to the extreme demand for so many cores to level up tiers. This pits the end-gamer and his/her $150k/hr farm rate against little casual gamer who needs the same cores (albeit fewer), but with a tiny fraction of the resources to buy said cores. Unless the world were flooded with 2-3x the number of cores in it right now (or maybe 5x), then this will always be a massive imbalance.
Solution: drop the core requirement for aspect levels after 13, and rely on something else (redline, whatever, something new, who cares, just something that new players are NOT competing for). Basically, get new players out of the market space of end-gamers so they're not competing for the same scarce resource.
Ooooh, I was misunderstanding a mechanic. I thought it was that each region had its own points to allocate and earn independent of the other regions. If it's all cumulative points earned then I almost feel better about the system. Still a nutty amount of exp/gold to grind out considering max gold farmed lifetime is a little over 500,000,000 currently. At the rate gold and exp have been earned it should only take Dyara 50 years to hit the cap and the rest will catch up when our great grand children are playing our accounts.
me, I see problems when even huger numbers of cores are taken off the market in anticipation of post tier 15 not to mention the staggering rates at which people are currently mowing down aspect tiers.
I agree this is a problem. Huge KUDDOS for the expansion, and the entire game, so no suggestion should overshadow the awesomeness of Outlands. But, I hope they recognize that this is a problem with a super easy solution: drop core requirements from upper tiers. Let the end-gamers compete for some other limited resources instead of competing for the same thing a new player desperately needs.

I agree that players shouldn't be able to "catch up" without putting in the same grind, but the fact that several aspects are wholly out of reach to even experiment with for any but the excessively wealthy is a broken aspect of the economy (pun intended).

And frankly, many end-gamers spent a fraction of the $200k/command core when command aspect first came out. So, what's actually happening is this mechanic is making it progressively HARDER for new players to reach high tiers than it was for the existing end-gamers, as prices continue to get driven up.

But, I def need to end on a "you guys are awesome" note. Seriously, none of this is that big of a deal, nor is any aspect of this game "that big of a deal". If the most stress I have in a week is thinking about how much I'll have to farm to try and help one of my teenagers buy an aspect upgrade (for mid-grade priced aspect - upper priced ones are impossible for us), then I'd say I had a frickin awesome week.