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Many a strange thing bein' whispered 'round Outpost. A fishmonger tells tale of a ship that appeared out of the fog one morn' with nary a trace o' her crew, and all that was found aboard was a message scrawled in blood.

A dockhand swears by his ma's grave that several navigational stars have vanished from the sky. Strangely, an astronomer from Andaria said the same thing!

Others about town speak o' seeing the missing Queen of Prevalia, skulking hither and thither in shadow, behaving in a manner more befittin' beast than royalty.


Yet, what to make o' this strange talk? E'rebody I spoke with says they heard the story from a friend of a friend, or that they know a guy who knows a guy who was there. Oceans bleeding red, skies growing dark on a cloudless night... Much strangeness indeed!

But one thing that is no rumor, and is highly suspect in its own right, there are strange cultists of the blood meandering about the isle. They ne'er came this far east before.



They are not appearin' in any great numbers as to pose threat to the fine guard o' Outpost. Yet, anyway... But why are they here now? What are they trying to do? Maybe there is some truth all twisted up in the rumors spread by the tailors and men-at-arms about town.

Ya know, it's funny to mention it... I had a strange dream. It turns out, I was not the only one to have the same dream...


A tall, dark spire blocked out the light of the stars and moons... The colossal beast of stone and glass, edged with razor fangs, loomed across all of Avadon. In her deep shadow lay the ruins of shattered worlds.


Within the stained glass beat her very heart of darkness. Something that has not just destroyed entire worlds, but has set eyes upon Avadon; and a torrent of blood, bone, and guts washed across the land like a ravenous wave from an infernal ocean.



But that was just a dream. E'en though others around Outpost have had a similar night terror, I'm sure i's just the collective paranoia affected by all o' these rumors and gossips and those damned cultists wandering too close to town. I am sure that's all it is.

Just a dream... Just a dream...