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Guide: Snooping and Stealing skill training macros (Razor)

This is a step-by-step guide to setting up Razor macros that will take you through to GM snooping and GM stealing. This is designed for new/returning players who aren’t comfortable with Razor or don’t have the patience to figure out complex pre-made scripts. It’ll show you how to macro both skills up separately and you must accept that I bear no responsibility for the pain and loss wreaked upon other players in the use of these two skills, or for finding out that I’ve set these macros up in a completely unrefined and inefficient way.

For both snooping and stealing skills you’ll need to renounce your young player status and leave Shelter island

GM Snooping

What you’ll need & setup
  • A character on a second account

Have your characters meet somewhere in the world, ideally in a city (or a house if you have one). On your snooper double-click your second character to open its paper-doll.

The Snooping Macro

In Razor:
In the “Macro” tab, click “New” to create a new macro, call it “Snooping”
Click record macro
In game:
Double-click on your second character’s backpack in the paperdoll window (No need to close the second character’s backpack if you succeed in snooping).
In Razor:
Click “Stop”
Click the loop tick-box
Click Play and allow the macro to loop over all the way to GM.

If you’re disconnected on either of your accounts just log back in, re-open your second character’s paper-doll and start the macro looping again.

GM Stealing

What you’ll need & setup
  • 750 gp in order to buy:
    • 1 pack horse/llama (From the stable @ 500 gp)
    • 10 dye tubs (From the tailor @ 250 gp total)

Important: Double-click your pack animal and place 1 of the 10 dye tubs into your pack animal’s backpack and make a note of your character’s weight (with 9 dye tubs in your own backpack). Example below:

In Razor:
Click on the “Agents” tab.

In the drop-down, click on Organizer-1 (Or another if you’re already using that one).
Click “Add (Target)”.
In game:
Click on any dye tub.
In Razor:
Click on “Set Hot Bag”.
In game:
Click on your pack animal
In Razor:
Click on the Hot Keys tab.
Filter by “org” (Or whatever you need to find the organizer you just set), and assign a hot-key. When it comes to setting up the stealing macro you’ll need to press this hotkey once so make a note of what you assigned it. In this example I use Ctrl + P:

The Stealing Macro

In game:
Make sure you have 1 dye tub in your pack animal’s backpack and 9 dye tubs in your character’s backpack. Keep both backpack windows open.
Open your character’s skills scroll and find the stealing skill.
In Razor:
In the “Macro” tab, click “New” to create a new macro, call it “Stealtrain”
Click record macro
In game:
Click on the stealing skill.
Once the selection cursor pops up, click on your pack animal. You’ll either fail or succeed but it makes no difference at this point.
In Razor:
Click “Stop”
Right-click on the bottom line (Absolute Target), and click “Begin Recording Here”

In game:
Press the Organizer hotkey you made earlier (In my case, Ctrl + P)
All of the dye tubs in your backpack will be transferred one-by-one to your pack animal.
In Razor:
Click “Stop”
It should now look like this:

Right-click on the “Exec: Organizer Agent-01” line and click on “Move Up”. Repeat until the line is at the top of the list:

Right-click again on the “Exec: Organizer Agent-01” line, mouse over “Special Constructs” and select “Insert “If” Conditional”

Set the fields up as in the screenshot below -- Input one number below the character weight you recorded earlier (when carrying 9 dye tubs). Click “Insert”

Right-click on the new line and move it to the top of the list so that it looks like this:

Right-click on “Exec: Organizer Agent-01”, mouse-over “Special Constructs” and click on “Insert: Else”. This should be placed one line below automatically.

Right-click on the bottom line (Absolute Target), mouse-over “Special Constructs” and click “Insert Pause/Wait”.

Select “Pause for” and input 11000 milliseconds

Click on Insert

The end result will look like this:

The macro is now complete. Make sure “Loop” is ticked, stand next to your pack animal and press Play. It'll steal dye tubs up until the point your weight triggers the organizer agent to refill your pack animal.
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Thank you, this guide still works great!
Using Razor + ClassicUO, was able to GM snooping + Stealing easily following it!