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History of UO (UO developers perspective)


in other words:
Classic Game Postmortem: Ultima Online

did you know that uo "invented" early access? or serial keys?

did you know that a player named Fly Guy made more gold than any other player at the start of UO by roleplaying a pimp and offering hookers in an empty building in Britain?

i usually dont feel like wasting my free time on youtube videos and this video is about 1h long but it was worth every minute!
the develpoers of uo take you on their journey and what it was like making uo from the very start trough all the problems they had encountered.
they also talk about the lessons they have learned and about a lot of funny stuff and stories that uo tends to generate.

it starts a bit slow, if you have no time you can skip to about 31mins in where they start talking about how rares were born or how most of the fondest uo memories usually involve some form of bad behavoiur / pking.

its amazing how much uo has influenced the gaming world and how this complex game was possible on such limited hardware.. and most of all how none has made a new version of this game in fucking 21 years.

thanks Expo for mentioning this on discord, i wouldnt have seen it otherwise.