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How to start a mage as a new player to the shard?

For background, I played OSI servers for many years, starting on Baja, then moving to Atlantic. I started at the end of T2A, and played until High Seas. I'm certainly not new to UO, but this shard for sure. Making dexers and crafters is straight forward and easy, but the part I'm struggling with is my mage.

Once I run out of free casts from my book, I don't know how to maintain regs without spending every bit of gold I make, and even doing that isn't enough. Mathematically it isn't making sense; takes way to many spells to kill something to get a small amount of gold that only buys a fraction of the amount of regs I needed to kill the thing. Is magery one of those skills that I need to be better off to start leveling? Or is there a cheap way to refill the book that I'm not understanding? Or was I suppose to take inscription to make new books? I don't know.
I had to farm a lot to be able to level up a Mage easily and an initial investment of stock for 2-3 months of playing. I don't farm as a Mage, i only PvP with it, so i can't really tell you, but yes. You need money, or maybe someone can correct me (because i ain't no pro)
I started the shard at launch as a mage, there are ways to do it - but you certainly aren't getting any richer while doing it. The two ways most people recommend:

1) make your mage a hybrid, with a sustained damage skill, so you aren't just exhausting resources over and over
2) take scribe / forensics, skin everything you kill, loot the leather, use 25 tailoring to turn leather into blank scrolls, inscribe scrolls to cast and gain magery from.

Essentially you can do a mage for free using leather (tailoring) or wood (carpentry) to turn into blank scrolls, and making him a scribe at the same time..

Also - invest in spirit speak, use summons to tank and do damage, with poison to do regular dot damage, so that you aren't doing full on spells to succeed.
If you're in the 60s or 70 magery you can hunt pretty effectively using bladespirits on Banshees. They drop decent gold and regs too. I also started at launch and played on a mage and this is how i made money. It usually takes 3-4 bladespirits to kill a banshee.

Inscription is great because you don't need regs to make scrolls, and if you take forensics as @AreYouKidden suggested you can skin as you go and turn them into scrolls and if you get colored leather you can sell it for a bit of extra gold in the discord #sell channel.

Edit: 2 banshees can be found South of Prevelia in the graveyard area as well as a lich and some other low level mobs.
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