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"Kal Vas Xen Corp"


Darkness. Pain. Hopelessness...

Out of this pain I cried out. Tears streaming down my face, a chant escaped my mouth - "Anh Mi Sah Ko". A surge of energy flooded my veins. I felt a connection to the spirit world. A glimpse of hope.
A burning desire. The only source of light around was what I, myself, created.
The struggles I endured insured I would seek enlightenment above all else!

My parents did not know love. They did not show love. Since I can recall memory at all I have been cursed by those who brought me into this world. Always a burden, always in trouble.
I sought refuge from myself in that which came most naturally, conjuring. Summoning internal energies into material form outside of myself. It began with rats and snakes. Chickens for them to feed on. Corpse eaters to clean up the mess.
Mother hated my abilities. She called me wicked. Scolded me. Beat me. I know now she was only jealous. Jealous of this power. Jealous of my strength. Scared of my intelligence! I quickly learned to use these feelings to manipulate the ether around me. Snakes became bears. Chickens became flamehounds. My thirst for knowledge left my lips chapped. Scouring book after book, copying every text which led me toward my goal.


Grandmaster. I knew I could harness the elements, I just didn't understand what that meant. I needed a mentor - and my brother Mikhail had the answer. The Pathfinders. He joined this guild many moon before, in an effort to seek out murderers and thieves. To deliver Justice. I asked for his council and the way he revealed. Chancellor Alduin, the legendary magician, was my salvation. With effective instruction he set me out on the quest to maximize my unrealized potential. Through the Academy I have realized my purpose and learned my place. My mother was wrong. I am not wicked. I am righteous, and will use my talents for the benefit of all those around me. I am a child of the arcane. A natural inquirer with a knack for academia. This is where I belong. These are my people.

*looks up from a deep meditation*

"Kal Vas Xen Corp"

This is my purpose.


*As the full moon rises, holding a rusty shovel*

"The silence is thunderous. Rattling deep within my inner ear with such vicious melody." I noticed my minds commentary was paradoxical.
"I know I am alive, vaguely, but why do I always think as if I weren't?" The cold dew on the grass has soaked my toes and my pant legs are chilled.

"Oh, Great Cold Darkness, hear this plea."
*Kneels to place black rose upon arcane circle near gravestone*

"There is an energy I need. I feel it's presence tugging at me from this very cemetery! Lurking under this packed dirts. Crawling though these sodden graves."
It was at this moment lightning struck in the distance.

I didn't notice any thunder.

"I've never been aware of a magic so dark, of spirits so powerful... I need to know how!"

*Rain begins to pour*

"Upon who do I call? What force will guide me toward this power?"

*Begins digging at grave*

"I am so thirsty my lips bleed and peel. I hunger so strongly my stomach is eating away at itself. It is ferocious power I am after! I will give anything for this connection. I will take, ANYTHING!"

*Lightning crashes nearer*

"I hear these undead murmors. I feel these spirits near. The secrets those lips hold, what else do these forgotten know?" Laboring a short while, sweat dripping down both sides of my face, I can finally hear the rain drops. A calmness in this storm, a realization.

*Continues to throw dirt out of a growing hole*

"I will stop at nothing to unveil this curiosity! My elementals energy is raw and unchanging. There is more, I can feel it!"


At last.

*Hammers shovel through thin wooden casket*

The smell of decaying flesh raided my nostrils and triggered my brain in a way I've never experienced.

*Struck by lightning*

Time stands still. I can see myself walking through a river. Crossing from a place I recognize behind the unearthered burial site to a place I cannot determine.

A whisper echoes in my mind.

"Necromancer, rise"

It is time.

"Ahn Mi Sah Ko"