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Knights Report: "The Evils at Shelter Island Chapter 1"

Dungeon Master: - player of Lothar Aurelion Dorain
Guild: Sir.
Campaign: The Evils at Shelter Island - Chapter 1.
Ruleset: Highly recommended to leave animal companions and aspect gear out of the event. Plain iron uniforms and weapons are encouraged to wear.

*As Lothar stretched his arm towards the small table on the side of his bed, reaching for ink and parchment - he could suddenly feel an aching pain in his chest. He glanced down noticing that the bandage covering his recently gained wound was soaked with blood* "Kind lad, first I want you to fetch the healer. Secondly, when I am done writing this letter - I want you to deliever this letter to Commander Rendlesham with all hast, aye?"

-Commander, first I must apologize for not attending the ceremony, I hear that I have been promoted to Knight Sergeant - it is truly an honor to serve, milord. I wish I could attend.

Alas I bring dire news.
My initial task to search and locate the dark cultists - I have been successful in. I believe that there are necromantic rituals performed deep down in the caverns located at Shelter Island. I am not certain if these are indeed followers of Quell'Avath!

These dark worshippers seems to have made allies with the drow. If my intel is correct - their Matron Mother is Qidra Vhuryn, a priestess of a dark god named Lloth. I have read about these drow and Lloth, they were of wicked deeds even before the Cataclysm!

I highly suggest that we make haste gathering all Knights that were not badly injured at the battle of Nusero Island - and launch an expedition down into these dark caves! Or I fear that the future for all young men and women that start their adventuring lives on Shelter Island may be in great danger.

I am currently recovering at the healers settlement at Shelter Island. My steel clashed with one of these drow warriors. He moved like a quicksilver and was indeed skilled with the blade. He gave me a grave wound - if the physician here is correct, I may not be able to wield a sword or hammer again. I was able to land a solid blow with my war mace into his ribs as well - I do not think he will make it through the next days from internal bleeding. May the Avatar show mercy on his wicked soul-

- signed Knight Sergeant Lothar Aurelion Dorain -


*It was late in the evening when the Commander heard the urgent pounding of an iron fist behind his office door. He knew the distinct knock that let him know it was a trusted Knight. He set down his quill and adjusted his eyes, removing his spectacles.*

Commander Rendlesham: "Aye..?"

*The door opens as a Knight enters the room and announces a messengers arrival... The Commander squints as a young man enters the room behind the door guard and presents himself a messenger from Sergeant Lothar Dorain. The messenger seems weak and shows signs of struggle along his road. The Commander waves the messenger toward him and accepts the letter...*

Commander Rendlesham: "Guard, see this messenger to the tailor after he's been fed and given rest, I'm sure he's been through much ensuring this messaged reached us."

Door Guard 1: "Aye, Commander! Come with me, boy."

*The messenger's face, beneath the dirt and exhaustion, turns to ease at these words and bows, thanking the Commander and happily following the Guard to a well earned evening of merry making in the knights tavern and inn... The Commander opens the letter and puts his spectacles back on, leaning towards his candle for light. Slowly, his face seems to lose expression as his eyes reach the end of the letter. He sets the parchment down and calls for the second door guard who quickly responds and enters the room with a snap to attention.*

Door Guard 2: "Commander?"

Commander Rendlesham: "Rally any unassigned Knights, prepare a caravan of packhorses and fetch our best trackers and hounds. We are to rendezvous with Sergeant Lothar Dorain and investigate a possible silent invasion of Drow that may be a serious threat to the young adventurers of Avadon... We depart for Shelter Island in less than two weeks time. Be sure to find a Friar as well, lad."

Door Guard 2: "Aye, Commander!"

*And with a crisp salute, the door guard was off to carry out his order with the utmost precision and without haste..*