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Below is an early list of the important NPC characters who play a role in the evolving Outlands story. Many more to add.

It should be noted that the current year is 612AC (After Cataclysm). For the Cataclysm/Creation story, check here.


Iaric - Born: 577, Prevalia Castle. Xadia - Born: 584, Upper Prevalia.
The reigning Prevalian monarch and his Queen. Iaric is the younger brother of King Calym III (missing presumed dead since 609) and uncle of King Alyan (slain at the battle of Ancient Glade in 609). As a third son, Iaric was not expected to inherit the throne, and did so only upon the loss of the previous two kings a day apart. As such, his education was focused upon soldiering. In these hard times, that may yet prove a boon for the hard-pressed Prevalians, despite Iaric's struggles with the more administrative elements of his still new role. Queen Xadia is a popular Queen, beloved of her people. Iaric is the last of the Prevalian line that has ruled for 500 years - the pressure to produce an heir for the future of the kingdom is great.


Born: unknown.
Yubgub has, over the course of the last two decades, successfully united previously warring Orcish clans whilst modernising their tactics and weaponry, less interested in loot and slaughter than his predecessors - and more in victory and conquest. Vast swathes of the western Outlands are now under his sway, and it could be argued that the scattered Orcish realm is now larger and more powerful than any of the human kingdoms. Often sighted at Yubgub's side is a strikingly tall, shadowy humanoid figure, of unknown identity. What is known is that for this human to be tolerated amongst the Orcs he must posses great power or worth.


Born: 585, Andaria Castle.
Luka, son of the famed Landau and Lady Klara and lineal King of Andaria, has chosen life in the forests of the western Outlands at the head of an army of bandits, over rule of his Mother's ancestral kingdom. Luka's cruelty is famous, and it is widely assumed that he is linked to the disappearance of his mentor, Marius, regent of Andaria, as well as the Cambrian and Prevalian kings at Ancient Glade in 609. The city of Andaria now battles against it's rightful ruler, and Marius's replacement as regent, Cailith, seeks to legally remove Luka from his position and make the kingdom a republic. It remains to be seen if Luka will attempt to claim his throne, and if so, if his people will support or reject him. Luka's band stand at the head an army of murderers that control much of the north-western Outlands.


Born: 556, Cambria.
Cailith replaced Marius as both Grandmaster of the Mages Guild and Regent of Andaria upon Marius' disappearance in 609. Unlike his predecessor, Cailith is not concerned by tradition, and actively seeks to end the rule of House Ashen and their sole remaining heir - Luka - over the Kingdom of Andaria. Cailith claims that the humanoid figure fighting alongside the Orcs is matched by another, similar figure at Luka's side, and that these two figures are mortal agents of the Shadowlords. Cailith is the greatest mage in Avadon, and is showing flair for managing a kingdom, leading Andaria as it recovers from its darkest days. There is some controversy in Andaria regarding the rule of a native Cambrian over their city, and a strong loyalist faction to House Ashen seeks the return of Luka.


Born: Unknown.
Little is known of Quell'Avath. He gathers a growing band of disciples across the land that are dedicated to the deification of the infernal sorcerer, Mondain.


Arshiya - Born: 586, Cambria. Kiriana - Born: 586, Buccaneer Island.
As with the rulers of both Andaria and Prevalia, Arshiya took the throne only recently, after the disappearance of his father at Ancient Glade in 609. Showing a talent for administration, it is hoped that he can reverse the stark decline in Cambrian fortunes over the last century. His first task is to defeat the hordes of the Outlands outside his city gates, a task for which he has a weakened army, heavily reliant upon mercenaries of varying loyalty. Showing a similar disregard for tradition as Cailith, Arshiya has chosen a commoner as his bride, Lady Kiriana being the daughter of a mid-ranking officer in the Cambrian navy.


Born: 535, Lower Prevalia.
Much has been written of the deeds of the famed Landau, some of this can be viewed here. The current location and condition of the former Warlord of the Dark Banner, Slayer of Lord Falthar and Prince-consort of Andaria is unknown. Considering his age, he may have already have passed. Such is the aura and myth surrounding the man that few believe such a simple, natural fate could have befallen him. Others believe that he will return to lead either the Dark Banner or the Andarians - or perhaps both. Many of his former comrades surround his son and successor, Luka, others are notable by their absence. Perhaps they await Landau's return? Perhaps they are already at his side.


Born: Unknown.
Dornoll is the leader of Council of Druids. To understand Dornoll and her association, one simply needs to understand exactly what ‘Druid’ itself means in Avadon.
A druid is a mage - but a mage that has sworn to use his or her ability for the good of the earth, not for destruction. They have a unique affinity with many of the creatures of the land, able to harness the powers of many creatures that are simply beyond the control of those known as tamers. The power of the druids seems greatly enhanced when in their ancestral home - the ancient forests of the central Avadonian mainland.

Although seeking to avoid conflict, when drawn in to battle, the Druids favour healing magics and the might of their ‘pets’ over destructive magic and steel. Dornoll and her druids are dedicated to the creatures and the trees of Avadon, and keenly feel the destruction wrought upon their homeland by the decades of war between the kingdoms, and the ravages of the hordes of the Outlands. They have also been known murder those that ‘murder’ certain varieties of trees. If one travels south-west from Andaria, the ghostly remains of one band of unlucky loggers can be seen, still haunting the logging camp that became their resting place.

Recently, and for the first time, Dornoll has brought the druids into the affairs the Prevalian court, and has the ear of Queen Xadia. Dornoll is first mentioned in Cullwych the Venerable’s ‘History of the 5th century’ in 528AC, and remarkably, on appearing at the side of Queen Xadia in Prevalia in 611, appeared to be no more than 30 years old….


Born: 583, Sanctuary.
Many and varied rebel bands have sprung up around the outposts and borders of the three kingdoms, mostly formed from cadres of disaffected soldiers from the three royal armies - many becoming disloyal after years of incessant warfare and intermittent pay.

One step up from the bandits, marauders and mercenaries of the Outlands, these rebel bands mostly operate independently from each other and have varied goals. Having been formed from cadres of disaffected soldiers from the three royal armies. Some work towards the overthrow of their former leaders, some seek to establish their own states, some leaders even going so far as to proclaim themselves monarch of their pitifully small ‘Nation’. One particularly large group to the west of Prevalia have seemingly become a vassal state of the expanding Orcish empire, paying tribute to Yubgub and serving in his armies.

Aythan’s band are perhaps the most powerful of these rebels. They operate close to the old Cambria - Prevalia border marches, an area now so wild and free of the rule of law that, despite its easterly position, is as much part of the wild Outlands as the western lands in which the terms originates. Aythan’s band operates without formal hierarchy, a soldiers’ council making the decisions that dictate their future - but there is no doubt that Aythan, with her charisma, soldierly ability and beauty, is the real force behind her rebels. One of the finest archers in the land, Aythan carries an heirloom bow of the finest quality, made from the northern Yew tree, a species extinct for over 600 years.


Gods & other greater beings


The Shadowlords, ancient god-like beings that bestride our history.

Legend tells that, beneath the great mountain ranges of Avadon, perhaps in the depths of some of the deepest dungeons, lay three, tiny fragments of the Gem of Immortality. Unlike the larger fragments which contain shards or worlds, these three pieces contain the pure malice that created the Shadowlords. Faulinei, Lord of Falsehood, Astaroth, Lord of Hatred, and Nosfentor, Lord of Cowardice.

Agents of the Shadowlords have long been suspected of interfering in the politics and wars of Avadon, and in these recent, troubled times, certain nihilistic types have taken to the worship of these daemonic creatures. Indeed, clashes between disciples of the Shadowlords, and similar groups involved in the deification of other god-like beings, Mondain and the Guardian, have become a feature in the deserts of Cambria. Perhaps these groups are being directed by the forces behind them? Cailith, regent of Andaria, publicly suspects that agents of the Shadowlords control the two great Warlords of the Outlands - Luka and Yubgub.


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Upon losing his lord at the Ancient Glade, Calryn, the captain of the Prevalian royal guard, retired from his position and formed the Iron Assault. To this end, he has dedicated himself to turning back the hordes of the Outlands and will periodically seek the assistance of adventurers to fulfill his quest.