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Monsters continue to summon creatures while peace'd

Frostbane acolytes etc that summon creatures (skeletons etc) and possibly other creatures that "Summon a pet", continue to summon when peace'd. The summon'd creature will usually be aggressive and attack.

Message/summon appears to be on a timer

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Yep, this is annoying for my bard as well. I usually wait for my peace cooldown period to end before I start attacking the creature because I know the creature is going to summon something. It would be real nice if peaced creatures didn't summon.
They also instant summon at start of animation. Please add six second delay like player summons .

Then add check if hinder/peace/para cannot summon .

Ice fort mages target on start of animation of casting and not end. I killed a monster yesterday and he killed me after he died. please add tier delays so their targeting occurs after animation and not at start so if you kill them or flea you are not attacked off screen thanks!
@Luthius @jaedan can this bug please be fixed?

how to reproduce:
a. go to ice fort (vicar mages)
b. hide/stealth
c. use a bow/hinder
d. they still summon

a. will summon if not hidden and peaced
b. will summon if paralyzed
c. will summon if hindered from a normal shot

it is also frustrating if you hide or are 2 screens away but they started any casting animation they still can kill you off screen. i understand uoo has unique mechanics for not cheesing mobs by constantly running out of site but it can be frustrating too. can we "meet in the middle" and possibly have a 1-2 second delay BEFORE they successfully target you? you can even leave the area, recall, go into a dungeon and still get hit. thanks a ton!!