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Tale of the Farmlands battles on August 7th - by Nekhen

Nekhen was awoken by the beating of drums. It was a call to march. The young majoka grabbed his bag of reagents and made his way to the fort with haste. Inside a line of orcs had already formed. He was late, and got a feeling he almost missed out. But late for what exactly? Not that it mattered a whole lot but he started to wonder what he was volunteering for. The Klerggoth was absent, and Yog was talking about something. Probably his belly. Looking around Nehken saw a snotling getting pummeled for something he had done. Or hadn't done. Whatever. Suddenly there was a call to move out. There was chatter among the ranks. The Hai was marching to burn some farmlands. It was expected there would be some resistance. No surprise there. You show up on orc land you better be prepared to fight. Many humans lacked the backbone for that but there were always some that come test their mettle against the Hai.
Arriving at the outskirts of the farmlands our orcish scouts reported there were no defenses. Nerull issued commands to build defenses of our own. Crates, barrels, tables...all arranged to create the narrow spaces orcs prefer to fight in. Fortunately there were plenty of chairs too. A majoka has to rest when he can.
Before long there was a rumbling from the east. The human forces had arrived. Yog moved to the front and began to puff up and trade insults with an unknown knight. The word was that the humans did not have enough power to resist us. We would put that to the test soon enough. Nekhen tended to his snakes while he waited for things to get interesting. Perhaps the humans would be cowed and their would be no battle. That would disappoint many. No chance for that. Yog came running back to our lines poisoned and still glowing from the many magic spells slamming into his back. The humans were putting up a strong start and began to press in almost immediately. A couple of orcs fell. An order was given to fall back. A few of the more aggressive humans sensed weakness and pushed in. They did not return to their comrades. Orcish archers had taken the high ground and rained arrows upon them. After some more skirmishing the command was given to charge. It was believed the humans were on the cusp of defeat.
This report was incorrect. There were more of the metal clad warriors than was believed and some confusion went through the ranks. All strategies were abandoned and intense hand to hand combat spread throughout the surrounding forest. In the end only a few orcs remained standing, and those with significant injuries...but the farms burned.

Back at camp the orcs revived and healed their fallen, knowing the humans would be doing the same wherever they were. It was not long before that location was found and the Hai began to move out once more. The second battle started much as the first, with Yog and a human (the same? so hard to tell them apart) representing their forces. Yog was giving him the business once again. Nekhen wanted to hear more and found himself at the front line. Without warning a human revealed unexpected powers. Nekhen had only a moment to consider what had occurred before he found himself in the lands of Belok. The orcish lines were confused, several warriors had fallen quickly. The horde fell back into a nearby structure. As the humans approached it the orcs reversed course and poured out. The humans were split apart. Their formations broken the Bludchok'hai managed to rout the rag tag army of knights and "heroes". It was said that the human forces had one last defense arranged. As Nekhen arrived with his snakes he could hear one of them whispering to him. The reptile had some good points...the humans did seem to have lost some of their resolve. Their morale seemed shaken, perhaps a few of them had fled into the woods. He looked over those before him. Shaken, but not completely broken. Those that remained fought with courage, at least they would be judged well by their gods. As with the previous two locations, these farms burned. Nekhen sniffed at the air and grinned. Nothing like the smell of burning cottages in the morning.


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