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New player i'm having difficulties with the interface

Currently slowly learning the game at the starter island, i can't seem to figure out how to see my tamed pets health pool and how to control multiple pets. I have currently tamed 3 collosal frogs, but they keep overlapping eachother. I have no way of figuring out their hp in combat, and can't control them since they overlap eachother. Any good interface tips would be nice.
Hi! New player here as well.

This game certainly is unusual. Interface-wise, I've never played anything like it. One vital thing you need to learn to do is drag a target's healthbar out from their sprite in the world. You can do this for yourself, your pets, other monsters etc. This will allow you to target creatures far easier.

I don't play a tamer, but as far as I know, you need to be using the 'all guard' 'follow' 'stay' commands to control them. Play around with the hotkeys and see what works for you. Tamers' pets certainly overlap, which now that I think about it is odd, considering other npcs have collision. I suppose it makes the build more viable. Tamers would have trouble in dungeons and tight areas, otherwise.

Some extra points:
  • Settings can be accessed via the paperdoll under 'Options'. I've found some useful things there.
  • Become acquainted with whatever client you're using and its hotkeys, macros etc.
Have fun! I'm loving the game.
You can also make single pet macro like "name kill", "name follow", "name guard" instead of using "all". It's very useful, for example if you use a tank pet and you can send him first and then the others.
Hold control+shift then you can drag their names to pull their bars. Once you drag the first, right-click the name you dragged (not the health bar) and it will close that nameplate and you can drag the one below it and so on. ClassicUO also has an option under experimental that lets you click and drag to make a box around them and it will pop all the health bars within your box into the upper left.