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A couple friends and myself are thinking about playing this server. can anyone give us some tips on the best way to start, skills we should be training. for example, id like to be a ranger like on all servers i been on. what skills should i be raising to be the best ranger?


I'd advise coming to join our discord, and chat in the new player channels, etc. In terms of what skills to train, UO is an open world sandbox, literally can do almost anything you want - so it helps to give some direction on what that is.

For you, as a ranger, you are looking at a template probably something like:
100 Archery, Tactics, Anatomy,
80 Resist, Healing, Tracking, Arms Lore

That leaves you 80 - 100 (100 after skill balls), to play with - a few options:
Camping - gives +dmg +backpack size
Taste ID - gives resistance to bleeds, poisons +swing speed
Forensics - gives +dmg +leather when skinning
Chivalry - down the road more so, but gives you some all around utility for dexxers.

Jim Lahey

I just started playing a couple of days ago and am still winging it big time (i know OF chain links, aspect stuff, but have not delved into those systems). I havn't played lots of UO over the years but im not completely lost and remember the basics of making macros and how combat works and shit like that (no idea how to use Razor though)

My first character has been Mace/Tact/Healing/Anatomy/Music/PeaceMaking/Forensic Eval - Its a powerful PvM build and with Peacemaking and Healing you can actually tackle some pretty legit content. Peacemaking makes mobs just stand there for 24 seconds (that's what mine is up to) and you can just beat the shit out of them without getting hit back, it feels retardedly broken.

Level up to 70 skill in the newb dungeon then venture out to the Overworld (i would avoid dungeons and stick to the Overworld Map spawns) - Use the map functions on the Wiki to show monster spawns, pick a place that looks cool, and start killing stuff -- i went basically Newb Dungeon, killing random shit in the woods, Air elemental camp, Tertathan Broodguard camp, Daemon camp (im planning on buying a boat soon so I can sail around to some of the island camps wth Daemons/Dragons/Blood Elementals) and ive made about 60k in gold so far. I bought vendor plate armor and a gnarled staff to start, then i bought a set of GM crafted bone armor and a crafted gnarled staff for like 1k total from a vendor and i surprisingly haven't lost it yet.

With Forensic Eval you gather leather and i think I have 8k-ish leather so today I made a Smith/Tailor and also a Miner/Lumberjack. I mined for a few hours and got several thousand ingots and my mining skill up around 75. I should be able to become pretty self sufficient soon and I am seriously like 3 days into the server. Daemons drop 150 of a reagent, and terethan broomothers drop 40, also so I am gaining a shit ton of regs for when I eventually make my mage

I may buy a boat, or I may save for a house, but either way this is what I have been doing on the server and it feels like I am progressing (at least in my own head it feels like I am making gainz)