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New year's resolutions


So my actual resolution was to do the pushup challenge (cause everything has to be a challenge these days). You do +1 push ups each day.
Jan 1st = 1 push up
Jan 30th = 30 push ups
Dec 31st = 365 push ups.

See how far you can go. I plan on splitting the sets at 50 with a few mins break cause I'm not in the army and I can't do 300 push ups on demand.
Jan 1st - Kill 1 orc
Jan 30th - Kill 30 orcs
Dec 31st - Kill 365 orcs

My god theyre ugly.

Unlike the push up challenge i only have to kill 365 this whole year. Also, i will only kill in sets of 10 instead of 50 by lobbing explosive pots into the clown car they call their fort.
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