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One Day Macer Guide


In this guide I will teach you how to power game train a macer.
The goal is to spend as little time getting the most out of a brand new character.
This guide can be useful for new or veteran players.

The only major expense with this guide will be bandages later on in the guide.
However even before the end of this guide your character can farm enough gold to keep going and finish the template.

::Final Template::
100 mace - Weapon Skill
100 tactics - Damage for weapon
80 anatomy - Damage + Healing amount bonus
80 arms lore - Weapon Special Chance
80 camping - Traveling for those without a blessed runebook ;)
80 healing - Healing duhh
80 resist - Reduces spell damage, huge defense
80 tracking - Damage, PK watch, Paragon search
20/40 alchemy - Healing & Cure buff

100 str
100 dex
25 int

50 Macing , Mace & Dex +10 Stat Stone
49 tactics , Dex & Str +10 Stat Stone
1 Healing , 75 Bandages & Dex +10 Stat Stone

45 str
10 dex
25 int , Lock int

Set all skills down or locked
Set template skills up

*Vendor Training with newbie 1000 gold ticket
50 resist
49 healing

==Newbie Dungeon Pre-Game==
Gather Kindling before entering (50-80)
Turn on tracking , set always get closest
Make a camp fire (they burn out about 10 mins)
Record arms lore macro on mace/dagger with 2100 delay
Hang out/afk until tracking, camping are 70
You can use anatomy on another player to gain that afk aswell

skills so far
50 mace
49 tactics
60-70 anatomy
60-70 arms lore
70 camping
50 healing
50 resist
70 tracking
0 alchemy

==Newbie Dungeon Action==
Heal yourself! Loot gold and Magic Items
Start killing Mongbats till about 60 mace give or take
*optional - buy vendor chainmail+quarter staff
Move onto Headless and skeletons (north and East)
Near the skeletons you'll see a ghoul with a skeleton archer. Once you've cleared the skeletons open the door and lure the ghoul out. Keeping the archer in that room.
Get 4-5 resist gains from the ghoul and kill it!
Keep looping between skeletons and this one ghoul until about 60 resist.
Head into the room that ghoul spawns and kill the skeleton archer.
Keep heading north through doors you'll find another ghoul.
Run around the room for 4-5 gains from that ghoul and kill it.
Proceed north again and get resist gains from the necromancer and necromancer in the west room of the first.

skills so far
70 mace
70 tactics
70 anatomy
70 arms lore
70 camping
65-70 healing
70 resist
70 tracking
0 alchemy

==The Real Outlands Pre-Game==
Using your 2nd account make a character with 50 taming, 49 veterinary and 1 healing. (the 1 healing is for extra free bandages)
Find a horse, they usually roam just outside towns or nearby moongates thankfully.
Transfer this horse to your 1st character.

Buy 3 wooden training clubs from a provisioner
Buy 1 magical wizard hat from a mage
*You'll eventually need more bandages

Find a quiet location in a safe town
Position the horse owned by the macer between your two characters.

Macer equip wooden training club attacks the horse while running this macro
//Make sure don't have non-training clubs in your backpack.
if @findlayer 'self' 6
  @moveitem! 'found' 'backpack'
  pause 650
if not timerexists 'campy'
  createtimer 'campy'
if @findtype 0xde1 'any' 'backpack' and timer 'campy' >= 600000
  usetype 0xde1 'any' 'backpack'
  @settimer 'campy' 0
  pause 650
if not @findlayer 'self' 1 and @findtype 0x13b4 'any' 'backpack'
  equipitem 'found' 1
  pause 650
if skill 'camping' >= 80
  setskill 'camping' 'locked'
if skill 'tracking' >= 80
  setskill 'tracking' 'locked'
if skill 'anatomy' >= 80
  setskill 'anatomy' 'locked'
if skill 'arms lore' >= 80
  setskill 'arms lore' 'locked'
if skill 'healing' >= 80
  setskill 'healing' 'locked'
equipitem replace-me-with-wiz-hat-serial 6
pause 650
moveitem replace-me-with-wiz-hat-serial 'backpack' 106 77 0
pause 650
// adjust pause based on bandage timer + 100ms
pause 12101
useskill 'Arms Lore'
waitfortarget 5000
target! replace-me-with-dagger-serial
Tamer/Vet runs this macro
usetype 0xe21
waitfortarget 5000
target! replace-me-with-the-horse-serial
pause 25000
skills so far
90-100 mace
90-100 tactics
80 anatomy
80 arms lore
80 camping
75-80 healing
70 resist
80 tracking
0 alchemy

Pics or didn't happen...
3 hours in...

11 hours in... didn't go hard, could be done in less.

==The Real Outlands==
Head to any graveyard that has casting npcs
Use them the same way we did earlier with the ghoul however outside the noob dungeon gains are slower. so 0.4-0.6 resist gains then kill it and find another.
train 20 alchemy from a vendor for those heal and cure pots bonus.

Congrats you have a completely legitimate macer template in a day.
I've done this with two characters successfully.

== Nay Sayers ==
Post a better guide
Looking for nothing but competition
See avatar, deal with it.
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Is there any way or mathematically beneficial reason to try and squeeze parry into this build?
Nice guide!
Parrying, worth debating but ill try to break it down.
Pre-Aspect and low level aspect it's worth having parrying. I'd say to drop armslore for parrying in this case. Use a war mace + shield and taunt mobs for the ac bonus. Reason being at low aspect you won't be killing as quickly as higher aspect with a greater tactic/accuracy bonus.

The reason I don't mention parrying in the guide is this build is a sturdy true dexxer build for all content including end game. So if you're doing mini-bosses, bosses, etc the people you run with will likely already have a Tank who will have parrying. So it's overkill to run both resist and parrying on this template in the current environment the shard offers.

Is parrying worthless, No but you'll sacrifice damage for the 'infrequent' parry of melee/spells. If parrying was more consistent with how often you parried blows I would have mentioned it in the guide. It's worth testing and determining for yourself if you think a block every so often is worth it.
That makes a lot of sense. I wasn't thinking end game yet :/
Also curious if armslore is > than forensic eval OR is there a mathematical point were some of both is worth investing (or all three if tracking can be lowered.)
Generally stated it's tactics > arms lore > SDI skills (forensics, tracking, camping etc) > anatomy for PvM... though anatomy will add 20% to your bandages, and lends to PvP damage not against your SDi cap, so there are reasons to take it.

Depending on your build, forensics/tracking may make more sense than arms lore, for instance - a bard dexxer, as both add to your barding skills - though most run templates that fit tracking or forensics + arms lore to max damage, over running both forensics+tracking.