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Orion Client Feedback (For Jaedan)

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Latest version should be here:
>>> https://github.com/jaedan/OrionUO/releases <<<

  • The font size of speech seems a bit smaller somehow than regular UO. Maybe it is because it is using a different font than I am used to.
  • Would be nice with a small notification when your zoom level has returned to normal 100% even though it kinda shows.
  • In general I'm not sure what I think of the mix between having options in the UO client and in the Orion client. I would probably prefer to have all the new options in the Orion client if possible.
  • Drawing character status (i.e. the HP and stuff).
    • I want the option to draw it both above and below the player, with the above % only showing up when changes occur (i.e. it shows for 3 seconds after a creature takes damage).
  • A border/red line (where you can adjust opacity) that will show the update range so you know how big part of your map is outside of the update range.
    • Alternatively an option that the area of the map that is outside of the update range can be colored in grayscale, so you can still see it but it will not be colored.
  • A marker for party members on the zoomed out map, i.e. some red blobs or something graphically represented - since you actually know their location.
  • When using a macro I want to be able to optionally show an in game system message notification about the macro that was played, it would look something like "Playing "Equip Katana"" etc.
  • Regarding the hotkeys I want to be able to divide them into certain groups and to optionally disable certain groups one by one. What I mean by this is that, for example, I usually bind all my spell hotkeys to regular characters used for typing (qwerty, etc). I would like to be able to disable only my spell hotkeys, and not disable all hotkeys globally.
  • I want to be able to bind toggle Circle of Transparency to a hotkey.
  • More Music Options:
    • Play only once (only play music when entering a town for example).
    • Default music list (a list of music that will play whenever nothing has been prompted by the game, for example after the initial town music has played it can go back to a list of your preselected music).
    • Option to NOT play combat music. For some reason when I turned it off in the options it just started playing some different kind of combat music.
  • I want to be able to bind No Draw Roofs as well as No Trees to a key to be able to toggle it on and off faster.
  • Didnt find a way to remove only one item from a Dress Set.
  • In-game UO Macros that I think should be there from the start:
    • ALT+J = Open Journal
    • ALT+R= Open Overview (in game map)
    • CTRL+B = Bow
    • CTRL+S = Salute
  • In macros I want:
    • Record from here button (to start recording in the middle of an existing macro).
    • Warnings if you are about to delete something
    • I want to be able to register hotkey presses when recording macros. For example when I press my button for "Last Target", I want it to be registered as Last Target when recording a macro. In the same way I want the ability, while recording a macro, to issue a certain command (only for recording purposes), so I want to for example be able to just issue a Last Target command once in order to have it registrered in the macro recording. Providing a picture below of the button (Execute Selected) that does this from razor for clarity



  • Above is a picture of the options and more options menu from Razor. I would like to highlight some essential features and some very good features.
  • Queue LastTarget and TargetSelf
    • This is in my opinion an absolutely essential part of the targeting system. It allows you to click LastTarget before a spell has been cast, and to have it cast the spell onto the target once the casting animation is finished.
  • Filter repeating system messages
    • Couldn't really find this in Orion. It is useful when you for example hold down a key to cast a spell, or when snooping, or anything else that generates a lot of system messages. The extra quality of this feature in Razor is that it will display how many of the system messages have been filtered out, just to give you some more idea of what is going on behind the scenes. For example it will look like "You are already casting a spell [10]", where 10 is the amount of system messages that it filtered out.
  • Object delay.
    • Being able to chose the object delay is essential. I'm not sure how to explain what it is, but I assume you already know. It means for example that you will not mess yourself up by queueing up many disarm/arm macros when PvPing. It means that something that requires an object action is only executed properly if there is no current object action going on. With object delay set to 0, for example, item organizers won't work.
  • Use smart last target
    • I don't use this in Razor, but I really should. It's a great feature that should be implemented in Orion. It divides the Last Target into Enemy/Friend. It means that you can use your Last Target macro to cast both healing spells and harmful spells, but it will hit two different targets. Healing spells will be cast onto the last target you targeted with a beneficial action, and harmful spells will be cast onto the last target you targeted with a harmful action.
  • Auto Unequip hands before casting
    • I couldn't find this in Orion either. It's very much a quality of life thing to have this as a seperate option and not have to bind this into every one of your spell hotkeys/macros.
  • Auto Un/Re-equip hands for potions
    • This is the same as above.

  • Above is the Agents tab in Razor.
  • Organizer
    • Couldn't find this in Orion. The organizer is very useful. It will organize the objects listed in the right big white box into a bag of your choice. It means you can easily sort items or easily put items into a certain bag of your choice.
  • Also in the same tab (not shown) is the Scavenger:
    • Allows you to pick up items automatically that are within range. Useful for picking up arrows and such that are on the ground.
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lots of this can simply be scripted, like smart last target for example, or unequipping before pots. but sure, would be nice to see an option for that.

one thing i'd like to mention is highlighting the current target, for example by coloring the target in red or whatever color, like razor does.
my current issue with orion is that it feels kinda slow. i am having a hard time to disrupt multiple gheals with orion and on steam it feels much easier.


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I am closing this thread since Jaedan is working on ClassicUO which will have some features similar to Steam.
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