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Outland specific Implementations

What would you guys like to see added to ClassicUO that is Outlands Specific?

At present Owyn has me discord banned so forums will be the best way to deliever ideas or goto the CUO discors and tag me.
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Just to get people some ideas what we talked about: Something along the lines of "-where" telling you where you are (not just coords) and maybe being able to report that to party / guild / alliance (like it says: Ossuary lvl 2, or east of Horseshoe (gets the direction from closest town or dungeon ))
I pushed my custom health bars today:

Other ideas that me and Gaechti have discussed were replacing (client-side) spell animation colors/frame usage - this would mimic the lightning effect essentially, just making it look smoother in a general sense, color changes would need to be discussed but for example (your offensive debuffs - weaken, clumsy, feeble could all have their own hue animation so you could recognize what you're being hit with on the go by just looking at your character)
-Removing the health bar line from under your own player(this seems to only be supported by Yu the Hag currently but I've already made this, so it can potentially be added with an option to turn it on/off)
-Gaechti had a nice idea with your own characters Aura, having it change colors based upon your life (like blue at full hp, then goes yellow, orange, red the lower your hp goes)
-Organize bars by Notoriety/Party
-Option to have a hotkey to clear all health bars from screen (option to exclude by type) instead of all gumps (which clears all gumps; health bars, paperdolls, backpacks, etc) **Stalli has created a closeallbars macro - so this idea may be added onto or left alone - would need feedback
New concepts
-Spell range tile aura(toggleable)
-Placing roxya range indicator in a movable box so you can keep it in the blackpart od the screen instead of on screen.
I'd like to get your opinion on some stuff I coded before submitting a request.
Not everyone probably like some of the changes, but I think they would be a great enhancement of the client.
Please leave a feedback and we can all openly discuss wheter a feature should be implemented or not.
I gladly adjust the request accordingly.

I made a small video demonstrating those features :
-New menu for "mods", most but experimental are full already
-Moved treehack / no roofs / no vegetation / cavetile into it
-Colorable footsteps from stealth. Dytub colors and some "neon" ones
-Colorable energy bolt. Dyetub colors and some "neon" ones
-Neon colors: white, pink, ice, fire
-Change art of Gold to prevcoin or skillball. Colorable
-Treehack changes: now chooseable to have stump or a tile. Tile also colorable
-Blockers: Turns some bushes into stumps with axe, and some small rocks into big ones. Or to a tile. Tile also colorable. (same as my mul patch)
-Highlight tiles at a choosable range (1-20 tiles). This is very useful for ppl to see spellrange, teleport range, archery range. Toggleable with a hotkey macro.
Surprisingly color not changeable, but that would be easy to make

They're all mods already being used through mul patcher manipulation which has been around since Gaetchi opened his website and Ace Mason made pink neon footsteps. What is cheaty is being able to target close on a server that has disabled the feature but teproduced through steam scripts.
I hate, despise, and abhor what the game has come to, with all the art mods to make things easier, destroying the look and feel of Avadon (for the specific user)... with that said, this puts everyone on an even playing ground if they chose, and it's already out there, it's really hard to see why we wouldn't want to have it in the client directly.

That tile range mod is sick, just the thought of being able to use it to skirt mage damage is awful - there was a fine art to doing that by feel...
There was a little setback as issues were found. Most of them are fixed but need some testing and then be submitted to classicUO dev as change request. After that it's Karasho who needs to approve it.

I would say give it a week or two
I think it's a good thing to add the "cheaty" options. The only reason I don't use them is I'm stubborn and just lazy enough to not bother. I know others use things like pink footsteps (or flags) and it bugs me. Being able to use that option in the client would even the playing field a bit and take away that annoyance.
Custom Health Bars are on the latest classicuo dev build. AutoOpenSecretDoors and ObjectInfo are currently in pr's. KaRaShO is also working on getting animations displayed correctly. Gaetchi has a PR fot the client that will essentially be a better approach to handling art mods.