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PATCH Patch Notes for June 04, 2019


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Patch Notes

  • Scissor usage has been enabled again

Magic Wizards Hat
  • Magic Wizards Hats now take 6 Cloth to craft and 4 Blank Scrolls
  • Magic Wizards Hats should now return 6 Cloth when recycled

Shimmer Lunar Items
  • Additional Shimmer Lunar items have been added to the Prevalia Market (Backpack Dye, Facial Hair Dye, Hair Dye, Furniture Dye, Headwear Dye, Runebook Dye, Shield Dye, Lantern)
  • In the future, each Limited Edition Cloth will be accompanied by these items of the same hue in the Prevalia Market
  • Limited Edition Cloth that has already been issued in the past (such as Shimmer Periwinkle) will likely have these items (but not the cloth) introduced for purchase on the anniversary of when the cloth was initially issued

Interior Decorator
  • The Interior Decorator tool has been redesigned and now allows for X / Y movement of items
  • Players can only moved Locked Down / Secured objects, and cannot move them to tiles currently occupied by creatures/players
  • Movement of items with the Interior Decorator requires the destination location to have a Line of Sight to the original location

Distribution Chest
  • Players can now activate the Distribution Chest gump window while the chest is Locked Down or Secured

Loremaster Achievements and Server Rank
  • Fixed an issue whith Loremaster Achievements being triggered for normal treasure maps
  • Loremaster Achievements and Server Rank have been reset for players and reissued based on the number of Lore Books completed for each player

Creature Releasing
  • Players can now release individual creatures by saying their name + release, such as "albert release"

Shrine Corruption
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Ankhs not to distribute and damage tracking results to display incorrectly

  • Players can no longer attempt to trade with another player if either one is hidden (this was causing some client crashing and other issues)
Thank you Luthius... do magic wizard hats give any stat or skill bonus on this server? I literally never equipped one since I started here...