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PATCH Patch Notes for May 23, 2019


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Patch Notes

Progressive Save Timers
  • Server Saves will now occur at every 10 Minutes + 1 Minute for each consecutive days of server uptime (no crashes/patches)
  • For instance, if the server has been online for 5 days without crashing/patching, server saves will be occuring every 15 minutes

Lift Delays
  • Performing a Lift Action (lifting an item) will no longer create a delay for players to Use an item

Disarm / Hamstring
  • Fixed some issues that may have been causing some players to have their Disarm / Hamstring "untoggled" after various intervals (requiring them to re-toggle it back on)
  • Players who have Hamstring or Disarm set to automatically untoggle will now receive "You may now attempt to Hamstring/Disarm your opponent" messages after swing attempts

Shrine Corruption
  • Each Shrine Corruption Wave creature is now "released" from their summoning portal and appears after a random duration (3-30 seconds)
  • Shrine Corruption Waves now have more creatures per wave (since creature arrival is now randomized / staggered)
  • Volcanic Elemental difficulty has been increased

  • Fixed an issue where Custodians were appearing during Summoned Bosses
  • Custodians will now remove any Ghost Players they come across and teleport them to the dungeon entrance

  • Hit Points for Bosses (but not Mini-Bosses) have been increased significantly (again!)

Lore Bosses
  • Dramatically increased the difficulty of Lore Bosses summoned from Lore Tomes (Flamekeeper, Echo of a Lost Age, Broodbearer)

Daemon Keep
  • Rift Cultists, Rift Footman, Rift Warrior, Rift Lesser Daemon, and Rift Daemon have all been increased in difficulty
  • Omni Rune drop rates for creatures at Daemon Keep have been moderately reduced

Mountless Regions
  • Fixed an issue where players could summon Mount Tokens in certain Mountless areas (although they would be dismissed as soon as the player moved)

Tamed Creatures
  • Whenever a player or tamed/summoned creature performs a harmful action to another player's tamed/summoned creatures, it will flag them (and their pets) as grey to the victim for the next 2 minutes (this is a safety check to ensure players can fight back against players doing harmful actions to their pets)
  • Tamed/Summoned creatures that have been Pacified with Peacemaking are no longer frozen, and instead may use the following commands: Come, Follow, Stop, Move
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Mender trait to not grant the full healing bonus to pets
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Healing Rune to not grant the full healing bonus to pets
  • Phoenix PvP Damage Scalar has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.4
  • Tamed Creature Bleed effects against players now are spread out across 30 seconds (rather than 15) to lower their impact in PvP

Loot Drops
  • Increased the chance that Treasure Maps will "upgrade" to higher levels when dropped as loot
  • Increased the chance that will Magic Weapons, Magic Armor, Magic Spellbooks, and Magical Instruments upgrade to higher levels when dropped as loot

Server Rankings
  • Monster Shuffle Winnings should now show up on the Server Rankings page

Wilderness Spawns
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause wildlife to spawn in player's houses

Creature Abilities
  • Tribal Shaman's special ability will no longer damage targets it does not have LOS to
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Spell Scrolls
  • Casting a spell off a scroll will now effectively increase the player's Magery by 20 both for casting success chance (currently in place) as well as for damage scaling (newly added)
So training magery with scrolls is nerfed?

edit: from discord "
11:06 PM]Luthius:
No, the only thing that code changed was just damage scaling if you were somewhere between 80-99.9 magery and then using a scroll really"
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Why phoenix? You want make tamers weaker and weaker in pvp? How to defence yourself now? I have spend 5 months to train 120 taming and bought a phoenix for 500k for that? To be a peace of meat for PK
you know the meaning of 'at least 4'

4 or more
Yes, I'm now awaiting your list of 4 or more skills you have dedicated to pets...

Taming, lore, vet... and if you go beyond this and say herding, you are a glass cannon build and should never expect to fight any PK's with your build.

Your problem isn't the tweak to your phoenix, it's because you aren't spec'd for PvP...

@Daevorn @bruhh