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PATCH Patch Notes for October 3, 2019


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Patch Notes

  • Poker has been re-enabled at the Prevalia Casino with a large number of mechanical fixes

Shrine Corruptions
  • There will now be two Shrine Corruption events occuring per day, with one in the morning (randomly between 0-12 hours) and one in the evening (randomly between 12-24 hours) with a 4 hour gap minimum between them

Weaken Spell
  • Fixed an issue where the Weaken Spell was not properly causing interrupts in PvP

Castle Sieges
  • Created Castle Siege Flags that will spawn during Castle Sieges
  • Players can double-click a Siege Flag up to 24 tiles away to flag themselves as participating in a Castle Siege (provided they are in a guild and also have 'Participate in PvP Events' toggled in their guild settings)
  • Fixed several issues related to players not being removed from castles after losing an event or the winning guild unable to access the castle aftewards
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes could not double-click the castle gates during a siege

  • Players with 100 Healing and at least 80 Anatomy will always have 100% chance to resurrect their target with bandages

Stealth Footsteps
  • Updated the hue of Stealth Footsteps to (1857)

  • Vendors will now refresh their inventory randomly between 45-75 minutes (previously was alwasy 60 minutes)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Vendors and Battle Trainers on server reboot to respawn (and therefore have new names/serials)

PvP Event Results (Battle Page)
  • Fixed several issues that were causing Seasonal Results for PvP events to not track correctly in the Battle Page
  • Fixed several issues where players changing Event Types or Filter modes in the Battle Page wouldnt display the correct results type

Global War
  • Fixed an issue where Global War kills were not tracking points correctly
  • All players now begin with 25 Points in the Global War system (existing characters will also immediately receive 25 points)
  • Players will now earn 1 Global War point if both players involved have 0 score

Corpse Creek Contest
  • Any player who Recalls or uses a Player-Moongate will not qualify for Corpse Creek Contest zone control for the next 60 seconds

Fencing Weapons
  • Fixed an issue where Fencing Weapons couldn't be double-clicked to be equipped

  • Harpoons no longer have a limited number of uses
  • Harpoons should now work correctly for Stealth Backstabs

Guild Prestige
Prestige amounts granted to guilds for a number of systems have been overhauled as follows:

Lore Boss Kill (Highest Damage): 6 Prestige
Lore Boss Kill (2nd Highest Damage): 5 Prestige
Lore Boss Kill (3rd Highest Damage): 4 Prestige

Mini-Boss Kill (Highest Damage): 4 Prestige
Mini-Boss Kill (2nd Highest Damage): 3 Prestige
Mini-Boss Kill (3rd Highest Damage): 2 Prestige

Boss Kill (Highest Damage): 10 Prestige
Boss Kill (2nd Highest Damage): 8 Prestige
Boss Kill (3rd Highest Damage): 7 Prestige

Shrine Boss Kill (Highest Damage): 6 Prestige
Shrine Boss Kill (2nd Highest Damage): 5 Prestige
Shrine Boss Kill (3rd Highest Damage): 4 Prestige

Omni Boss Kill (Highest Damage): 50 Prestige
Omni Boss Kill (2nd Highest Damage): 25 Prestige
Omni Boss Kill (3rd Highest Damage): 10 Prestige

Server Event Boss Kill (Highest Damage): 75 Prestige
Server Event Boss Kill (2nd Highest Damage): 50 Prestige
Server Event Boss Kill (3rd Highest Damage): 25 Prestige

Town Struggle Victory: 2 Prestige
Town Struggle Defeat: 1 Prestige

Corpse Creek Contest 1st Place: 2 Prestige
Corpse Creek Contest 2nd Place: 1 Prestige

Dungeon Flashpoint 1st Place: 2 Prestige
Dungeon Flashpoint 2nd Place: 1 Prestige

Castle Siege 1st Place: 2 Prestige
Castle Siege 2nd Place: 1 Prestige

Society Job Guild Prestige
Players now earn Prestige for their guild with completion of Society Jobs as follows (with "Active Players in Guild" referring to all players in the guild in the last 30 days who have completed either an Achievement or Society Job):

Points Earned = (2 / Active Players in Guild) * (Job Reward Points / 7)
Players will always earn a minimum of 0.2 Prestige points for their guild regardless of guild size or Society Reward Points for the job completed

Town Struggles
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Town Struggle configurations had a respawn zone inside of a Castle Siege region (it has now been change to Central Smith)

  • The Campfire Comfort bonus duration has been extended to 3 hours (previously was 20 minutes)

Bard AoE Song Buffs
  • Barding AoE Song Buffs durations have been extended to 15 minutes (previously was 5 minutes)

Forensic Eval
  • The Forensic Eval Slayer bonus has been reduced to 3 hours (previously was 12 hours)

Disguise Kits
  • Players who log out or are disconnected while wearing a Disguise Kit will have their name reverted to their normal name, and then returned to their disguised name when logging back in (this should prevent an issue where some UO Assistants tools would create a new profile for the player after detecting a "new name" for the character)

Polymorph Customizations
  • All players who have purchased the Changeling or Shapeshifter Customizations (which affects the Polymorph spell) have had their Customization removed and gold refunded (gold is deposited onto whichever character on their account currently has the most gold)
  • Players may still purchase the Changeling or Shapeshifter Customizations; the reason for the refund was a number of players purchased these Customizations back when polymorph persisted through PvP and bought it purely for that purpose

Player Customizations

Four new Player Customizations have been added (accessible via Paperdoll -> Help -> Customizations -> Enhancements)

Stable Genius
Increases Stable Slots for all characters on account by 30 (cumulative)

Increases Stable Slots for all characters on account by 40 (cumulative)

Social Network
Increases the total number of Society Jobs that may be completed each week by 2 (cumulative)

High Society
Increases the total number of Society Jobs that may be completed each week by 3 (cumulative)

Boss Results
  • Boss Results will automatically update at the start of every day (as well as upon normal handling for Boss deaths)

  • Fixed a typo in the Skill Mastery Orb results text
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Thanks for all the work and effort you guys put into coding, and sifting through all of our constant bitching for this and that!


Awesome update. Thanks for the disguise kit fix. That was annoying having to re-do settings with every new kit. It did however make me really not want die..