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PATCH Patch Notes for September 8, 2021


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World Map
  • Fixed an issue that was causing players in ships not to be able to reach certain ocean areas of the map added by the Expansion (blockers were in place)
  • Overworld creature spawns (wilderness) should now be spawning in the Expansion Region areas
  • Added a number of Ship and Fishing Spot Spawners to the Ocean in the Expansion Region
  • Fixed the Atlas location for Anchor's Rest

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Achievements to not track (display updates in game) correctly)
  • Achievements have been added for Shadowspire Slayer (Slaying), Brewing (Vice), Curator (Luxury), Caravanner (Adventure), and Professional (Crafting)

Shepherd's Crook / Herding
  • Fixed an issue where player's weren't getting the correct damage bonus for Herding + Shepherd's Crooks (Magic/Crafted Properties)

  • Fixed an issue where players were not getting the damage bonus for Disarming creatures

  • Chivalry now counts as a skill that contributes towards players being able to make Hamstring attempts
  • Players can now use a number of commands to turn/off "Auto-Renew" handling for abilities such as [RemoveCurseAutoRenew or [Chivalry1AutoRenew
  • Auto-Renew toggled abilities for Chivalry will not automatically fire off if the player is currently Hidden
  • Players can view the list of commands for these under Paperdoll -> Help -> Commands -> Chivalry Tab


  • Players can now use a number of commands to turn/off "Auto-Renew" handling for abilities such as [WitherAutoRenew or [Necromancy1AutoRenew
  • Auto-Renew toggled abilities for Necromancy will not automatically fire off if the player is currently Hidden
  • Players can view the list of commands for these under Paperdoll -> Help -> Commands -> Necromancy Tab
  • Fixed an issue where players having Necromancy skill was not providing them the correct damage in PvP for spells

Codex Hotbar
  • Players now have access to a Codex Hotbar that will let them switch between different Weapon / Parry Codexes and activate Stances/Finishers
  • Players can launch the Codex Hotbat by typing [CodexHotbar

  • Wrestling Stances in the Codex Hotbar have checkboxes next to each which will allow a player to choose whether or not to AutoRenew the stance, which will attempt to automatically reactivate that stance 10 seconds after activating it (in order for the player to try to continously gain the benefit from the "Wrestling Adoption Stance" bonus that occurs for the first 10 seconds of activating a Wrestling Stance)

Players can use the following commands to change the AutoRenew toggle for Wrestling Stances in the Codex Hotbar:
  • [WrestlingStance1AutoRenew
  • [WrestlingStance2AutoRenew
  • [WrestlingStance3AutoRenew
  • [WrestlingStance4AutoRenew
  • [Wrestlin5Stance5AutoRenew

  • Wrestling now counts as a Codex skill for determining a player's Max Rank for Weapon/Parrying Codex Stances/Finishers
  • Fixed an issue where unarmed wrestling (without Martial Manual) was doing the wrong animation

Martial Manuals
  • Fixed an issue where players wielding Martial Manuals were not getting the damage bonus from having Inscription
  • Players should now be able to craft regular (non-hued) Martial Manuals via Inscription
  • Martial Manuals should now be recyclable
  • Martial Manuals should now work within Storage Shelves
  • Players can now buy basic Martial Manuals on Scribe NPCs

  • Fixed an issue where Eldritch Mana Wells were not providing mana to players
  • If a player triggers an Aspect Weapon/Spell Special (proc) they must wait 30 seconds before switching their Aspect Weapon, Spellbook, or Armor to another Aspect
  • Fixed an issue where Artisan Aspect Weapon/Spell Specials (proc) bonuses were not applying correctly in many cases to players (was incorrectly only applying if they were also wearing Artisan Armor)
  • Buff effects on players that were created by Aspect Weapon/Spell Special (proc) triggers, such as Artisan "Fortify" or Command "Inspiration", will only apply to a player (and their followers if applicable) so long as the person who initially created the buff is still wearing an Aspect Weapon or Spellbook of that Aspect (i.e. if you proc Command and switch to Fire Weapon, you will not receive the Command buff until you switch back to Command Weapon/Spellbook)

  • Fixed a large number of missing bonuses for various stats/skills in the [Stats Player Profile page (such as Backstab Mastery Chain Bonuses)

Crafting Queue
  • Players can now launch their Crafting Queues by typing [CQ in addition to [CraftQueue and [CraftingQueue

  • Fixed an issue where Brewing Kettles and Brewing Casks were not able to be accessed while locked down in houses

Aspect Items
  • Fixed a number of missing new Aspect Items from crafting systems, such as new Aspect Distillations, Aspect Spell Foci, and Death Aspect Lanterns

Guild Prestige Unlocks
  • We have removed the "Banker Deed" option from the new Guild Prestige Unlocks system and will be automatically refunding any prestige spent by guilds on them

House Boats
  • Fixed an issue where Two-Story Shingled Houseboats when placed in Anchor's Rest could potentially clip walkways
  • Fixed an issue where Floating Villa and Floating Retreat Houseboats could be placed on land
  • Fixed the offset location for place of Floating VIlla and Floating Retreat Houseboats outside of Anchor's Rest
  • Fixed an issue where using Eject/Kick/Ban on houseboats would sometimes place players in blocked locations

Mount Breeding
  • Fixed an issue that was causing mounts created by the Mount Breeding system to not be deleted when released by players

Public Moongates and Sacred Journey Gates
  • Fixed an issue where players using some Moongates or using a Sacred Journey Gate inside a Rental Room would teleport players to the wrong "Map" (i.e. Malas)

Pull Followers
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing players to use the [PullFollowers mechanic without any cooldown (should be 5 minute cooldown)
  • Fixed an issue where a player using [PullFollowers to pull followers on or off ships was not property setting their "ShipOccupied" flagging

Arcane Runes
  • Fixed an issue where Arcane Runes weren't showing up with the correct hue

  • Players who demolish a house will not be subject to the 60 second house deed placement restriction that players incur when Recalling/Gating/Hiking (mechanic was intended to curb players recalling/gating and instantly placing deeds at IDOC locations)

Slayer Items
  • Fixed a display issue for Shadowspire Cathedral slayer weapons/spellbooks/etc

  • Custodians have now been spawned and given patrol routes for Shadowspire Cathedral Mini-Boss and Boss rooms
  • Fixed a display issue for [BossResults for Shadowspire Mini-Boss and Boss
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Minions spawned by Shadowspire Cathedral Mini-Boss and Boss were tamable

  • Fixed an issue where Treasure Map and Resource Maps would unintentionally drop as loot in the New Player Dungeon

Murder Restrictions
  • Murderers who die in a Contested Boss room should not experience any Dungeon Restrictions for that dungeon

Hidden and Squelched
  • Players who are Hidden and Squelched temporarily due to monster abilites (such as Petrification) will no longer be able to still make Melee Weapon swings

Passive Taming and Echoes
  • Each Echo a player has will now behind the scenes track how much Passive Taming Remainig a player has, and switching between different echoes will set the player's Passive Taming Remaining to be what they had last time they used that echo (allowing players to work on 50 Taming characters without messing with the Passive Taming Remaining of their 110 Taming echo)

Test Shard (only affects test shard)
  • Players should now be able to create cloth/items in the newly added Expansion Hues
  • Shadowspire Cathedral Dungeon Tameable creatures (Mephits, Corrupted Hornbeasts, Gravebugs) should now be creatable using the Player Editor Statue
  • Players should be able to demolish houses in the Expansion Region during the 30 expansion region
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is chivalry what causes my player to randomly punch at banks maybe when perks activate on loop?

awesome patch thanks!


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Updated notes on Chivalry: Chivalry now counts as a skill that works towards Hamstring (not Disarm, as previously listed)


Lots of good stuff, but this is not even close to what pvpers and reds are asking for. Not getting statted in contested boss room? This does literally nothing. Everyone is grey in there anyway so why would we bring reds? There’s 50 ppl farming every dungeon why are you so scared to allow there be some blue risk of dying while farming top tier content?