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Patch troubleshooting collection


Collection of support feedback: this needs to be cleaned up =)

Latest UOO installer: (right click > properties and UNBLOCK before installing)

- also try deleting your UOO launcher (from UOO directory), downloading the new launcher (unblock it!) then replace the launcher in the UOO folder.

The Outlands Launcher "Options" Menu Patch server and Port#:
patch.uooutlands.com 4594

If issues persist run UOO as admin (right click > run as administator), then VERIFY and PATCH if applicable.

Additional Utilities:
.net runtime 4.8:


c++ x64:

Complete Download of UOO (Slow connections/download or patch issues):
Owyn has uploaded a new, complete and up to date version of the shard for anyone who needs a faster mirror:

I'd recommend you first start your installation with the launcher, then stop it and unzip this file (right click > properties and UNBLOCK before UNZIP if applicable) into your chosen Outlands directory, and then run your launcher again.
This will ensure you are up to date.
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