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POKER --- Changes Needed


These are de facto standards for Texas Hold'em Poker players expect at any card room, casino, or online.

# Players
  • 9 Players per table is the standard ... aka "Full Ring"
  • 6 Players per table is also popular ... aka "Shorthanded" "6-max"
  • Anything less than 6 players is rarely (if ever) offered or played other than possibly an informal non-raked house game with your buddies.
The gump is more than large enough, you need to reduce the size of other players/cards.
The players own cards can stay large like it is now, it will all fit.

6-9 Players offers the best mix and balance amongst strangers of aggressive and passive playstyles.
It ensures there is enough money on the table to make it worthwhile for everyone involved.
And with more opponents to compete against, the table is protected against being steamrolled by a hyper-aggressive player and makes collusion by 2-3 players hard to pull off .

Extremely shorthanded games (3-5 players) are generally not well balanced games and it's why you won't find poker rooms offering it.

Game Formats

There are two game formats players expect to play that account for the overwhelming vast majority of Texas Hold'em games played worldwide:
  • Cash Games
  • Sit-n-go's
While I really like that you can setup your own table and define your own settings, it has a major flaw:
... Neither of these two formats are truely offered/enforced.

Instead a weird hybrid of both games is played out, undermining what each of the two game formats are intended for.

Below is generally how each of these game formats must be setup and played:

Cash Games
  • Join whenever you want / Leave whenever you want
  • Games never start / Games never end
    • So long as atleast 2 players are seated at a table with chips... play continues.
  • Fixed Blinds, always.
    • Example: 1K Small Blind / 2K Big Blind
  • When you join the table, you may choose to buy-in for any amount between the table Min & Max buy-in setting.
    • Example: 50K Min / 250K Max
    • Min & Max buy-in are set in line with blind amounts, with a typical player buying in with "100 Big Blinds" to start.
  • At any time before the start of the next hand, you may re-buy or re-add additional chips to your stack so long as it does not exceed the table Max buy-in.
    • You may of course accumulate more chips than the table Max buy-in through the course of play.
    • Player are not eliminated after losing all their chips if they choose to re-buy.
  • At any time after a hand completes, you may cash-out and leave the table with your current chip count.
    • Example: I could sit down with 100K, play literally 1 hand and win 100K, and then immediately cash out for 200K
  • All players join at the same time / Leaving is only possible by elimination, forfeit, or winning it all.
  • Games start / Games end
    • All games continue play until only 1 player is left with all the chips, the "winner"
  • Progressive Blind Structure, always.
    • Blinds go up after a time duration, not by # of players remaining.
    • Level 1: Time 0:00 --- 250 Small Blind / 500 Big Blind
    • Level 2: Time 0:05 --- 500 Small Blind / 1000 Big Blind
    • Level 3: Time 0:10 --- 750 Small Blind / 1500 Big Blind
    • Level 4: Time 0:15 --- 1000 Small Blind / 2000 Big Blind
    • Level 5: Time 0:20 --- 1500 Small Blind / 3000 Big Blind
    • Level 6: Time 0:25 --- 2000 Small Blind / 4000 Big Blind
    • Level 7: Time 0:30 --- 2500 Small Blind / 5000 Big Blind
    • Level 8: Time 0:35 --- 3500 Small Blind / 7000 Big Blind
    • Level 9: Time 0:40 --- 4500 Small Blind / 9000 Big Blind
    • Level 10: Time 0:45 --- 5500 Small Blind / 1100 Big Blind
    • ...and so forth
  • When you join the table, everyone buys in for the same amount.
    • Example: 50K
    • Blind structures and amounts are set accordingly, with all players starting a typical sit-n-go with "100 Big Blinds"
  • You may not re-buy or re-add
    • Players are eliminated when they lose all their chips
  • You may not cash-out or leave the table with your chips unless you are the ultimate final winner
    • If you leave early, your are forfeiting and will lose all your chips (technically for gameplay your chips remain on the table but are slowly "blinded out")
    • The only player who cashes out is the winning last player (with all the chips)
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Good video to skim through showing layout, options, mechanics, pace of an online session on Pokerstars (back when that was a thing).

List of Changes / Improvements:

  • Allow "full ring" 7-9 player games
  • Allow "6max" 6 player games
  • True "Cash Games"
    • Fixed blinds
    • Min/max buy-in range ("50 big blinds" up to "250 big blinds")
    • Re-buy / re-add "top off" stack at any time
    • No "start" / no "end" required, play continues as long as 2 players are at the table
    • Join anytime / leave anytime
    • Rake is taken per pot and capped
  • True "Sit-n-Go's"
    • Progressive blinds (using a standard time duration blind structure, not... by # players left & %)
    • Fixed buy-in ("100 big blinds")
    • No re-buy / no re-add (for a standard Sit-n-Go experience)
    • Game starts for everyone at same time / ends with 1 winning player
    • Cannot leave early without forfeiting chips or being eliminated
    • Rake is taken only at start of game and never raked again
  • The rake needs to be capped at a fixed amount, this is standard procedure in any card room. 10% no matter what is simply too high for large pot sizes.
  • The amount raked should be clearly communicated to players on every pot.
  • Option to Muck or Show winning hand in all uncontested pots (everyone else folded)
  • Option to Muck or Show losing hand during showdown (if you were not called by another player)
  • Option to Muck or Show folding hand if you are last player to fold to the winner even if it's not a showdown
  • The only time a player is forced to show their hand is if they were called by an opposing player during a showdown. In this case they may NOT muck their hand if it is a losing hand, and the player that called CAN muck their hand if it is a losing hand. Advantage goes to the caller.
  • Posting Blinds to start a hand should be instant
  • Showdowns to end a hand should be instant
  • Action to you / its your turn should be instant
  • Basically all unnecessary downtime/waiting to advance play should be eliminated and made instant.
  • Timeout for players to act should be 30seconds
  • If player times out but they only need to "check", it should auto check for them.
  • All in button
  • Autocheck button
  • Autofold button
  • Input box to type in bet size
  • Current bet should be represented as chips in front of the players cards/position on the table
  • Wording of "Current Bet" and its position currently in front of you on the table is a bit confusing.
  • Pot total closer to middle of table
  • Reduce size of cards for opponents
  • Shrink size of community board cards
  • "Large" blind should be called "Big" blind
  • Small & Big blind represented with chips instead of just text
  • Dealer button that moves around the table to indicate who is the dealer position
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