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Proposed Ship Updates (Not Implemented on Live OR Test Shard Yet)


This is always going to come back to the extreme disparity between the builds.

- PVM boat has 0 chance of escape using skill unless the pvp boat messes up or unless you catch them on glass ahead of time and run.
- Speed build can indefinitely hold / engage any boat it wants to until it wins or dies or chooses to back off or escape
- Those same pvp speed builds then criticize dry docking as an escape tactic for a fight they dont want to take (Im not pvp but Im also not blind)

under a lot of the proposed changes as a solo pvm boater I will now be extra slow, blind, still not able to escape a speed build and now also likely to be murdered by a galleon and will have my fittings damaged permanently.

I understand the concept, but I don't think removal of spyglass is necessary. As many have mentioned, making players trackable once they are on-screen or have engaged in combat is an option, or with the removal of Civ/Pirate, use that toggle option to toggle ON/OFF PvP? Anyone with PvP on can be tracked, those with PvM cannot be unless within a certain range? (make the range 15 tiles for example) . this way those that want to PvP can still track each other when flagged. Make it so that you CANNOT change your status once the ship is launched.

Civilian/Pirate Flagging
Proposed Change

  • Remove Civilian and Pirate Flagging entirely and remove the Ransom mechanic from Salvage Handling for ship PvP (i.e. players can't lose upgrades from being sunk)
This could be re-tweaked. I don't think that PvP mechanics shouldn't be hindered by not receiving items. Yes, you will received whatever loot that person has found but keep the upgrade portion in it, but change the way they drop? Drop the percent of the drop to equal "rare" or "special" loot drop? But with this, the availability of upgrade drops as loot needs to be increased, which I feel in turn with change the pricing of upgrades. The largest barrier I feel is the entry cost vs the quality of the majority of upgrades.

Upgrade Break Meter
Proposed Change

  • Have each Ship Upgrade have a "Break Meter" that increases each time the ship it is installed on sinks (+5% Breakage per sinking), and when an Upgrade reaches 100% breakage, it is considered "Broken" and only provides 50% of the normal bonuses / damage / effects
  • Players will be able to see the "Break Meter" of each Upgrade as a progress bar below its entry in the Ship Upgrades Page (or when single clicking a Ship Upgrade Deed that is not installed)
I really like this idea. The only thing would be a way to repair the upgrades. If you want a "sink" so to speak of upgrades, make it so each upgrade can only be repaired a certain number of times and each repair is only 80% of total? That way you can't repair upgrades forever and will still need to replace at some point? This can help circulate more upgrades around, and also help bring the prices down? Maybe?

Doubloon Costs
Proposed Change

  • Reduce the Registration Costs of Carracks to 125,000 Doubloons (previously was 250,000)
  • Reduce the Registration Costs of Galleons to 250,000 Doubloons (previously was 1,000,000)
  • Reduce the Upgrade Cost Multiplier of Large Ships to 3x (previously was 5x)
  • Reduce the Upgrade Cost Multiplier of Carracks to 4x (previously was 10x)
  • Reduce the Upgrade Cost Multiplier of Galleons to 5x (previously was 20x)
This is a great addition!

Ship Speeds
Proposed Change

  • Reduce the amount of Speed Bonus granted from all sources of Ship Speed bonuses from the ships system by 50% of normal
I like the adjustment for speed, but 50% may be a bit too far of an adjustment. I have never used speed on a boat, but I know it is a very important stat for PvP and even trying to get away from an attacker. We don't really have an equivalent to compare it to on land so I don't know what numbers would be more accurate tbh but 50% seems like too large of a decrease.


Just imho. Am not part of a zerg guild. Farm 10M+ doubloons a season solo.

Tracking/Spyglasses ⛔ Is not an issue currently.
Civilian/Pirate Flagging ⛔ Keep current flags, make them changeable only upon launching.
Upgrade Break Meter ⛔ Can be added as an addition, but current ransom mechanic adds some extra danger for going pirate - risk/reward. Would like to keep it in some form.
Doubloon Costs ✅ Awesome. All for it.
Ship Speeds ✅ Can be done, but still don’t think that will sway people in direction of less speed.

Side note, current exp gain (other than chain exp) is absolute trash on ocean. Also wouldn’t mind more gold from npcs and removal of super low gold npc (fisherman, tradesman, merchants, etc. just put all the gold in hull). As Alpha said, upgrade revamp is long overdue. Current pvp meta is icebreaker oneshot and you are boardable.
I would also maybe think on some fun pvm missions to complete - like sink pirate ship, orc ship and merchant ship in that exact order to unlock a specific reward. That would introduce some fun map exploration to you daily npc ship grind.

p.s. don’t think this will fix the zerg issue tbh.
p.s.s. Hi Owyn.
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I think the spyglass thing is a bad idea. I'm a PVM boater, and taking that out would make things harder not easier for me. PVM boats are already slow so avoidance is really the best strategy, if there are hostile boaters out.

I might not be understanding this, and while I agree something needs to be done about speed--this just amounts to a major nerf. I would suggest instead having a setup that each subsequent speed upgrade/crew provides diminishing returns. That will allow for more diversity in how people setup their boats. They will no longer be forced to run all speed crew. Like the first speed crew and upgrade is full value but then each subsequent one after that reduces the bonus by an additional 50%.

I know some will say this is an even worse nerf, but that's only if you don't switch out your crew to adapt to the new meta.

SHIP RAM mechanic
The underlying problem is not so much that people get blocked, but rather PVM ships are so easily trapped and sunk. I would recommend keeping the current ram mechanic the same, since you can use it in those circumstances, but maybe scale it depending on the size ship. The other thing I would do is this, if you're in combat with a ship, and they cut you off, then your ship automatically rams them, maybe even make the ship stuck for .5 seconds or whatever, and have it scale with respect to the ships relative sizes. I mean, if a small or medium gets in the way of a galleon at full sail it should do way more damage 35%, more like 60%. Also, if the ship is stunned a moment the galleon can do a sharp right turn, and unload a broadside.

The reason I recommend this is that it at least allows PVM'ers on big ships to make a fighting retreat. You could make this so that it only applies if the blocking ship isn't moving that way you don't have to worry about people playing dodgem cars on the ocean. Also, since this only applies to ships that you are in combat with, it can't be used to ram people unexpectedly.

I know this wasn't direct addressed in the post, but think it might be helpful, if it's a possibility. Could you make it so ships don't go from a dead stop to max speed in a single tile? Require the ships to get up to speed, as if getting under full sail? I think this would help combat, because the thing with small ships is they can go from full speed, then come to a complete stop, fire cannons, and then zip off before anyone can shoot them. I think it would be better, if they were required to either remain to full speed, and do strafing runs (reducing accuracy), or if they stop to get max, then it takes them a few tiles to get back up to full speed.

CIVILIAN/PIRATE + break meter + heat of battle
I don't like break meter, or not losing upgrades, but understand something needs to be changed. I recommend changing how someone is civilian, or pirate flagged. Anyone with less than let's say 5million doubloons farmed, (I just pulled that number out my head for the example, it could be higher or lower), they're automatically flagged civilian. Once you cross that threshold you're automatically flagged pirate.

Take away any loot differences between civilian and pirate flags. That would allow new players to get out on the water and risk very little. Maybe even make civilian salvagee time 10min or so, since then it won't be much different from getting pk'ed in a dungeon. After someone has gotten established, and been able to get some upgrades, and they become pirate flagged, and things work the same way they do now.

I realize this does not address the problem with boaters gettings zerged, and that's why I included heat of battle in this too. With damage reduction I would say, if a single boater gets attacked by 5 others; instead of having damage reduced by 60% you could reduce the attackers chances of getting an upgrade--say 20% per attacker so if a 5 ship zerg comes after you, you've got a 100% chance of not losing an upgrade. That will more effectively disincentivize zergs than the damage reduction. Also you could reduce the salvage by say half the chance of not losing an upgrade. That would put someone that got zerged out for 15min, which would probably be around how long it takes to requip.

This would solve the problem of zergs going out there in order to ensure nobody else was on the ocean, while they farmed.

I like some of the proposed changes, but am worried, if not done carefully they might take away what makes boating special. It's high risk, high reward activity, and taking out the risk part would probably have ripple effects throughout the gameworld. No risk, high reward wouldn't really work, and we can only buy so many lottery tickets to keep the economy balanced. I realize everyone wants balanced, and fairer gameplay, I want that too. I'll even say the community is entitled to that, but nobody is entitled to not die, and never lose stuff in UO. That's like the whole point. It's the reason we're not all playing World of Warcraft right now.

Oh and one last thing, er well, actually two
There needs to be a tome for storing crew, where their stats can be easily viewed. Also, can something about be done about terrible crew, maybe some way we can amalgamate say a few dozen or so into one decent crewmember, or if not, then use up a crew to reroll another? Like if you've got master navigator, and master paviseman, (i don't even know what these guys are meant to do), we could use the master pavisemen to reroll the navigator's stats. I mean, we might still end up with a crappy navigator, but at least we'd have another chance at a decent crew member instead of having two useless crewmembers.
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I'd like to dispel some myths for people who may be slightly less experience about boating

Myth #1: "Speed will remain as beneficial as it is now"

My PvM Large moves ~5 tiles per second.
Currently, before hitting hard to port, my PVP large (not max speed), moves 8.3 tiles per second.
Currently, after hitting hard to port, my PvP large (not max speed), moves about 13 tiles per second.

After patch, my PvM large moves 5 tiles per second.
PVP moves about 6.5
Post-H2P, moves about 7.5
I think you misunderstand my point. Speed will likely be just as beneficial and required for pvp boats even with all of the ideas above on the plate.

I agree that the pace of things on the ocean will slow down. However with chainshot and sargasso around, and no player tracking, speed will be paramount to any pvpers.
Right now i'm undecided on the spyglass situation. It has pros and cons like all things do but it seems it would make the wake scalar obsolete unless the skill is reused in another useful way?

I don't think the idea is to sway people from perusing speed as a useful stat. Its just to make it so they aren't so much faster than everyone else where they can just constantly sail past and around you blocking you from going anywhere.


Hey. Since you posted an upgraded salvage UI, let me make one simple UI suggestion that pretty much everybody should be in favor of:

Remove spyglasses. Add in the tracking gump with a hunting-style option instead.

You know what new ocean PvMers are crap at? Pressing spyglass every 6 seconds while doing everything else and paying attention to everything.
You know what PVPers are good at? Having a spyglass macro running, because they're literally not doing anything else while sailing around looking for people.

Ideally, this gump would let you set up a "<X BLUE SHIP IS 107 SQUARES TO THE NORTHEAST>" overhead like you have for tracking on land. This would allow inexperienced players to be alerted when high-wake PvP ships are near them, while not really doing much to alert PvP ships to when low-wake PvM ships are nearby. Not to mention it would remove an obnoxious repetitive clicking aspect to ocean PVM.

If you really want the minor resource tax of using spyglasses, require us to stock our ship with spyglasses or tax a charge off a spyglass every 10-30 seconds that sea-hunting runs.
If you want to be legitimately friendly to PvMers, allow their spyglass distance to keep their ship bonuses while they have boarded an enemy ship.


The net effect of this change would be that it's easier for new players to have situational awareness on the ocean, a challenging thing. It would also streamline the experience generally, and advantage low-wake PVM ships over high-wake PVP ships.

As a side effect, consider this a very soft anti-zerg mechanic also; if you are fighting somebody and they mash alarm so all their friends come, this improves the speed at which you see their friends.
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It is absolutely ridicilous to remove spyglasses from the game.
Also absolutely ridicilous to remove the ability to see players.

1 + 1 = 2 cents

I think the rest of the changes and their intention will clearly bring more people to the sea.
No need to go from 0 to 100 carebear in one go


well speed changes are in here as well, so as a whole, the adding boat divisity as well as making death significantly more acceptable, being gang banged or killed shouldn't be the deterent that it is today. That being said though, its not the same. A player is 1 tile running around, a boat is the size of a house, and even the slowest boats move faster than people do. Your "screen" or field of view for seeing other boats is so much less as compared to a dungeon even, where you have set paths and stuff.
still not enough. If you are faster than someone it takes the skill and fairness from it.
Having speed is like you being on a mount in the dungeon while everyone else is on foot.
I would suggest scrapping speed altogether or massively reducing the HP on ships running speed. That way they may be fast but they can be easily sank.


still not enough. If you are faster than someone it takes the skill and fairness from it.
Having speed is like you being on a mount in the dungeon while everyone else is on foot.
I would suggest scrapping speed altogether or massively reducing the HP on ships running speed. That way they may be fast but they can be easily sank.
Speed might be a bit OP, but let’s not forget it also costs a whole fortune. It’s not like people are abusing some super cheap mechanic that gives them advantage. Almost everything that involves speed has a massive price tag and for a good reason.

Why should new boaters be able to compete with a boat that costs 40M+ to even assemble?


Speed might be a bit OP, but let’s not forget it also costs a whole fortune. It’s not like people are abusing some super cheap mechanic that gives them advantage. Almost everything that involves speed has a massive price tag and for a good reason.

Why should new boaters be able to compete with a boat that costs 40M+ to even assemble?
The cost is relative to the fact that gold and doubloons were easily had on the oceans and the crew are 100% blessed. If there were risks tied to them that could diminish their quality or even destroy them over time, they would literally never come close to the bullshit prices they go for right now.
PvP should not be about who paid the most, ever. Especially on a server where you can sell donation coins for gold in game legally.


Ocean pvp is a bit different from land.
You say “paid” the most. I say invested lots of time and effort to achieve such benefits/advantage.
I get your equality in pvp point, yet I don’t believe it’s fair. We reward people who invest time and effort to be the absolute best at something IRL. Why should this be any different?

Having an equal opportunity system would require all upgrades/crew to be disabled in pvp. I don’t think that’s the way people would prefer it.
This patch has good suggestions and they should be impelemented.


That's because the 'big investments' on ships should be more akin to Aspects, as Luthius has said now several times. It's not something that should be a factor in combat to such an extent that someone with 50m has a large advantage over someone with 1m.
You invest time and effort into building character progression on land for better PvM ability. You can build a top tier PvP capable character in a matter of days. There's no blessed/no-drop gear or items that give you any significant advantage in PvP. That's, from what I can gather, the goal of the shard but ocean content hasn't found that balance yet.
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As someone who hasnt been on a boat since 1999 , maybe make all ships similar priced but vary in functionality… along with simple old school boats as pvm only + ship pvp only (ships without crew/cannon vs mini boats is standard pvp)

On the flip side
if everything is the same or only cosmetic it may lose charm to. Possibly decreasing the “losses” lets people build up their ship and that “50mil vs 1” ratio will decrease over time (need testing)
Allowing them to “sink less costs”.

possibly groups of smaller turtle ships could overwhelm high end ships too

The crew issues sound like possibly the aspect idea.. maybe puts less rng into it but maybe less reward too (like level up crew like a summon instead of like varied strength pet)

Ideas look nice imho


I am a little bit shocked that there are people in this thread that do not see that having an ish load of money to spend on the right crew / fittings / hull pretty much makes you instantly unstoppable to anyone who doesnt. until the expansion I had more into my pvm boat than any other single thing by many times over. I actually started irl laughing when I read about level playing field in comments above.

Trying to fight more or less any half way decent pvp build is like being a 5 year old and trying to beat up Bruce Lee.

Its one thing for the system to flip me off and relegate me to "attempting to run and gun" its another to poke my eye out with the break meter too.


Staff Member
Ship Speeds

Base Speeds

Base Ship Speeds have been adjusted as follows:
  • Small Ship: 6.25 Tiles/sec (previously was 6.667 t/s)
  • Medium Ship: 5.556 Tiles/sec (previously was 5.714 t/s)
  • Large Ship: 5 Tiles/sec (same as before)
  • Carrack: 4.545 Tiles/sec (previously was 4.444 t/s)
  • Galleon: 4.167 Tiles/sec (previously was 4.0 t/s)

Speed Caps
  • All ships now have a Forward Speed Cap of 7.0 Tiles/sec
  • All ships now have a Strafe/Reverse Speed Cap of 3.5 Tiles/sec
  • Speed Caps for ships do not include any temporary bonuses to speed derived from Activated ship abilities (such as Beat to Quarters)
  • If a ship is over the Speed Cap, the "Stats" page of the Ship Menu will display an "*" next to the Speed value and display the numbers in Red text

  • Conceptually, this change will set a new ceiling for ship speeds in PvP, which should be more balanced for players across the board
  • Additionally, it may also encourage more diversity of ships in PvP, as players running Small/Medium/Large ships will potentially hit the Speed Cap more easily and then have to make decisions on diversifying their spread of Upgrades/Crew, or alternatively now consider running a Carrack/Galleon instead

Ship Stats


  • The Crew Wrestling Bonus stat for Ships, Ship Upgrades, and Crewmembers has now been replaced with a new stat called "Crew Breach"
  • Whenever a ship crewmember makes a Melee Attack or Spellcast, they have a "Crew Breach" % chance to ignore the target's Armor or Magic Resist

Upgrade Adjustments
Stats for Ship Upgrades can be found below, with changes listed in Red text:


Civilian / Pirate Flagging
  • Ships will no longer have a Civilian / Pirate Flagging associated with them
  • The previous 25% reduction to Doubloons Earned and Special/Rare Loot Chances that was attached with being Civilian Flagged has been removed (i.e. no ships have penalties for loot any more)

Ship Sinking
  • When player ships Sink, the Captain of the ship will immediately receive 80% of the Total Doubloon Value of the ship deposited into their Bank Box (previously was 75%)
  • 10% of the Total Doubloon Value of the ship being sunk will be distributed to the Ship Holds of any Enemy Player Ship(s) that damaged them, with amounts scaled based on how damage each Enemy Player Ship dealt (same handling as before)

  • The Ransom mechanic has been removed (players can no longer lose installed Ship Upgrades when sunk)

Salvaging Ships
  • Player Ships that sink will now appear in the Ship Salvage Menu with all of their Upgrades and Crewmembers still installed
  • Players will immediately be able to retrieve their ships after sinking (no longer has a 30 minute delay)
  • In order to retrieve ships, players now must first Re-Register the ship by paying an amount in Doubloons equal to the ship's Total Doubloon Value (Base Registration Cost + Cost of All Installed Upgrades + Cost of All Installed Crewmembers)
  • Pressing the large diamond button below "Re-Registration Fee" will attempt to pay the Re-Registration fee for the ship with Doubloons from the player's Bank Box

  • Once a player has paid the Re-Registration Fee for the ship, "Paid" will be displayed in Green next to it, and "Move" options for the deed will now become available
  • Clicking "Move to Bank Box" will move the Ship Deed to the player's Bank Box
  • Clicking "Move to Backpack" will move the Ship Deed to the player's Backpack
  • Clicking "Move to Dockmaster" will insert the Ship Deed into the Dockmaster system (can be retrieved from any Dockmaster worldwide)

  • Clicking the Dismiss button next to a ship three times will permanently delete the ship

  • Clicking the small orb button next to a ship will launch the ship menu for that ship so players may preview view details of it

Salvage Credits
Players can acquire Salvage Credits by dragging and dropping unwanted Crewmember Contracts onto Salvage Foreman NPCs

Acquiring Salvage Credit
Players receive Salvage Credit based on the following Rank of the Crewmember Contract:
  • Novice: 100 Salvage Credit
  • Adept: 250 Salvage Credit
  • Veteran: 500 Salvage Credit
  • Expert: 1000 Salvage Credit
  • Master: 2000 Salvage Credit

Using Salvage Credit
  • Players can see how much Salvage Credit they have available in the Ship Salvage menu
  • If a player has Salvage Credits available, any Re-Registration Fee listed for ships will display in Green Text
  • When players pay Re-Registration Fees for ships, the amount they pay will be reduced by as much Salvage Credit they have available (and then the remainder will be paid in Doubloons)

Looting Ship Upgrades and Crewmember Contracts
  • Ship Upgrades and Crewmember Contracts will no longer appear as physical loot in Ship Holds, Boss Creature Corpses, or Salvage Crates (MIBs)
  • Instead, Ship Upgrades and Crewmember Contracts will still occur from those same systems, but will automatically be attached to player ships as "Pending Salvage" that cannot be accessed until the ship Docks

  • Players can see how many Ship Upgrades and Crewmember Contracts their ship is currently holding as Pending Salvage in the upper right corner of the Ship Overview Menu

  • Docking a Ship will move all Pending Salvage items over to the Salvage System (accessible through Salvage Foreman NPCs) for the Ship's Captain

  • Ship Upgrades and Crewmember Contracts can be retrieved from the Ship Salvage Menu freely

PvP and Pending Salvage
  • If an enemy player sinks another player ship that is currently holding Pending Salvage, all of the Pending Salvage on the sinking ship will immediately be transfered to the enemy ship's Pending Salvage
  • If multiple enemy players sink a player ship that is holding Pending Salvage, each Ship Upgrade and Crewmember Contract will randomly be distributed amongst the enemy ships with chances scaled based on how much damage each enemy ship dealt to the target ship

PvM Pending Salvage

MIBs / Salvage Crates
  • When a player completes a MIB and recovers a Salvage Crate, any Ship Upgrades or Crewmember Contracts that would have normally been inside the Salvage Crate will now be assigned to the Player's Ship as Pending Salvage

NPC Ships
  • When an NPC Ship's Hold Unlocks (due to all crew being killed), any Ship Upgrades or Crewmember Contracts that would have normally been in the NPC Ship's Hold will now each be randomly assigned to the Pending Salvage of Player Ships that damaged the NPC Ship, with chances for each item scaled based on how much Damage (Hull/Sail/Guns) that Player Ship inflicted on the NPC Ship

Ocean Mini-Bosses/Bosses
  • When an Ocean Mini-Boss/Boss is killed, any Ship Upgrades or Crewmember Contracts that would have normally been on the creature's corpse will now randomly be assigned to the Pending Salvage of Player Ships that damaged the creature, with chances for each item scaled based on how much Damage the players/creatures/crew on that ship inflicted on the creature (including cannon damage)

  • Ship Crewmember Contracts that occur as Pending Salvage will now begin at Veteran Rank (Rank 3) instead of Adept Rank (Rank 2)

Doubloon Costs

  • The cost to register Carracks is now 125,000 Doubloons (previously was 250,000)
  • The cost to register Galleons is now 250,000 Doubloons (previously was 1,000,000)

Upgrade Cost Modifiers
  • The Upgrade Cost Multiplier of Large Ships is now 3x (previously was 5x)
  • The Upgrade Cost Multiplier of Carracks is now 4x (previously was 10x)
  • The Upgrade Cost Multiplier of Galleons is now 5x (previously was 20x)

Upgrade Costs
  • Base Theme Upgrade Cost is now 2500 (previously was 4000)
  • Base Paint Upgrade Cost is now 2500 (previously was 4000)
  • Base Cannon Metal Upgrade Cost is now 2500 (previously was 4000)
  • Base Lesser Ability Upgrade Cost is now 2500 (previously was 3000)
  • Base Regular Ability Upgrade Cost is now 2500 (previously was 3000)
  • Base Greater Ability Upgrade Cost is now 2500 (previously was 3000)
  • Base Special Item Upgrade Cost is now 2500 (previously was 2000)
  • Base Crew Item Upgrade Cost is now 2500 (previously was 2000)
  • Base Outfitting Upgrade Cost is 5000 (same as before)

Crewmembers Costs
  • Base Novice Crewmember Cost is now 600 (previously was 500)
  • Base Adept Crewmember Cost is now 700 (previously was 750)
  • Base Veteran Crewmember Cost is now 800 (previously was 1000)
  • Base Expert Crewmember Cost is now 900 (previously was 1250)
  • Base Master Crewmember Cost is now 1000 (previously was 1500)

New Total Doubloon Value
The Total Doubloon Value of all existing player ships have been recalcuated based on the changes to Registration Costs, Base Upgrade Costs, Upgrade Modifiers, and Crewmember Costs

For any players who have ships that now have a lower Total Doubloon Value then before due to the rebalance, they will be have the difference between the two amounts added to their Salvage Credits (which gets used to pay Re-Registration Fees for ships after sinking)

Ocean Bosses
  • Natural Ocean Mini-Boss spawns will now occur every 6-12 hours (previously was every 12-24 hours)
  • Natural Ocean Boss spawns will now occur every 12-24 hours (previously was every 24-48 hours)
  • Natural Ocean Boss spawns will now always be treated as Contested: they will be announced serverwide and will have a Random Mastery Chain Link and Corrupted Link as loot

Embark / Disembark PvP Restriction
  • Players who Embark, Disembark, or Dock from a ship are prevented from initiating any harmful actions against Innocent (Blue) targets on land for 30 seconds (they can defend themselves as normal, however)

Ship Ramming

Ram Requirements

Players may attempt to Ram another Player Ship if the following is valid:
  • The ramming ship has been stationary for at least 5 seconds
  • The ramming ship hasn't rammed another ship in the last 10 seconds
  • The ramming ship is unable to move in 6 or more directions

Ram Damage
Player Ship vs Player Ship

  • Will inflict Hull Damage on the target ship equal to 30% of the target ship's Max Hull Hit Points
  • The ramming ship will suffer Hull Damage equal to 5% of their own Max Hull Hit Points

NPC Ships vs Player Ships
  • An NPC ship will automatically attempt to ram a player ship if they become stuck next to them (99% of the time this is players purposefully causing this)
  • The NPC Ship will inflict Hull Damage on the player ship equal to 20% of the player ship's Max Hull Hit Points
  • The NPC Ship will suffer Hull Damage equal to 5% of their own Max Hull Hit Points

Ship Deeds and Placement
  • Ship Deeds in player backpacks are treated as Blessed if the player has Recalled/Gated/Hiked in the last 30 seconds
  • Ships cannot be launched from Ship Deeds in player backpacks if the player has Recalled/Gated/Hiked in the last 5 minutes
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