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[R.e.X] Remarkable, eLiTe, & XTREME! has opened its ranks!!!


Come one! COME ALL!! (if you can afford it)

[R.e.X] Remarkable, eLiTe, & XTREME! has opened it's doors, ranks, and recruiting all Trammies!!!

do you want to get things done while being a King or Queen? Rex is Latin for King! we are Remarkable, eLiTe, & XTREME! we always do things to the fullest and try to look good while doing it! all while having fun, of course.

We are newer here to Outlands. Been around back in the DFI days... but we can get a lot done! one requirement is you have 1 toon that has an Ancestor Mask and / or Crown. If you do not have one, we can provide an Ancestor Mask for you with a simple initiation fee of 600k. If you already have a mask or both, the fee will be 250k.

This fee will help cover general costs for materials needed for the guild to expand and provide materials needed for those who need them when needed.

Not rich yet? we also can help with that! This guild is to help everyone get to a point where they can share the wealth while only giving some to the peasants. Can't afford the initiation fee? then you probably aren't ready to join and / or are a peasant. We need dedicated people who have some meat under their belts to get things done! and they can't be peasants.

We will try to be involved in all walks of life! PvP, PvE, PK, factions, boating, weekly events, daily events, monthly events and any event(s) in general! if you want to be a part of history and be a King or Queen while doing it, we can take this thing all the way!

We will also be sure to wear full gear and max items in sanctuary dungeons.

Once you join the guild Ill send you a discord invites etc.