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Test Center Patch - Poison Handling and Aspect Overhaul

Are you kidding me? Worst dexxer aspect got even worse? Void is amazing and now you don't have to rely on luck to get that health back up again. I really liked the change on void, for the proc yes you are right doom is almost useless, but you gotta know how to play around it, you are not tank for no reason, once a creature is doomed just go fucking kill another one, the other will die on its own while you basically take no damage and the 30 seconds health regen on top of it. P E R F E C T.
I agree. You also dont have to use the void weapon if you dont want to <3 pair it with a fire weapon and watch shit melt.
Oreo i dont care how you spin it, it is a nerf. It has been around since the inception of the shard.
No it hasn't.

At the inception of the shard, Earth aspect's damage bonus was "Chance to Increase Melee Damage by 50%: +10% + 1% per player Earth Tier Level "

So for T10 earth aspect wearer, the bonus was 20% chance to increase melee damage by 50%.

In an attempt to boost the suit's popularity during the first aspect revamp, this was changed to 20% chance to increase melee damage by 150%, but there was an oversight that it could affect backstabs and shadow procs as well.

That's what this recent nerf does is set that back to 50% for those types of damage. Yes, it is a nerf, but no, it is not undoing a situation that has existed since the shard's inception. To the contrary, it is reverting back to the exact same functionality this suit had at the inception of the shard for two types of damage that weren't planned to have been included when Earth was strengthened.
You have got to be fucking kidding me. Healing pets is literally THE PURPOSE OF COMMAND -- the main thing the aspect even does. You cannot nerf the primary purpose of an aspect, especially one that costs 10x more than all the others, wtf.
There's nothing in command's listed bonus to suggest that healing pets is its purpose. Water aspect is the suit who's bonuses look designed around healing of pets.

This is a road we already went down before, but it is extremely awkward that casting gheal while wearing command spellbook can cause it to proc, but no other aspect will proc when casting gheal, including water which has a stated bonus to healing.
@egemen157 @Coxsmash void is better after the followup updates. In my ranger archer build dps went up a nice amount and the 20 sec hp timer felt like a good compromise. Void at 10 sec is nice so is the 15% damage buff. It synergizes now for both party/boss and solo play. The set is more rounded now

Also verified the air armor kite mechanic is working and I love it for disease because mummies are jerks
There's nothing in command's listed bonus to suggest that healing pets is its purpose.
Well as someone who actually uses it, healing pets to full is its primary purpose. When a tamer is praying for a proc it's for that reason, to save their pets from dying. The small, temporary damage boost is negligible compared to other aspects that melt every mob in the vicinity when they proc.

Players have spent obscene amounts of money not just on command but on links to make it proc more often, because it was the only aspect specifically for tamers and we had no choice. And the fact that it was the only tamer aspect is what drove those prices up. But now we have people trying to argue that other, much cheaper aspects should do the same thing or that command should no longer do the main thing it does? Literally the stupidest suggestion I've ever seen on these forums.
Basia you are conflating two things here. No one was suggesting that healing pets in full should be removed from the proc, they were saying you shouldnt be able to get a proc off a gheal.

Polly, nkce catch on the post-launch buff of earrh, BUT the shadow weapon was nerfed on the last patch significantly.

@Luthius the shadow weapon is bugged now. It is not doing the full proc damage it is supposed to. At tier 12 i should be getting at least 1650. Im not seeing that. I was running earh/shadow on multiple bosses last night where i had at least 10 procs all for less that 1650. It looks like the proc is subject to armor which is not how the other apects are set. Im guessing before your last change it was also subject to armor but the fact was masked by the higher damage output potential. Please fix.
@DUBLINITE from people’s feedback I think there are a couple things that could use tweaking

I know everyone is upset but please provide feedback to @Luthius

A. Armor should be ignored on the core aspect (t10 1500 shouldnt have an armor penalty) bonus (not the separate backstab hit)

B. The proc rate for bow/xbow/heavy is lower per second chance since the “adjusted for swing speed amount “ is too low (screenshot), I suggested a flat sliding amount which is nearly double the current amount for slower weapons (far right in screenshot). This would increase first vanish proc chance for folks shooting from stealth but also help increase the 2nd 2x multiplier vanish chance for higher damage chances (3000+ on 2nd vanish in the 30 second window of the first proc)

my proposal would bump heavy xbow from 2% at t10 to 3.45% chance (heavy xbow ). This will also buff your chance for a second vanish which is great.

C. Shadow armor is slower gameplay which means less proc chances. Possibly a small aspect proc chance from stealth is needed (2%?), however this would also lead to higher 2nd vanish procs (2x multiplier) which is unique to vanish (owyn/luth may need to debate if that is too powerful but its a very fun unique mechanic so it should be ok ), this should be ok due to the slower gameplay style but it may just make stealth less valuable than just swinging for vanish proc chances... in similar vane to the melee special bonus, there may need to be a aspect chance bonus

B+C at t10 would be 5.45% chance instead of 2% .... and give 3.45% proc chance bonus without stealth and just from vanish (adjusted base proc chance from proposed speed/scaling amount)

D. Stealth at 0 no longer adds backstab damage to vanish, folks are upset about this similar to how it does not grant you steps if you have 0 hiding/stealth. It should however add a bonus to those with stealth/hiding. Possibly add the 20% bonus from 120 stealth to the t10 1500 base aspect bonus if it doesn’t currently

E. Consider restoring full amounts to blood/earth synergy since the bonus damage amount is much lower without the hidden (considered a bug) 2x 100 % pvm bonus that was removed.

The down side to that is it makes shadow weapon better for blood armor, earth armor than their own matching weapon aspect procs (possibly that is a separate issue.. bump dexxer aspect weapon Damage bonuses to compete with command or current shadow synergy)


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No one was suggesting that healing pets in full should be removed from the proc, they were saying you shouldnt be able to get a proc off a gheal.
Yes, and they're wrong. Tamers absolutely should be able to get a proc off a gheal, because healing pets is the purpose of both the gheal spell and the proc -- they synergize. If that were removed, it would put a tamer in a double bind: if he tries to keep his pets alive by healing them, he loses his chance for a proc that would help keep his pets alive.

In other words, the aspect and the mastery chain that he spent 20 million+ on to build an endgame template are now pretty much useless for endgame content. Big nope on that.
As a poison mage, I like the buffs to the poison aspect and taste ID. Awesome.

I would like to bring a few things up, though.

(1) At 126 poisoning you can no longer cast regular, nonupgraded poisons. I always thought the biggest advantage to having 120 poisoning over 100 poisoning was the fact that it nearly removed the base poison chance off a spell cast. Now that the set is offering essentially 20-32 poisoning level (based on your level), you no longer get that benefit that 120 had over 100, and because the chances of lethal being base 20%, you're talking a nominal 4% increased chance for a casted lethal poison as a 120 poisoner vs a 100 poisoner. Coupled further with the fact that the set now offers a way to upgrade your poison based off ticks, I think it further devalues having 120 poisoning over 100.

If you want to get ANY value off of the tick upgrade mechanic, you'd almost find yourself wanting a deadly poison cast over a lethal (not really), just to see the benefit. But if you cast lethal, the tick upgrade mechanic is essentially a non issue.

Which is why I think giving poison skill to the set is enough of a boost that the tick mechanic is kind of.. not good? Not sure that's the right way to say it, but essentially having a higher poison skill lowers the effectiveness of the tick upgrade mechanic, or having a lower poisoning level increases the effectiveness of the tick upgrade mechanic.

I guess my main issue is I'm failing to see the reason for 120 poisoning over 100 poisoning when with the aspect set the only difference is 4% lethal poison cast. 8% increase to the deadly cast.

Perhaps give casted lethals a benefit somehow for the tick upgrade mechanic, a chance to increase the remaining damage the lethal will deal or something and I think it fixes and fully supports the new aspect changes.

I know I'm probably making a mountain out of a molehill, but it's just my thoughts on the balance of effective poisoning skill vs this tick upgrade mechanic.

(2) I also agree with what others have said about not being able to stack poisons and that essentially means the group only needs 1 poisoner, I think that kind of sucks too.

(3) As a complete aside, if you ever wanted to scrap the tick upgrade mechanic, maybe give the aspect set a 'necro' feel and allowing the poison ticks a chance to siphon some life/mana, both as a support to poison dexxers and poison mages I think thematically that would be awesome.
First time
I was so excited to poison aspect changed because I saw big subject with front line.

I played on Test Server poison aspect full level. It's was good. But still not impressed to me. Because many other Aspect much better.

Many ppl said to other aspect feedback than poison aspect. No one care about Poison aspect. Many ppl waiting to Blood aspect.

I think Poison aspect why not popular? Because must put on your character Taste ID + poisoning both skill.
To use poison aspect.

Many skills damage up (tracking armslore forensic camping...)
So much better than poison and taste skill.

Many mobs can poison resist
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