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"The Drow Prisoner" - a roleplaying storyline created by Vile & Path


Out of Character:
This storyline begun on a Wednesday, during a Pathfinder dungeon blockade evening. An agreement accepted on both the Good and Evil side, that we help each other out during Boss Nights if need be. The following took place after Vile/Urk/Brg was done with their Boss Night...
Players on both sides met, by accident at one of the houses owned by Vile, just outside the Lair of Eternal Darkness. A battle started around the Outpost area, and ended at the Riverrun Lodge. The actions and the dialogue done by the players on both sides set the tone for the upcoming event(s) that we did, none of it was scripted.
All the attending roleplaying Guilds were not able to gather to hold all the dialogue done in the actual game, so some of it happen via the Guilds roleplaying channels on Discord.

And so it began:
A patrol consisting of several veteran fighters was lead by Ranger Michael into the Lair of Eternal Darkness. After a long and hard-fought battle, the Pathfinders did a tactical retreat away from the Underdark - up to the surface side of Riverrun, in an attempt to create a more favored terrain for them. The Dark Alliance followed the Pathfinders eagerly, ready to butcher them all in the name of their wicked gods and beliefs.

Another skirmish was fought out over at Riverrun, with the Pathfinders being successfully in their relocation of the battlefield - and thus defeating all the surface-troops sent by the Dark Alliance. Two male Drow were taken prisoner, one of them, Vesper, was freed amidst the chaos of the battle - and the other one was escorted to the prison cells of Haven - where he was interrogated...

Pathfinder Veritus' reported:

Armed Conflict Report
165th Day of 656 AC

Around approximately mid-day on the above-mentioned date, Pathfinders on a standard patrol received notification via pigeon that fellow Ranger Michael was ambushed in the tunnel connecting the region of Outpost to the Yew Militia territory of River Run. A known underground lair used by hostiles was known to exist in this cavernous tunnel and constituents of the collective known as Vile were responsible for the assault. Ranger Michael valiantly held his own as long as he could, until he was forced to make a tactical retreat due to the sheer number of Drow, Undead, and Orc enemies with the element of surprise on their side. Ranger Michael successfully eluded the enemies in order to notify fellow Pathfinders and allies to request support.
Upon receipt of notice, Pathfinders quickly assembled in Outpost to provide resistance against the villainous assailants but were unfortunately unable to hold their position in the walls of Outpost. The Pathfinders nonetheless rallied and regrouped to clear and secure the subterranean passage between Outpost and Yew Militia-held River Run. The skirmishing resumed and led to Pathfinders effectively pushing the sinister group out the western end of the tunnel. As such, the battle eventually bled out into the outskirts of River Run as Pathfinders escorted a prisoner known as “Vesper” to the facility just outside the tunnel's western exit.
Despite apparent displeasure of Vile representatives over Vesper being captured alive rather than fighting to the death, negotiations were attempted at this time but to no avail. It should be noted that Vesper did not go willingly as Ranger Michael used a magical paralysis to subdue the prisoner. And once Vesper regained limited movement, he even attempted to chew his own hands off as he was led to the jail. During these negotiations with a Norse woman who failed to provide her name, Vile attempted to stealthily infiltrate the holding facility to extricate the prisoner Vesper. Although their attempt was unsuccessful, the prisoner managed to escape during the ensuing chaos in the following skirmishes. He was eventually incapacitated in the heat of battle.
Pathfinders achieved a victory in this battle, forcing the Vile collective out of the immediate area. Following the battle, a familiar face appeared before the Pathfinders: Drailic of the Yew Militia, who unfurled a tattered Yew Militia standard and bore his pointed teeth with a sinister grin. This once honored warrior revealed he had joined the Undead forces of Vile. Despite attempts by Ranger Michael to reason with the formerly respected Yew Militia Sergeant Drailic, it soon became apparent to all present that this figure before them was but a shell of his former self.

End of report.
Respectfully submitted,
- Veritus Eurus -

As words of the Pathfinders deeds reached the ears of the rest of Dark Alliance - this feat was not taken lightly amongst the Evil dwellers, especially amongst the Drow since it was their kin that was taken prisoner.
The male drow, Nazmyr Xorlarrin, had been at war with the Pathfinders and their allies for a long time. He had served House Vhuryn and their matron mother as a mercenary during her surface campaign some years ago - fighting along side several orcish clans and gathering of Undead, hailing back to the time when the Pact of Darkness was signed and sealed. (see roleplaying storyline on the forums).

Nazmyr, eager to prove himself and raise in the ranks within the Dark Alliance - ready to serve and carry out the command of the High Priestess Shyntzayr, and through her gain favor with the Spider Queen, Lloth - forged a plan on how to retaliate against the surface dwellers, and bring retribution upon these Pathfinder-slimes.

Confident in his skill with the blade and his ability to lead, Nazmyr gathered all the sects and races of the Dark Alliance, and promised them revenge over the Pathfinders.

"I grow weary of the cheap rythme these so called Mice-finders has begun to dance to. Their rudeness ends here and now. Taking one of ours captive has granted them a slow, painful death. We shall burn their beloved Haven to the ground!" - Nazmyr Xorlarrin -

The Dark Alliance War Council settled down within the Lair of Eternal Darkness...

Nazmyr begins, "I have spoken with the Klerggoth of the Bloodrock Clan - and made a request for his most capable orcish Warriors. After a long, exhausting monologue where the Klerggoth, furiously expressed that even a bloodrock snaga would defeat a couple of Pathfinders and Knights alone - he finally agreed to commit his Clan to the slaughter. Their brutally and lust for battle, although regardless of how primitive their ways and goals are - they are a force to be reckononed with. The request to the Brigands were much simpler, I promised them all the wealth they could get their greedy hands on - and they accepted."

High Priestess Shyntzayr storms around the war room in a fit rage,
Before she yells,
"Nazmyr! Get here!
Vel'bol natha yeunn nadorhuan!
WHY would he let himself get captured?

Mol'jra reports that the captive is being held in the lodge in Haven. I need you to secure the prisoner find out what he knows and bring that pathetic male back to me!"

Nazmyr, lowering his head in respect to the superior female drow, before he raises his head again to an upright position, followed by a firm nod to the High Priestess. He answers in a dark, confident way, "Consider it done, jabbress. I have gathered the best warriors the Dark Alliance has to offer, supported by orcish and brigand muscle. The information the prisoner holds will return to you, great one. This Shadowstalker does not fail."

*The vampire Dralic addresses the group discussing the battle plans*
"Dark Greetings, I have one question. Say the rats of Haven are able to prevent a rescue attempt, Do we want to slay the inprisoned Drow to prevent the interrogation?"

*Nazmyr turns his attention to Darlic*
"Xas, abbil. He has already proven to be worthless by getting captured by the weak Mice-finders".

*Dralic nods in agreement*

We march to War, Dark Alliance! We march to victory! By the Will of Lloth!


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*Nazmyr mumbles* Of course, expecting a pack of orclings and brigands to actually have the agile required to make a stealthed approach towards the Haven prison is too much to ask for. *Nazmyr sighs, before he continues...* Very well. Instead we make an elite striking force that pushes through and breach the Southern Gate - while the main bulk of our army draws the attention of the Mice-finders at the Eastern main gate. We will travel through the cavern system from the Ossuarian Desert to camouflage our strength and numbers. *With the point of his sword, Nazmyr points on the Bloodrock Choomer Ka'kur, Roy and Jack the brigands* You three, assisted by an orcish spellcaster will be our strike force. *Roy the Brigand eagerly interupts!* I will summon a deamon, that will draw their attention! *Nazmyr lets out a long drawn sight, before he answers in an agitated tone* I do not care if you pull a rabbit out of your hat, just breach that gate and get to the Haven prison! Let us move out, Alliance!

Many brave men and women of the Pathfinders, the Knight's Guild, Yew Militia and the Cambrian Free Company valiantly gave their lives in an attempt to stop the Dark forces, lead by House Xorlarrin. The overwhelming power of Evil continued to push the forces of Good further and further back into their Territory, before reaching the Haven prison. After clearing out the prison guards, Nazmyr begun the interrogation of the Drow prisoner.. with a promise of freedom, the prisoner provided a river of information.

Being captured by the worthless rivvin is a sign of weakness, and to be certain that nothing more would be leaked - Nazmyr fulfilled his promise of freedom, with striking the drow prisoner down with his blade...

Surprised and shocked by the sudden events, there was silence within the prison, before an orc expressed "Uz dune heer? Uz gu bak?" .. Nazmyr slowly turned towards the orc, with an intense dark aura surronding him and hatred pulsing from his eyes. "No, we do not. We are not done here. Destroy them all! Make sure you reach Mr Vance's workshop - and burn it down! The lousy dog has been sniffing in places he should not have!*

With the Drow prisoner successfully interrogated and with fires dancing on Bob Vance's workshop - the Dark forces departed from Haven...


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