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The raise of Bargtohk - current Klerggoth of the Bloodrock Clan.

The Raise of Bargtohk - current Klerggoth of the Bloodrock Clan.

"Before you stands a very tall (2.20cm) and muscular (approx 400lbs) male orc. He is covered in battle scars and Bloodrock war paint.
The great, immensely built body of Orchish Chieftain infront of you gives him an unstoppable, fierce appearance. His solemn red eyes burn with fierce intensity and conviction. His build and physique is large and mighty, although his pattern of movement is clumsy. His face has the look of a middle-aged orc male. In his suit of war – in heavy ringmail armor, a huge heavy crossbow wielded in both of his hand, he is the tower of an orc - proud and mighty."

Born and raised with his aggresive orchish brothers and sisters in the Bloodrock Clan, life has been a challenge since birth. Harsh orchish discipline, training and killing is the way of life for almost every orc – life has been no different for Bargtohk. The orchish Snaga was often seen in the front lines of battle, preferring to clomp his enemies with his large War hammer. Bargtohk often recieved strong words from a frustrated Lead Elder - because of his lack of tactical wit and due to the problems his enormous size caused when setting up proper ambushes.

Bargtohk's hardwork and dedication continued to blossom as a Grunt. He, together with the Warg'Blah'r Mazoka, brought great tributes and bludgelt back to the Bloodrock Clan - taking a central role in rebuilding and upgrading the infrastructure of the Clan. Bargtohk stood out at the Battle of Nusero Castle as one of orcs that not only survived, but was not knocked unconcious either.

Bargtohk's reign have now lasted for 15 months (Following Seer Erik Gray's timeline). The clan is prosperous, with fresh snagas rising up every month. The new Klerggoth, driven by bloodlust and hatred for the humankin - made a gathering of Orcs, Dark Elves and Undead - to sign the unholy Pakt ob Zu'utah, translated into The Pact of Darkness in Bloodrock tongue - Bargtohk is confident that this Alliance will bring havoc and destruction to the realm of Avadon.

According to Bloodrock Clan tradition, the clan has always been led by a Klerggoth. Although Bargtohk is not the brightest, he still felt that he was the strongest amongst his kin, and that he was the right orc to lead the clan. With this he made claim to the Klerggoth title. Not without a challenge - Velg'amog, the orc captain answered Bargtohk's claim and challenged him to a historical Klerggoth clomp. Bargtohk's side merged victorious in the end.

What is a Klerggoth Clomp:
Orcs are found of their traditions and they are not to be mettled with. The clan has always been led by a Klerggoth. From the time of Trugagh - to now. Any Bloodrock Orc may challenge the current Klerggoth for leadership. When that occurs, the Lead Elder sets a date for the Clomp to take place. Every Bloodrock clan member then chooses whom they stand behind and support, the Challenger or the current Klerggoth. Both sides meet at the date set - and then fight each other 'till the challenger or the Klerggoth falls in battle. The one that is standing is the winner and crowned Chieftain of the Clan. Orcs are not known for their honor nor democracy. The number of supporters may be uneven and unbalanced, sometimes resulting in complete slaughter of the other side. Orcs do not care.