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GUIDE UO Outlands PVP Mechanics Guide (merging with Trystan's Comprehensive PvP Guide)


At it's core the PVP on this shard is a loose hybrid of T2A and UOR mechanics, with T2A being predominant. This means that while t2a mechanics like instahit and heal through poison exist (albeit in modified forms from era accurate) there are certain mechanics pulled from other systems and also brand new mechanics.

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Instahit + Quickswitch
Heal through Poison
Cure Rates
Progressive Chance Increase
Spell Summary
Rebalanced Spell Disrupts
Mini Heal Mitigation
Magic Spellbooks
Purple Potions
Other Factors
Skill Mastery
Skill Summary
Hotkey Layout
Basic PvP Tactics
Advanced PvP Tactics
Weapon Spreadsheet

Instahit + Quick Switch

The most important thing to learn first off is how instahit and "quick switch" works together. First of all, your current weapon swing timer is always determined by what you have swung last, as opposed to what you have equipped last. The timer is only influenced by swings, so therefore equipping different weapons has no effect on it. So let's say that you swung a halberd 1 minute ago, that means if you equip a katana 1 minute after that and attempt to swing, the swing will be ready right away. Secondly, this shard has what is called slow to fast switching. What this means is after a swing, a faster weapon will always be ready to swing at it's own timer as opposed to the original weapon swing. So after a halberd swing, a katana will always swing on it's own timer as opposed for waiting for the swing delay of the halberd. Working off that same idea, if you equip a heavy crossbow after a halberd, you have to wait the crossbow timer, because it's slower. The same applies to a katana swing and then switching to the halberd, you must wait the halberd timer to swing. Movement delay on swing also doesn't exist outside of archery, which has a movement delay of .5 of a second, and swings are instant the moment you attack.


Precasting works basically the same as most servers, outside of a couple of things that make it slightly different.

  • A spell cast must complete before you attempt to arm your weapon or it will be interrupted. The same applies for wearing any item, so you can use the action of equipping a clothing or armor item to cancel a spell. However, you can still drink potions during the casting process and it will not interrupt your spell.
  • Attempting to drink a potion once the precast is complete will cancel the spell.

Heal through Poison

For the most part heal through poison works how you would expect, but there's one caveat. Higher poison levels mitigate ALL heals through it, including heal potions and obviously spells. Bandage healing is a special case in that it follows the healing mitigation rule instead of curing poison and not healing, but in PVM only. It works how you'd expect in PVP, curing poison on the bandage heal and not healing hits at all.

Lesser Poison: 100% of normal healing amount
Regular Poison: 100% of normal healing amount
Greater Poison: 75% of normal healing amount
Deadly Poison: 50% of normal healing amount
Lethal Poison: 25% of normal healing amount

Cure Rates

Lesser Cure Potion

Lesser Poison: 75% Chance
Regular Poison: 50% Chance
Greater Poison: 25% Chance
Deadly Poison: 0% Chance
Lethal Poison: 0% Chance

Regular Cure Potion

Lesser Poison: 100% Chance
Regular Poison: 75% Chance
Greater Poison: 50% Chance
Deadly Poison: 25% Chance
Lethal Poison: 0% Chance

Greater Cure Potion
Lesser Poison: 125% Chance
Regular Poison: 100% Chance
Greater Poison: 75% Chance
Deadly Poison: 50% Chance
Lethal Poison: 25% Chance

Bandaging Attempts: Chance = ((150% - (Poison Level * 25%)) * (Healing Skill / 100)) - (Slips * 2%);
Cure and Arch Cure: Chance = ((150% - (Poison Level * 25%)) * (Magery Skill / 100))

Progressive Chance Increase

Whenever a player fails to cure their target (via potion, bandage, spell) the next cure attempt on that target gains a cumulative bonus to future cure attempts equal to 50% of the current chance
Whenever a target is cured, their cumulative cure bonuses are reset to 0%


A player attempting to cure Deadly Poison with a greater cure potion has a 50% cure chance
If they fail, their next cure chance would be 75%
If they fail again, their next cure chance would be 112.5%

Spell Summary

The magery skill provides a whole range of different spells that will be needed on nearly every template that wants to PvP. Whether you are a mage or a dex based template 9/10 times you are going to want to have GM magery to cast your spells at full power. Full dex based templates without magery can work but they will need to be supported by other full mages. There are 64 spells available on the shard and this section will take you through the ones that will be critical for use in PvP.

First Circle
[Magic arrow]: Lowest damage nuke but very fast casting. Good for targeting and breaking magic reflect.
[Heal]: Restores a minor amount of hitpoints in the range of 6-9. Low mana cost, fast cast speed.
[Reactive Armor]: Provides a buff that absorbs melee damage.
[Clumsy]: Reduces your targets dexterity
[Feeblemind]: Reduces your targets intelligence
[Weaken]: Reduces your targets strength

Second Circle
[Harm]: Does damage depending on the distance you are from your target. Strong interrupt spell.
[Cure]: Fast casting spell which removes poison.
[Protection]: Self buff that increases AR.
[Magic Trap]: Needed spell to trap your pouches, most of the time in preparation before a fight. Trap a pouch then open the pouch to deal 1 damage to yourself and break paralyze. You can cast this spell directly onto yourself to trap a pouch on you, or cast it on your teammates to do the same, useful in the heat of battle when running low.
[Magic Untrap]: You can use this spell on a player to pop one pouch in their bag. This is treated as a hostile action and has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Third Circle
[Poison]: Casts a poison on your target.
[Fireball]: Faster than a lightning, slower then a harm, fireball has its uses for offensive and defensive disrupts.
[Bless]: Increases your strength, dex, and int by 11 points with GM magery. Good buff spell try to cast before battle.
[Teleport]: Allows you to cast a teleport up to 10 tiles away. Useful for chasing or escaping (can tele over fences or water ways).
[Wall of Stone]: Cast a 3 tile long wall of stone. Lets you block runes or provide you with an opportunity to escape.

Fourth Circle
[Lighting]: Solid medium damage nuke, versatile spell, very good follow up spell after an explosion-ebolt combo.
[Greater Heal]: Your bred and butter heal spell, will heal for approx 35-45 health points. Very important spell that you will get the most use out of to save yourself or cross heal a teammate.
[Arch Protection]: An area of effect buff spell that increases your armor.
[Recall]: Travel spell, recall is needed to move around the world. Try to break the line of sight by running behind a wall or obstacle then cast recall to avoid death.

Fifth Circle
[Magic Reflection]: Self Buff spell that allows you to reflect magic spells.
[Paralyze]: Zero damage offensive spell that freezes your target in place. If the target takes damage this effect is broken. Use trapped pouches to counter the paralyze spell.
[Dispel Field]: Cast this spell to remove walls of stone or summoned gates. Important utility spell to stop a runner from taking a gate or walling your group.
[Mind Blast]: Does damage depending on the type of armor your target is wearing. As an example, full plate armor adds 50% to the damage.

Sixth Circle
[Explosion]: Main nuke spell. Applies damage once cast on your target after a 2.5 second delay.
[Energy bolt]: Main nuke spell. EB is the bread and butter damage spell used by any mage, it simply releases a bolt of energy at your target that deals high damage. Combo by casting explosion then followed up by an energy bolt to do a large amount of damage at the same time.
[Mark]: Lets you mark a rune to the place you are standing, you can then recall to that rune.
[Invisibility]: Cast this spell to hide yourself, only lasts a couple minutes.
[Reveal]: Cast this spell to reveal hidden players.
[Dispel]: Use this to dispel summoned creatures such as energy vortex or daemons.

Seventh Circle
[Flame Strike]: Heavy hitting, high mana cost and high cast time spell.
[Gate Travel]: Travel spell used to open a gate anyone can travel through.

Eighth Circle
[Resurrection]: Cast this spell to resurrect your fallen allies.

Rebalanced Spell Disrupts

Normally any source of damage would interrupt a spell cast every time, but here it's a bit different. Everything over 4th circle works normally, but:

1st Circle Spells
  • When a player casts a hostile 1st circle spell against another player, it will at first have an interrupt chance of 100%
  • Afterwards, a 5 second window starts during which all subsequent 1st circle hostile spells against the target have only a 25% interrupt chance
  • If the player is hit with another 1st circle spell before 5 seconds have passed, the spell window resets to 5 seconds
2nd Circle Spells
  • When a player casts a hostile 2nd circle spell against another player, it will at first have an interrupt chance of 100%
  • Afterwards, a 5 second window starts during which all subsequent 2nd circle hostile spells against the target have only a 50% interrupt chance
  • If the player is hit with another 2nd circle spell before 5 seconds have passed, the spell window resets to 5 seconds
3rd Circle Spells
  • When a player casts a hostile 3rd circle spell against another player, it will at first have an interrupt chance of 100%
  • Afterwards, a 5 second window starts during which all subsequent 3rd circle hostile spells against the target have only a 75% interrupt chance
  • If the player is hit with another 3rd circle spell before 5 seconds have passed, the spell window resets to 5 seconds
Each circle "window" is independent of each other (i.e. there is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd circle window)
Players casting onto themselves will always interrupt themselves regardless of spell circle and will never initiate a "window" nor will reset an active one

Spell Damage Delays

Harm : 0.05 seconds (Functionally Instant)
Lightning: 0.25 seconds
Magic Arrow, Fireball, Mindblast, Energy Bolt, Flamestrike, Chain Lightning, Meteor Swarm, Earthquake: 0.5 seconds
Explosion: 2.5 seconds

Mini Heal Mitigation

Mini heal casts are mitigated only in PVP, and this means:

- After casting heal, a 5 second countdown starts for the caster

- Subsequent castings of the heal spell by that player while the 5 second countdown is still in place will reduce the spell's healing amount by a cumulative -10% and reset the countdown back to 5 seconds
- 5 seconds must past without casting heal again for the player's heal spell to return to full strength

Mitigation has been replaced by a flat 6-9 hits heal for testing.

  • Disarm Attacks are now toggled by players, via the [Disarm command or using a razor/steam hotkey for Disarm
  • Players must have 80 Arms Lore and 80 Weapon skill in their currently equipped weapon (or 80 Wrestling for unarmed) to attempt to make a disarm attack
  • When players has Disarm mode toggled, if their next attack hits their opponent, it will disarm them
  • A disarmed player has any items in their hands dropped into their backpack, which then can not be moved or stolen by any player, including themselves, for 5 the next seconds
  • A disarmed player may not equip any items into their hands for the next 5 seconds
  • Once a target has been disarmed they may not be disarmed again for 30 seconds
  • Once a player successfully makes a disarm attack, they cannot attempt another one for 30 seconds
  • If a player has Disarm toggled and misses an attack, their next disarm attempt will be delayed by 15 seconds (but will automatically attempted again unless the player toggles Disarm mode off)

  • In order for a player to use Hamstring, they must have at least 2 skills at 80 or higher from among the following skills:
    • Arms Lore
    • Anatomy
    • Forensic Eval
    • Tracking
  • Hamstring can now be used via the client's "Stun" hotkey, or toggled by using [Hamstring
  • Handling for Hamstring can also be configured in the Paperdoll -> Help -> Commands -> Mechanics tab
  • Players can make Hamstring attempts while attacking with Fencing, Macing, Sword weapons as well as when using Wrestling (but not with Archery weapons)
  • Similar to Disarm attempts, if Hamstring is toggled for a player, on a missed attack they will not be able to make another Hamstring attempt for 15 seconds
  • On a successful hit when Hamstring is toggled, a player will have a cooldown of 30 seconds before they may make another Hamstring attempt to any target
  • When a player is hit by a Hamstring effect, they will be reduced to 0 Stamina for 3 seconds (forcing them to walk), after which their stamina will return to its previous amount
  • When a creature is hit by a Hamstring effect, they will be Entangled for 6 seconds (cannot move, but may still do melee attacks, spells, and abilities)
  • Once hamstrung, a player or creature cannot be affected by another hamstring effect for another 30 seconds
  • Disarm and Hamstring are independent effects and can both be placed onto the same target at the same time (and have both independent cooldowns)

Magic Spellbooks

Players wielding a Magic Spellbook will by default not gain any damage bonus in PvP unless they:
1) Have had the spellbook equipped for 30 seconds consecutively
2) Have either the Inscription or Spirit Speaking skill (the higher of the two skills will be used)

The additional spell damage bonus against players is equal to (the item's base damage bonus * (higher value of Spirit Speaking Skill or Inscription Skill / 100))
For instance, a player with 80 Inscription and 50 Spirit Speaking would receive a spell damage bonus of (25% * (80/ 100)) for a Vanquishing-level magic spellbook

Removed 9/15 - http://forums.uooutlands.com/index.php?threads/pvm-testing-patch-9-15-18.619/ (replaced by spell damage bonuses from skills)

  • Reactive Armor maximum melee damage prevention increased by an additional (40 * (Inscription Skill / 100))
  • Protection Spell duration increased to (500% * (Inscription Skill / 100)) of normal (AR bonus instead of disrupt protection)
  • Arch Protection Spell duration increased to (500% * (Inscription Skill / 100)) of normal
  • Bless Spell duration increased to (500% * (Inscription Skill / 100)) of normal
  • Invisibility spell duration increased to (500% * (Inscription Skill / 100)) of normal
  • Increases the maximum number of Trapped Pouches a player may have in their backpack have during PvP (which is by default 15) by an additional (10 * (Inscription Skill / 10))

  • Increases Strength Potion duration to (500% * (Alchemy Skill / 100)) of normal
  • Increases Agility Potion duration to (500% * (Alchemy Skill / 100)) of normal
  • Increases Healing Potion effectiveness by (25% * (Alchemy Skill / 100))
  • Increases Cure Potion chances by (12.5% * (Alchemy Skill / 100))
  • When using a Total Refresh Potion player has a (50% * (Alchemy Skill / 100)) chance to be able to walk through creatures and players for the next 10 seconds for 0 stamina cost (chance is halved if using Regular Refresh Potion)

Purple Potions

Purple potions are not heatseaking(meaning they won't stick to your target no matter the timing), but do have an alchemy damage bonus. How they work exactly is as follows:

  • Explosion Potion damage is modified by (50% * (Alchemy Skill / 100))
  • Explosion potions have a 5 second timer and must be thrown before 1 second remains on the timer
  • While in flight, the explosion potion's timer will continue to tick
  • If a player attempts to throw an explosion potion and cannot (due to LOS / range / etc), they may double click the same potion or any explosion potion in their pack (or use a razor / steam explosion potion hotkey) to attempt to throw the potion again (provided more than 1 second remains on the timer)
  • Each tile the potion travels takes 50 milliseconds after the throw at 1, which means the potion will explode in .4 of a second at maximum range.

Other Factors

  • Special hits from weapons do not exist in PVP, only in PVM based on arms lore
  • Stun punch does not exist (recently removed)
  • While players are in PvP, they are allowed to have at most (10 + (Inscription Skill / 10)) Magically Trapped Containers in their backpack
  • If at any point a player is in PvP and they exceed their total number of trapped containers allowed, a number of trapped containers will be automatically untrapped to bring the total number down to the player's allowed amount
  • When players cast the Magic Trap spell on themselves, they will receive a system message informing them of how many Trapped Containers they currently have, as well as how many are allowed for them if they should enter PvP
  • A player may only be targeted with the Magic Untrap spell (which randomly untraps one Magic Trapped container in their backpack) once every 10 seconds (down from 15)

Skill Mastery

The stat cap is 225 (100 each stat) and normally the skill cap is 700. However there is a system via boss drops that allows you to raise the skill cap by 1 increments to 720. There are also powerscrolls but not for the main pvp skills. For the pvp side this is mostly useful for adding 20 points of a specific skill such as magery for utility purposes that wouldn't fit into your template otherwise.

Skill Summary

Resisting Spells - Mitigates all direct damage spells by 12.5-25% at GM skill, and gives a chance to resist non-damaging harmful spells. Generally required for most pvp templates given the popularity of magery.

Magery - Allows you to cast a variety of different spells that are extremely useful in pvp. It is highly recommended to have magery in a combat template for the spells that you will be able to cast. Important spells and their uses will be expanded upon further.

Evaluating Intelligence - This skill will up the amount of damage your spells do by 25%, very useful for nearly all magery based templates.

Meditation - Increases the rate in which you will recover mana, needed skill if your combat template plans to do heavy spell casting. There is a passive regen component and an 'active' regen when you use the skill.

Wrestling - Reduces your chance to be hit by melee attacks, very important for making sure your spells do not get interrupted. For reference, GM wrestling vs GM swords with a non-magical weapon gives you a 50% chance to not get hit.

Tactics - Increases weapon damage by 50%, a must-have for a pvp build making use of weapons, as without it you are essentially doing half damage. Also the weapon spread sheet assumes GM tactics as base damage for reference.

Swordsmanship - Increases your chance to land a hit with swords weapons.

Archery - Increases your chance to land a hit with archer weapons.

Mace Fighting - Increases your chance to land a hit with mace weapons. Adds additional stamina drain per hit.

Fencing - Increases your chance to land a hit with fencing weapons.

Healing - Increases the amount you heal while using bandages, also allows you to cure poison and resurrect others with a high enough skill. (60 and 80 respectively)

Anatomy - Increases weapon damage by 20%, buffs healing, 60 required to cure, 80 to rez. Generally a must-have for dexxer templates that utilize the healing skill.

Parrying - Gives you a boost to your defensive abilities when using a shield or 2 handed weapon. With GM parrying you have a 50% chance to parry, which mitigated 75% of damage via shield and 50% using a 2 hander.

Poisoning - Allows you poison your weapons as well as allows you to re-apply poison to your weapons mid battle. Allows you a chance to cast greater and deadly poison.

Alchemy - Increases the duration of strength and agility potions. Increases the effectiveness of healing, cure, and refresh and explosion potions.

Inscription - Improves the effectiveness of magic reflect, increases the max number of trapped pouches a player can carry.

Arms Lore - With 80 arms lore and 80 weapon skills, allows you to toggle a disarm attack that gives a chance to drop the players equipped weapon into their backpack. Also tied to the hamstring ability.

Blacksmithing - Provides a minor damage bonus when using player-crafted blacksmith weapons.

Carpentry - Provides a minor damage bonus when using player-crafted carpentry items.

Fishing - Provides a minor damage bonus when using a long spear and short spear.

Lumberjacking - Provides a minor damage bonus when using axe type weapons.

Mining - Provides a minor damage bonus when using macing weapons.

Herding - Provides a minor damage bonus when using tamed and summoned creatures.

Spirit Speak - Increases your summoned creatures chances of resisting dispel and mass dispel.


Here will be listed the basic pvp templates, as well as more group viable templates influenced by UOR

Tank Mage

Strength Dexterity Intelligence
100 25 100

100 Magery
100 Resist
100 Meditation
100 Eval
100 Wrestling
100 Tactics
100 Weapon Skill

Pure Warrior

100 100 25

100 Anatomy
100 Healing
100 Resist
100 Tactics
100 Weapon Skill
100 Parry/Archery (if not main weapon skill)/Magery/Taste ID (helps with cure rates, take with poisoning to buff it)/?
100 Poisoning/Magery/Hiding/Alchemy/Lumberjacking/Mining(adds damage to macing)/Arms Lore/?

LJ and macing add 10% damage for pvp, about the same difference as a GM weapon to a power damage modifier.

Meditation Warrior

100 80 45

100 Anatomy
100 Healing
100 Resist
100 Tactics
100 Weapon Skill
100 Magery
100 Meditation/Eval (Eval warrior is a possibility)

For the most part dexxer templates are extremely flexible, so you can mix and match outside of those 5x core skills. The stats shouldn't be taken as gospel and you can get away with sub-GM levels of skill depending on how you build the template. And I know having a "pure" warrior with magery as an option is weird, but it's just that. An option. But if you don't plan on using magery at all, there is no need for intelligence over 25.

Nox Mage

100 25 100

100 Magery
100 Resist
100 Meditation
100 Eval
100 Wrestling
100 Poisoning
100 Taste ID (Increases strength of poisoning)

Roach Mage

100 25 100

100 Magery
100 Resist
100 Meditation
100 Eval
100 Wrestling
100 Parry (80 Magery and 80 Parry allows you to cast with a shield)
100 Healing(small heals without anat and no poison cure)/Poisoning/Inscription/?

There are other templates and variations on these of course such as thief disarm templates based on arms lore, etc, but just for the sake of brevity I'll leave it at that. You can read up on the skills page and figure out how to do that on your own. For example, a heal mage is 5x GM mage (magery, resist, meditation, eval wrestling) + GM healing and anatomy, 100 25 100.


There are many items that you are always going to want to be carrying if you wish to prevail on the battlefield. The biggest downfall you can have is not properly equipping yourself. By doing so, you are just setting yourself up for failure right from the start. Here are some supplies that you should always carry when stocking for a fight. The main importance is always having an abundance of potions to use. Ideally potions should not be a limiting factor during your fights on the field and you want to be using them as much as possible. if you are not using potions more then likely your opponent is which will be giving him the advantage.

Greater Strength potions can be undervalued by a lot of newer players. You always want to keep yourself under the effect of a greater strength potion as it will up your health pool making it easier for your to get cross healed out of a synch dump.

Mage Stock

Exceptional Halberd and Katana (If swords)
Full suit exceptional leather armor
75 of each reagent
10 healing potions
10 refresh potions
10 greater strength potions
5 greater agility potions
5 greater cure potions
10 trapped boxes

Dexer Stock

When it comes to equipping your dexer you are going to use many of the same items that a mage would equip. Ideally a dexer looking to pvp is using a magical weapon that is power + or stronger. You generally always want to use whatever your best quality magic weapon is. A dexer is highly gear dependent and your weapon will make or break you. A good dexer can be devastating on the field but they need to be stocked to the brim with potions while using a magic wep. Aim for power or ideally vanq.

Power, Vanq magic weapon
Full suit exceptional dexer armor
50 of each reagent
10 healing potions
10 refresh potions
8 greater strength potions
8 greater agility potions
10 greater cure potions
15 trapped boxes
150 bandages

Magic Weapon Breakdown

Ruin: +5% damage
Might: +10% damage (equivalent to exceptionally crafted)
Force: +15% damage
Power: +20% damage
Vanquishing: +25% damage

Hotkey Layout

One of the most important aspects of being good at Ultima Online PvP is having a proper spell layout. If you want to hold your own on the field you are going to need a good hotkey layout that you can become well adjusted to. There are a lot of spells out there, however, you don't need to hotkey all of them only the spells that are most used. Less used spells can be clicked through a spell gump dragged out of your spell book. Here's an example of my specific hot-key layout, while this may seem complex for the starters having a proper hot-key layout is mandatory for success in PvP.

How to set your hotkeys through Razor: Open Razor, click on Hot Keys tab, find what you want to hotkey and set it.

F9 - Enable/Disable Razor Hotkeys (Lets you turn off the hotkey functions, so you can set hotkeys to your basic keyboard commands such as (1, 2, 3, a, b, c) but when you want to use these keys in game to talk to a player you can toggle them off so they aren't using your razor hotkeys for these keys.

Side mouse button 1 - Last target (after casting a spell, hit this key to drop your pre-loaded spell on your last target. Casting on a player will automatically set them as your last target.
Mouse wheel up - Set last target (use this to bring up a cursor to set your last target, or tagging someone on a spell sets them as your last target.
Mouse wheel down - Target self (same deal as last target but you will target yourself with a spell).

Ctrl + 1 - Use Greater Healing Potion
Ctrl + 2 - Use Greater Cure Potion
Ctrl + 3 - Use Total Refresh Potion
Ctrl + 4 - Use Greater Strength Potion
Ctrl + 5 - Use Greater Agility Potion
Ctrl + e - Use Greater Explosion Potion
b - Use Bandages
`[tilde] - Arm/Disarm right hand macro (hally)
Alt + `[tilde] - Arm/Disarm left hand macro (katana)
Side mouse button 2 - Use trapped pouches

Spell Layout
F1 - Magic Reflect
F2 - Reactive Armor
F3 - Arch Protection
F4 - Bless

1 - Greater Heal
2 - Heal
3 - Cure
4 - Paralyze
5 - Teleport
6 - Wall of stone

q - Explosion
w - Energy bolt
e - Harm
r - Magic arrow
t - Fireball

a - Weaken
s - Feeblemind
d - Clumsy
f - Lightning
g - Poison

z - Invisibility
x - Reveal
c - Dispel Field
v - Flamestrike

shift + r - Recall
shift + g - Gate
shift + f - Mark

Tab - War mode (default in game)
F10 - Re-synchronize client
F11 - Show/hide map
F12 - Accept party invitation
shift + b - Show all names on screen
shift + space - Use meditation skill

That covers nearly everything important you would want to hotkey. Keep in mind this is only an example of my personal hotkeys and what works for me. Plenty of people have different styles and I'm just putting this out as an example.

Basic PvP Tactics

Find a group to play with

Unless you're planning to play exclusively a gimmicky hiding/stealth template chances are that as a solo player you will not do well on the field. It is highly recommended to find a group of like-minded players that you can PvP with. I do not advise trying to be an anti-social lone wolf, your best bet will be to find a crew that you can roll with. This will let you get better as well as let you practice dueling or grouping vs each-other as a guild. Having back up and people you can play with will increase your enjoyment of the PvP 10 fold. Head over to the guild recruitment section, ask around in discord, or better yet bring some old pals to play.


The first thing you are going to need to do is set the target of whoever it is you wish to fight or cast on. There are a few different ways in which you can set your last target. The most common way of targeting another person is by "pulling the bars" of whoever it is your fighting. To pull the health bar of a player or npc hold down the left left mouse button directly on the monster or npc and then drag your mouse away. Holding down ctrl+shift will make pull bars easier to do at certain times. Also, casting a spell on the persons or on a persons hp bar will set them as your last target. Besides this method you can set a hotkey for "select last target" which brings up a cursor allowing you to select your last target without actually casting any spells on that person. You can also set a hotkey in razor that cycles through targets at random on your screen.

Pre casting

When you cast a spell you can hold the spell on your cursor letting you use this spell at a later time. Pre casting allows you to hold a spell "pre cast" on your cursor letting you use the spell at the exact moment you want. Lets say for example you're playing a dexer fighting a mage, you can precast the greater heal spell and then equip your weapon and begin attacking him with the greater heal spell pre-casted. Once you get nuked by the mage you can then drop your pre-casted heal on yourself without the fear of your greater heal spell being interrupted mid cast. This tactic is also important for mages in nearly every aspect. You will want to pre-cast important opener spells such as explosion or magic arrow before encountering others on the field. This will let yourself or the group get the first opening with pre-casted spells.

Spell combos

Being good in PvP in Ultima Online is all about the timing of your spells and your weapon hits. This means knowing what spells to cast and when to cast them. The simplest combo you can do is a basic explode-energy bolt combo. This means pre-casting your explosion and then once you drop your pre-casted spell on your target immodestly follow up by casting an energy bolt. The explosion times up with the energy bolt delivering a powerful nuke. Further adding to that you can do a combo such as explosion-energybolt-harm. The harm thrown in there will interrupt your opponents greater heal if he goes for it after being hit by your eb/explode.

Disrupt spell casts

By casting a damage spell or by hitting your opponent with a meele weapon when they are attempting to cast a spell you can disrupt their spell cast. This will make that person have to recast that spell potentially resulting in you killing them or you saving your life by interrupting a finishing move. Interrupting spell casts is a basic tactic that is employed by anyone decent at pvp so you must always be mindful of it. Harm, magic arrow, fireball, poison, and lightning are the most common spells used for interrupting spell casts. This is because they are all lower level circle spells so they have a higher cast time. For example, the cast speed on harm will always beat out the cast time on an energy bolt. You can use harm defensively to interrupt an energy bolt somebody is casting on you. Harm will also beat the speed of a greater heal preventing your opponent from healing up and allowing you to swoop in for the kill shot.

Focus damage

This is basic UO group fighting tactics, if you are up against somebody or a group of players who know how to cross heal you will simply not kill anybody unless you focus your damage. At the most basic level this means having your guild master/leader call a 'target' that everyone is supposed to be attacking. At a more advanced level this means using voice chat to synch the casting of your spells to land at the same time. Not focusing your damage leads to a bunch of random non-burst damage on a bunch of targets which is easy to heal.


I really can't stress this part enough, keeping yourself and your friends healed should be the number one priority in pvp. You should always be making sure you and your buddy(s) aren't going to die before attempting any sort of offensive action. As stated before greater healing is your bread and butter heal spell and you should be quick to hit your GH key if you see any sort of damage incoming. Mini heal and greater healing potions can work well in a pinch but greater healing does all the heavy lifting.

Defensive buffs

Before you enter a fight, or before you even begin looking for a fight it is highly recommended that you cast all the self buffs you possibly can. This means casting magic reflect, arch protection, bless, then use a greater strength and greater dexterity potion. These buffs very often can mean the difference between life or death.


When you encounter somebody on FIELD you must understand that there are no rules and anything goes. You have to expect that the player you are about to fight will use everything in their advantage to win. This will likely mean the frequent use of all sort of potions. It should become second nature for you to be using your potions frequently. For example, every template will want to keep themselves under the effect of a greater strength potion (+20str). If you are a tank mage, use greater dexterity on top of this for more weapon hits (+20dex). Get weakened? Use a greater str pot immediately, lose stam, get poisoned, take some damage? Use the correct potions asap.

Advanced PvP Tactics

Synch dumps

Many PvP groups can easily heal through the damage dealt by players unless that damage is being delivered by a group of players at the exact same time. This is what is known as a "synch dump". The basis behind a synch dump is that you are using voice chat to coordinate everyone casting their spells at the same time. This means having a caller who is going to let everyone know when to cast their spells and on what target so spells hit at generally the same time. This is done most commonly by having a group of mages pre-cast explosion and then once ready the caller will call down the synch such as "2 1 drop". Then everyone casts their pre-loaded explosion followed up by an energy bolt.

Paralyze synch dump

As many players use the tactics of "off-screening" a dump, this can be combated through the use of paralyze. Have everyone pre-cast explosion except for one person who will have paralyze pre-loaded. Then the caller calls down the dump and the person with para pre-loaded will synch their para cast with everyone's explodes and then go for an energy bolt. The person will be paralyzed the exact second everyone drops explodes and starts casting energy bolts. The 1-2 seconds it takes before they realize whats happened to pop their pouches will be just enough to prevent them from running off screen from your ebolt casts.

Quick dump

This type of dump is called a quick dump because you do not want to have any spells precasted when your caller calls this down. For example if you are being chased by a group of players and they are all strung out with 1 player clearly in the lead you can do a quick dump on them by everyone clearing their pre-casts and then when your caller calls down the dump, everyone casts energy bolt and immediately drops it on that person. This works well if you're outnumbered, lets say one guy is rushing in the lead ahead of his group and is around 3/4ths hp, have your group quick dump e-bolt this person and if they don't turn right away they will be dead. You can also mix this up with what I call the "FULL" quick dump. where the goal here is to have everyone cast explode-eb right on the call with nothing pre-loaded.


This works very well against the groups who do not mobilize well. If you are with 3 or so friends and you are fighting a larger group if your smaller group has better mobility while the larger group does not you can eventually string out the larger groups members by kiting or running away. More often then not 1-2 people will eventually break and get ahead of the group which gives you an easy target out of cross heal range. Disorganized larger groups can eventually be picked apart by smaller ones if the larger group has members with poor mobility. They will just get ahead of the pack and eat a dump, this happens all the time, more times then I can count.

Group mobility

I cant stress this part enough but its important to make sure that everyone in your party/group/guild are all generally on the same page and not running around, putting themselves in bad locations, and breaking away from the main group. This definitely requires a degree of discipline with your group and will only come with practice. For the most part you should ALWAYS be on the same screen (ideally within 5 tiles) as whoever your caller is. Never get too far ahead of your caller, large groups are the most likely to fail at this. You have a bunch of people who don't stick together well it just makes them a prime target to kite/quick dump. Anyone out in the open away from their group and in a bad spot is going to be an easy kill.


There is no glory in sitting on one tile and eating explodes/ebolts from 5 different people. If you have a bunch of people about to cast on you always make sure that you try to run off screen so you can outrange some of the ebolt casts and don't get hit with the full force of the dump. If you know the dump is on you, don't stop to cast anything, run back towards your group, out range some of the spell casts and pray to god some of your guild members can cross heal.

Reading and faking synch dumps

People who are experienced in Ultima Online combat can over time develop a sense of who a synch-dump is going to land on because of the direction people face when casting a spell. If you cast a spell on someone your chars feet/body will be pointed towards that player. So you can watch the movement of a player to get a read of who they're dropping on. To counter this you need to "fake" the spell cast. You can fake who you are targeting by purposefully pointed yourself to the person who you are NOT intending to cast on at the moment you do cast your spell. This makes it look like you're about to hit a target who you really aren't actually casting on. A group that does not fake/turn is very predictable, making it easier to heal out of their synchs.

Credit and kudos to Trystan for a good half of this guide.

More info

Weapon spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-BSUncNRSt3F3wkbJXHBAkq6HB-VrCshyv8f6aSjjlw/edit#gid=0
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Perfect guide. Well done.

It'd be great if someone (a few people) put together a proper guide for people looking to get into PvP, too.
Zirus Blackheart said:
Missing LJer!
the pvp bonus for LJ/mining for macing is only 10%, more of an added bonus to gatherer templates than something to build a pvp template on IMO. Might as well be covered by the ? but I'll make a note of it I guess.
This is unfortunate. Purple pots add a critical layer of complexity to high level pvp. Curious why you decided to nerf them?
Disagree. They're garbage. They're cheap. You set up a macro to throw them. They don't even make sense.

You throw a pot and it follows someone running? How does that work?

PVP is better without them.
I'm not disagreeing with the fact that you can set a macro to throw pots. You can set a macro to do a lot of things. However, if you're going to use them effectively in PVP then it's a bit more complicated than that.
I'm not disagreeing with the fact that you can set a macro to throw pots. You can set a macro to do a lot of things. However, if you're going to use them effectively in PVP then it's a bit more complicated than that.
+1. I have to agree with this point. They can be very effective in the right hands but also equally disastrous for someone that doesn't know how to use them. You can make macros to throw them but they are very easy to counter if your opponent knows your carrying pots.
Hello, I have been reading the guide hoping to survive PKs while on the field and thank you!

What is "Re-synchronize client " which got me confused... Is it related to the "skippy" running that I have sometimes?
If your client becomes de-sync'd it'll basically show you as 1 or more tiles off of where you actually are, it's fairly noticeable, and in some cases you won't be able to move at all until you re-sync.. You will rarely run into this unless running something like the fpspatcher, but when people do, they'll often complain of a bug they had to log out and back in on - when in reality they probably just had to re-sync. It was always most noticeable to me crossing "server" lines on other servers (especially while boating). I've actually never de-sync'd on Outlands, running UO Steam without the FPS patcher, at least that I've noticed, I also don't go to the seas often.

Sometimes casting teleport will re-sync you as well.. Or at least it did on other servers..