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UO Outlands with ClassicUO on MAC OS method


Hi all, I've been running Outlands on Mac along with few other friends now. Razor will NOT work yet, but classicUO has some great build in hotkey functions that should be fine with casual players.

1. Get a copy of the Outlands UO Zip folder from a PC user ( waiting for admin to be able to have a direct download zip link, or ask me on discord if no friends can send you a zip from PC)
2. Put the Outlands Ultima Online folder somewhere like Documents folder (ie. user/xxx/documents)
2. Download latest release of ClassicUO : HERE
3. Put the ClassicUO folder in Documents
4. Edit settings.json file so the directory pointing to Outlands UO folder (ie. /user/xxx/documents/Outlands Ultima Online/), also edit IP, client Version to this:

  "username": "",
  "password": "",
  "ip": "play.uooutlands.com",
  "port": 2593,
  "ultimaonlinedirectory": "/Users/xxx/xxx/Outlands Ultima Online/",
  "clientversion": "",
  "lastcharactername": "",
  "lastservernum": 1,
  "login_fps": 60,
  "debug": false,
  "profiler": true,
  "saveaccount": true,
  "autologin": false,
  "reconnect": false,
  "reconnect_time": 0,
  "login_music": false,
  "login_music_volume": 70,
  "shard_type": 2,
  "fixed_time_step": true,
  "plugins": [
//    "./Assistant/Razor.dll"

5. Run ClassicUO (the file without extension) in your ClassicUO folder
6. Game should launch!

If you have questions feel free to join the official ClassicUO discord channel

The channel have smart people that will help you get yours working, just like they helped me :D
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Hi there, I want to play on Outlands via Classic UO but don't know how. Do you have the outland zip files you mentioned?