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Vorpal Blade
From Wikipedia: "Vorpal sword" and "vorpal blade" are phrases in Lewis Carroll's 1871 nonsense poem "Jabberwocky", which have been taken up in several other media. Carroll never provided a definition of what the term really meant. It has been adopted by the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons, where "vorpal" blades have the ability to decapitate opponents on lucky strikes.

It would be interesting to hear some discussion or see some ideas about how this could be incorporated into outlands. Any add feature that could make beheading in PVM possible would be interesting and could become a house deco tangent as well if said heads were then mountable by a mastercrafting artisan. The blade, or whatever, used could only hit at certain times making beheading a rather rare event and allowing a different venue for artisans to craft new items without a heavy addition of art files being wholly necessary. It would be my preference to have only bladed weapons capable of doing it but that would likely create a cryfest. It would also be my preference that either any bladed weapon could have the 'vorpal' attachments added to it but only temporarily or for a certain number of attempts, or that 'vorpal blades' become a drop from monster loot that are rare in and of themselves and usable only once then you have to find another.. Might be fun to find out what others think on it.
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Sounds neat, I'm all for new ideas like this. One thing I like doing is thinking about items we already have in Outlands that aren't very useful. Gems, Phylacteries, etc...

1) Make gems or phylacteries apply temporary buffs to your weapon/spellbook. Not damage buffs, but moreso cosmetic buffs, or neat utility things like this. Mix certain gems or phylacteries to obtain vorpal buff, different gems to glow, etc... (think diablo)

2) If we don't want to go the item route, how about a temporary buff with a % chance applied after killing a paragon, boss, spectral terror, etc.... Maybe make the buff only apply to a random dungeon/mob so it is more of an adventure... limit the buff duration to something crazy short like 10 minutes to keep the rarity and uniqueness.