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Welcome Developer Kamron


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Outlands is thrilled to announce that the Development team has expanded, and now includes Kamron (aka Mr.Batman.)

Kamron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. He was the head of development on UO Defiance for 9 years, worked directly on RunUO's implementation of AOS features among other notable content, and is currently developing a modern UO emulator, aptly named ModernUO, which we believe is the future of UO emulators. We are keen to take full advantage of his talent, knowledge and expertise. In addition to his previous UO specific experience, Kamron now works as a full-time developer for one of the worlds preeminent tech companies.

Mr. Batman will be working alongside Jaedan on various server and performance enhancements. His role is strictly on the development side of Outlands, and he will not have an ingame character or staff account, so kindly do not bother him regarding matters pertaining to in game activity.

The development team now totals 4 extremely talented developers: Our fearless leader Luthius, systems optimization expert Jaedan, encyclopedia of UO Vorspire and newly added Kamron.

Welcome, Kamron!